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Planes fly over my head,
Whooshing sound I hear,
I look up to the sky of stars,
Find myself lost in my mind wars.
I picture myself in the moon,
With my stained heart so gloom.
And then I fade away into the dark,
Fly away with the wind and the lark.
I miss my place,
I miss my people.
Want to hug them so tight,
Before the tears reach my cheeks.
Want to sleep on her lap,
Cry on his shoulder,
And  annoy him,
My mom,my dad, and my bro,
I'm missing you and love you so.
When a homebody lives in a hostel and misses her people
RVani Kalyani Oct 30
It pains to watch you fall,
From that sky of stars.
It hurts to enter the hall,
You left us with your scars.
You've been obsessed with your thoughts,
To the extend that you vanished into them.
It must've been hard to let it all consume you,
It must've been worse hiding all the pain with that smile.
And I resent myself for not being there when you needed someone,
I hate myself for not having your back in your hard times,
I regret all those times when I couldn't understand your struggle behind that fake smile.
I'm sorry dear friend,
I just want to make some amends.
RVani Kalyani Oct 25
I feel alive,
In this paradise.
Finally in my kingdom,
I call it my Home.
These unusual rain drops,
And thy warm tear drops.
I feel them both on my skin,
And that the heart is feelings bin.
Unworthy when hidden,
Betrayed when opened...
I wish I could just sleep like that too,
Feel so dizzy, I just can't move.
This silence makes me want to sleep,
No little noise, not even a beep.
This cold breeze helps me more,
It would be a nice nap, I'm sure!
How could I sleep without getting caught?
Have heard no lessons that teachers have taught.
Are there waking pills? I wonder,
This dizziness doesn't go until there's a thunder.
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