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Man Apr 2021
i am on a disk
and the pale, blue dot
is paler than ever before
above me
is more blue
a simulated sky
and a basin we've come to call
our shores

untethered and undeterred

there's a tree in my yard
whose roots reach
the barriers of our world
they long to touch
that void
that would see the waves
we tide
frozen still
Ruheen Sep 2020
Sometimes a black dot in the middle of a page is
Just a black dot in the middle of a white page.
It's just that.
It doesn't have to be more than that.
Why do we have to complicate it?
Not everything needs a story.
We don't have to complicate everything.
We're just making it harder for ourselves.

So let that black dot be a black dot.
Don't look at as if it's life.

Because life isn't that simple.
We did this thing in class where we looked at a picture of a black dot in the middle of a white page and then had to write down what we saw.
I wrote exactly what I saw; a black dot on a white page.
Apparently, our teacher wanted something else; something more profound.
Why? Why psychoanalyze everything and turn into something so complicated?
Keep it simple.
Life already has complications, why add more?
Daniel Pokorny Jun 2020
Dot Dot Dot,
I write again with Dots,
Dot Dot Dot,
The Dot's form a shape,
Dot Dot Dot,
They form the shape of your face,
Dot Dot Dot,
I thought I moved away from your Dots,
Dot Dot Dot,
They continue to show me your face,
Dot Dot Dot,
The Dots still haunt me in my dreams,
Dot Dot Dot,
Leave me alone, I've moved on.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
•Black and white dotted cotton•
•Soft lines and flowing•
•So stylish I said this polka dot dress•
••••••                          ••••••
Twirlin­g-will they notice me in it
Will they see how pretty I feel
It’s new to me, I feel so real
Too young just yet
For attentions like that
Slow down late bloomer, not too fast
I could still hope for stares
And wish for admirers
Would anyone care for braided hair
Years later my true love says
I remember seeing you when we were younger
You stood out among the rest
You saw me?
You remember that?
What did you see?
Tell me!
A Long french braid
Hoop earrings and•••

Real feelings. True story. You just never know who’s noticing you, could be your future love.
On 3-18-1995 You married me and I married you. The dress worked! Happy anniversary
let me live May 2019
cos when i get mad i get big mad,
should have never did that get back,
bout to feel the wrath of a menace ,
in my bag, in my feelings,
im a bad lil ***** ya know....

Jhene Aiko
annh Jan 2019
skidding down the slopes
of a Friday afternoon
deadlines looming fast
my rickety toboggan
- clattering alarmingly -
navigates the final run
and with a sharp turn
delivers me sweaty-arsed
but still in one piece
to the door of my weekend
at six on the dot
A Simillacrum Jan 2019
I got dem B-Side blues,
perforated shoes
of my own design,
off color flag of mine.
I got dem prescriptions,
I'm passively shunned
by the typical,
like it matters at all.
I got dat bizarre brain,
patterns I contain
run 'crash.exe'.
I got dat problem child
run rampant wild
here within my ranks -
what deserves thanks?
Nothing at all.
And everything.
I know this well, now.
Srijani Sarkar Aug 2018
I'm so small
maybe smaller.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Looking at the
         satellite picture
                    it looks clear.
                       The earth is a blue
                                  drop of water!

                                    Did the sun paint
                 the shades of this blue dew
            dot years.
       Still, the ****** shines
   in same old
unfading colour!
Čortoloman Feb 2018
Nice. Dot you are mine. Or maybe not.

Why do you do or why do I?

No matter if or not, you are dot,

Dot, the dot.
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