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RVani Kalyani May 15
Dear diary,
I love my life.
Never have I ever thought,
I'd not want to leave hostel.
Never have I ever made friends,
That stay throughout!
Never have I ever had these memories,
Worthy to share and happy to deserve.
Never have I ever felt so well,
It's been more than a week for sure!
Never have I ever loved my life,
That I want to live it alll!
Never have I ever wanted more time,
To spend with the people I cherish!
My heart feels so light,
I squeal with delight.
Dear diary,
I love my life!
RVani Kalyani Apr 17
I find no interest in life,
Except if it is for mother nature.
Excitement is dead for years,
I see point in absolutely nothing.
Is it because life's played me well,
Or have I been in its play for too long?
Humanity is not of my interest,
And I have too much to say, always!
RVani Kalyani Apr 16
She smells like earth,
Just when it is about to rain.
Her face always relaxed,
A reason for somones smile.
She's the brown fairy,
Pretty flowers and fruits belong her.
She's the Timberbell!
When you see her you can tell!!!
RVani Kalyani Mar 24
Nights, Libraries and Exam halls,
White sheets, New books and Sleep.
She loves these all in heap.
Lonely nights console her,
Bundles of books save her,
Paints and rain are what make her,
She is a dandelion and it is her!
RVani Kalyani Feb 12
He blooms roses for me,
Grows cocoa beans for toffee...
He keeps his promise forever!
He hugs me in the winter like a teddy!
He kisses me so the pics come out so well!
He gives me a reason to live!
He makes me shine like a diamond!
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