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Bailey Jun 30
I see my mirror ahead
Black stainless pieces chipped floating away
I can see myself on the other side
My long hair twisted with rage
My burning gray eyes filled with my mistakes
The scarlet red tears that stream down my face
The black from my soul slowly eating me away
As one black stained arm slowly reaches toward me through my mirror
I see it
My future
I feel the scarlet warm on my cheeks
As my mirrored hand slowly wraps itself around my neck
The sweet metallic smell of steel fills my nose
I open my mouth to scream
As I beg my demon
For forgiveness
Roda Mahmud May 8
Resentment turns into acceptance, the moment you realize that they never intented to hurt you.
Elijah Aaron Apr 29
Look at what you have done
Watch the tears run down my face
I am hurt
My heart is in pain
How could you do this?
I feel so much rage
You have made me angry
You have made me mad
I hope you realize what you have done
Am I anything to you?
Do I even matter?
You are too focused on wanting my forgiveness
You can't even see your own faults
I have nothing to say to you
I no longer feel
I forgive you but not for you sake
For mine, to be free of you
EM Lisard Mar 2
You may not have deserved it, you may have deserved it after all.
But everyday is a new day.
You are only human.
You needed to grow from this too.
Wishing my pain on to you will not end the cycle of your carelessness.
I know my heart now.
Serendipity Jan 29
Your insecurities
will rot you inside out.
And when your corpse
comes begging for forgiveness,
I shall be nailing
the last nail to the coffin.
David J Jan 21
Anger calls to me
My own blood becoming a toxin
Pushing rage through my entire body
Im a berserker underneath
Always on the edge ready to explode
I want to ****
I want to purge this world
We are disgusting....
Why do I fight this feeling so much
I WANT to let it consume me
... hmm
Its because I know it would be easier
Easier than what . . . hmm
Fighting with love
Saving humanity from themselves.
Its easier to curse us then to love us.
Until I can do that I am weak
I see, no matter what you believe thats why Jesus made such an impact on the world. He was so strong he could fight withought war. Jesus, I will try my best to follow you. Im sure you of all people know how hard what you have done is. Blessed be your name, thank you... thank you for choosing love. We do not deserve it . . .
Paul morse Jan 10
I love her truly
I helped her with all my heart
I forgave her with all my soul
I let her chose what she wanted
And how all shall be
I was not in heyr heart
So I let her be free
I wish I was wrong butl
The feeling grows each moment
That all I did and all I trIed
I just end up loosing my future
The days count down 3,2,1 and than its done for my future
Why I did lil wrong
Why take what lil I have left
Just to hurt my heart and rip
Lil man and my self apart after all
We done and forgave for last 10 mths
Why have me locked up as it harms all our hearts in some way
Effects all our life's in some way
And gets us In more deeper and to deep for me to save my future
Is that what is wAnted of me and what u think I deserve
Lost I. True love
Heart and soul can't say no
Here we are
In a closet,
protected by intimacy.

This is not a reflection,
written on sand
nor a message
left on a mirror
by salient hands.

With a phrase
I will release you.
Into a room,
Without judgment, or breath.
Without a scream of worry,
Or an island of regret.

This is love without witness,
The most naked of vulnerabilities.
The self-seeking, all seeing periphery,
NM Jun 2019
I am not the person I want to be yet.
I am trying not to be too ******* the one I am now.
I have never been the person to give love to myself or put myself first.
Nor has it ever been me to love myself at all as much as I do the rest of the world.
Slowly, I am learning...
If not, co-existing into the home that is a body.
jĮŦrð Mar 2019
𝓑ð“Ū 𝓎𝓊ð“ŧð“Ūð“Ŋð“ūð“ĩ" ð“ąð“Ū 𝓞𝓊𝔂𝓞,
"𝓝ð“ļð“― 𝓞ð“ļð“ŧð“ŧ𝔂" 𝓞ð“đð“ļð“īð“Ū𝓷 ð“Ŧð“ļð“ĩ𝓭 𝓊𝓷𝓭
ð“Ēð“Ūð“ĩð“Ŋ 𝓊𝓞𝓞ð“ūð“ŧð“Ū𝓭ð“ĩ𝔂
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