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Fireflies Jun 4
Words of others were too hard to trust
Every attempt at intimacy bites the dust
Perhaps the issue lied with her
Burried let downs makes trust a blur
She thought deep down, she was incapable of love
Her feelings fleeting, hard to get hold of
Although she hopes to love someone different
Possibly with emotions more coherent
She leaves those thoughts all unspoken
For who could truly love someone so broken
Putting feelings into written words is not very easy, but it is definitely easier that talking to someone about it.
wraiths Jul 2015
i find myself writing to you as if that makes up for the fact that i can barely utter a coherent sentence to you without my palms beginning to sweat and my heart starting to pound and my vision getting blurry and my head swimming with all these words that i'm too scared to say aloud
Darpan May 2015
The instrumental rain
washed away
all the rusted notes,
more coherent than ever !
Invocation Apr 2014
RHCP, my stomach aches
i confuse what could be hunger
with weakness.
another long evening
my last smoke
went missing. my hand
I haven't slept in days.
I search for something.
Will someone catch the paper I've shredded?
My heart's blood spattered across sheepskin
skin torn asunder
hands clenched under
the table

Stop judging me and staring so critically
stare lovingly into my eyes and notice my effortless elegance

I lie when I say I don't want to be noticed.
I am in the process of staying coherent

— The End —