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Svetoslav Apr 27
brown • branches
break • white • crystals
into • disappearing • pieces
Hammad Dec 2020
We don't need the perfect words or metphors
If we truly care for someone;
We don't need them
how they feel...
all we need to know
is to see,
if our heart
skips a beat
or two
when they are
- Typing...
Joaquin Armijo Oct 2020
Little dots of light
In the endless void
Too far for my reach,
They come and go, leaving me


Sometimes in groups, sometimes just one
Little dots of hope, little ***** of light
Dancing they go, where? I don’t know
But unlike me, they’re not


But one time i tried my luck
And jumped towards the dots
Enveloped by light, they dance
Why don’t they flee? Why don’t they run?

They gently caress my soul
Sea of light fills me whole
Because the dots were never fleeing
I just hadn’t come close
And thanks to them, I’m Alone
No More
A poem remembering the first time i ever made friends, who i love deeply
lunasteria Apr 2020
while i was walking on the moon,
i saw a knight in rusting armor
he appeared to be lost and out of place
yet, without a care, he merrily strolls along

i threw a rock to make him see
for he seemed to take no notice of me
right through me, he would have passed,
had we been treading on the same path

the stone landed in front of him
he tripped and fell as if on cue
then just lied on his back and stared above
as if he can't be bothered by nothing at all

losing hope that he would mind,
i just did the the same and settled down
now i understood why he didn't care,
we were merely dots, not lives to spare
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2020
Drew all the dots till the dawn just to once again find her face dangling over my stupid pad.
Oh god I can never get rid of her can I??
Love is vicious and ofcourse not good for health
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2019

You see the dots...

but you don't connect them...

Rune Sep 2018
I want to have you tattooed on me. In True size.
Every point copied; Pierced through my dermis and dotted under my skin. Line by line. Your soft curves imaged. The pretty picture you are.
The artist has to capture your look and feel.
Grasp the splendour of your character; without taking it from you whatsoever. You are far to untamable to be pinned down like that; there is a reason butterflies  are being framed and lionesses not.

Suddenly you stood there, and I was ****.
Nobody could forsee that I were yet to see a godess. They are not made as Beautifull as this anymore.
Seldom before and with greater exception after.
An attempt to translate stumbeled Words I drew in dutch with incomparable results and the question whether it is or isn’t a succes.
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