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RVani Kalyani Jan 22
All these days I know I was a cloud,
Moving with the wind was all I knew.
Been going on with no fellow collisions,
Escaping all the mountains that I confront.
Smiling back while the sun smiles at me,
Despite carring the weight inside me.
I wonder, until when should I keep moving,
For me to become one with the river that's flowing.
I hesitate to move with the wind,
I stop and then the rain falls from me.
All the thoughts that weighed me down,
Flow down just to combine into a water body.
But I'm still left with a part of me,
That made me certain of my eternity.
The sky is so dark and sad,
I wonder why.
Is it because of Rapunzel,
Who's stuck to study?
In that lonely tower,
She's all alone,
With heaps of books,
And bundles of pens.
What will she learn,
When she's forced to read?
She dreams of running away,
Knowing the world,
Sleeping on that green grass,
Flowing like that free river.
She keeps dreaming,
Of the world behind the walls.
She keeps wanting to run,
Run to happiness,
Run to the days she feels loved,
Run to the life she wants to live.
But When will she?
When she's stuck just to study?
RVani Kalyani Dec 2020
Nothing's going in my way,
It is like this everyday.
I feel like giving up all the time,
Have no other colors just lime.
All my dreams turn their backs on me,
I try to keep up I run behind for glee.
I look up for the shining stars,
But what I see are all blurred marks.
So I close my eyes to get lost in thoughts,
To end today and the night of fraughts.
RVani Kalyani Nov 2020
Why all the spiel,
Just to make me mystified?
Your ideas were like hieroglyphs,
Characters that I can't understand.
I sailed away the whole ocean,
To wave you a hiii,
Just to find you sail in another yacht!
That over dramatic response you give when you find that your friend cheated on you by choosing another partner for an assignment :P
RVani Kalyani Nov 2020
I'll be the earth and absorb it all,
So vent it out like a cloud and bawl.
Drop those tears of rain,
Let it go, all your pain.
Keep your head up,
Sun's gonna rise up.
Paint a rainbow over your head,
Put on a peaceful smile and go to bed.
I'll filter your dreams inside,
Do not worry, just slide.
Good night my friend,
Let your agony end.
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