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I wish I could write
more than simple words
but deeper than convoluted *******

no matter what language
the words would fall into place
the right position in a sentence

before I realize
all of these perfect words already came out
either in the form of a poem
or in the form of a complaint
  Nov 4 Hortência Granair
I carry a mask in my purse
for special occasions.
Turns out
wherever there’s people
todo dia deito minha cabeça no travesseiro
viajo em minha mente como um passageiro
sonho com o inalcançável e me perco por inteiro

se não me identifico com a vida real
se meu eu só é contemplado no surreal
há algo em mim que é verdadeiro?
there it goes, some words in portuguese
idk why but i feel more comfortable writing in english than in portuguese which is my mother language
  Oct 30 Hortência Granair
How do I silence
that suffocating voice
endlessly critiquing
sewing seeds of doubts
terrorising my mind
pushing all my buttons
and without remorse
how do I silence that
when it might just be
my own voice
I wait for this weird blue box to land on my yard,
piloted by an alien who invites me to travel far

because I feel so lonely and depressed on Earth
that I make dreams out of my scars
doctor who is my favorite tv show and it just gives me so much happiness, oh I really wish I could travel far with the doctor to see beautiful things and live great adventures
  Oct 4 Hortência Granair
The difference is mine is by force,
and yours is by choice.
i've invited her to
a dark place which
is called my mind and
she stayed with me

i've taken her to
a rushing river which
is called my tears and
she swam in deep

i've walked her through
an eggshells path which
is called my traumas and
she held me tight

i don't even feel like
i need to make her stay
cause she will
this level of trust is... rare
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