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honey, I'm going to sleep
I hope to see you in my dreams
please find me only
if you plan to kiss me

because honey, the last time,
and the one before the last,
and all the ones before
you didn't
Am I breaking my own heart or foreshadowing?
I held tight my belongings
afraid of everything and everyone
I had this sense of not knowing
where I'm from and where I should go

everything passed by so quickly
people running and screaming
I just sat quietly staring
at the tiffany blue coloured floor

I smelled the pollution
my nose hurting while breathing
this must be what they mean when they say
"it's hard living in the big city”
i wrote it in like… less than 10 minutes? but it's based on a poem from 2021 left on my drafts that was so poorly written
i talk about the first time i went to a big city all by myself and i was so so scared but everything went fine and i really enjoyed the subway rides
Make a collection and submit
it for consideration
forget the apprehension
each poem bleeds
of it's own beating heart
we all have poem seeds.
  Dec 2022 Hortência Granair
You who taught me
that I can write such loving lines
only if it is you reading them

But now I ruin myself
because I know no matter
how many brutal lines I write

I will never get to see
your face light up
as you read them
you hurted me
but then I lay in bed
thinking about your kiss
to help me fall asleep

it doesn’t feel fair
that the chaos of loving you
breaks my heart
but mends all the pieces right back
way too heartbroken to fall asleep
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