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what are you doing? darling,
how are your thoughts, but your words? today
I have a word with you, just one word, and not an ordinary one,
but a human one, like a confession, darling, let's better forgive ourselves,
wild days, no matter how hard we try we won't stop them,
we stand face to face (we can't forgive each other backward)
we can't afford to be the dwarfs in words,
nor hiding in thoughts guarded by saints,
let's  face God and bow our heads in comforting looks
we forget that we have knees, - only earth, a lot of earth,
a lot of earth under our feet and touch, - fingers touch, eyes touch, lips,
let's spread our wings,

We're flying, you'll see, I won't think about where you are or who I'm with,
think about it, if we forgive ourselves now everything will remain the same,
we will love each other innocently, like two children: with our eyes, our thoughts, our dreams,
heartbeats, tender smile, hand touch, we will love playing
I will not get sick of you and you will not get sick of me
you won't forget the flowers at the florist,
and the sun will rise only for the sunflowers

the earth will not shake underneath
think about it, if we forgive ourselves now, it will be just the two of us
among love in between loves, among feelings in between feelings
holding hands like two wise man&woman,
we will reach the time that was not born or passed,
better let's forgive ourselves now
we forgive ourselves as two sincere elders before dying
Annika Apr 14
My cup
is far from half empty
Overflowing with dicsipline and self love
in her highest form
To choose self love and self respect
over forgivness in shallow hopes.
NM Nov 2020
Him: "What's wrong?"
Me: "Nothing".
Him: "Please tell me..."
Me: "I am just might leave. It haunts me and I cannot control it."
Him: "I promise I would never do that to you. I love you. "
Me: "...promise?"
Him: "Yes, I promise. "

Forgive me...
I spelled "Ex" wrong.

An old entry in a journal I had years ago, figured I would post...
Simple and nothing special, rather basic honestly, but reflecting back, it hit something deep.
Bailey Jun 2020
I see my mirror ahead
Black stainless pieces chipped floating away
I can see myself on the other side
My long hair twisted with rage
My burning gray eyes filled with my mistakes
The scarlet red tears that stream down my face
The black from my soul slowly eating me away
As one black stained arm slowly reaches toward me through my mirror
I see it
My future
I feel the scarlet warm on my cheeks
As my mirrored hand slowly wraps itself around my neck
The sweet metallic smell of steel fills my nose
I open my mouth to scream
As I beg my demon
For forgiveness
Roda Mahmud May 2020
Resentment turns into acceptance, the moment you realize that they never intented to hurt you.
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Look at what you have done
Watch the tears run down my face
I am hurt
My heart is in pain
How could you do this?
I feel so much rage
You have made me angry
You have made me mad
I hope you realize what you have done
Am I anything to you?
Do I even matter?
You are too focused on wanting my forgiveness
You can't even see your own faults
I have nothing to say to you
I no longer feel
I forgive you but not for you sake
For mine, to be free of you
EM Lisard Mar 2020
You may not have deserved it, you may have deserved it after all.
But everyday is a new day.
You are only human.
You needed to grow from this too.
Wishing my pain on to you will not end the cycle of your carelessness.
I know my heart now.
Serendipity Jan 2020
Your insecurities
will rot you inside out.
And when your corpse
comes begging for forgiveness,
I shall be nailing
the last nail to the coffin.
David J Jan 2020
Anger calls to me
My own blood becoming a toxin
Pushing rage through my entire body
Im a berserker underneath
Always on the edge ready to explode
I want to ****
I want to purge this world
We are disgusting....
Why do I fight this feeling so much
I WANT to let it consume me
... hmm
Its because I know it would be easier
Easier than what . . . hmm
Fighting with love
Saving humanity from themselves.
Its easier to curse us then to love us.
Until I can do that I am weak
I see, no matter what you believe thats why Jesus made such an impact on the world. He was so strong he could fight withought war. Jesus, I will try my best to follow you. Im sure you of all people know how hard what you have done is. Blessed be your name, thank you... thank you for choosing love. We do not deserve it . . .
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