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Bhill May 2019
Watching the sunrise as it inches up the horizon is like...
Waiting for the popcorn to pop
Watching your favorite movie with that special ending
Remembering your last great kiss and wanting it again
Gazing into your fire pit with nothing else on your mind
Seeing a close friend for the first time in years
Having the greatest news delivered to you
Opening your eyes on a hike to see the most amazing, new sights
Hitting a hole in one
Driving down a long boulevard and not hit one red light
The smoothest, glassest water, to water ski on
The freshest, dryest, deep, untracked powder to float in
***....  The sunrise is all this and more!
Start you day with a
What is a sunrise like for you?
annh Jan 2019
skidding down the slopes
of a Friday afternoon
deadlines looming fast
my rickety toboggan
- clattering alarmingly -
navigates the final run
and with a sharp turn
delivers me sweaty-arsed
but still in one piece
to the door of my weekend
at six on the dot
Marianna Oct 2018
Is it love or is it just him?

Is it his galaxy-blue eyes,
or his sweet rose-colored lips?
Is it his soft pale skin,
or is it maybe his warm fingertips?

Could it be his vibrant laugh,
or was it when he held my hand?
Is it maybe the way he loves to stare,
or could it just be the small talk we shared?

Maybe it's love. Maybe it's really just him.
am i falling in love?
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2018
It's time to go down this *****
They all look down with disgust
But it is only myself whom I trust
With that ding, it's time for me to go
Speeding down all that snow
With my bravery in my hand
I leap off the ramp in order to understand
Why they didn't just hand me the rope
Renata Jackson Mar 2018
We are escaping. One, two, three, four of us. We are escaping from a shabby, ill insulated trailer home dressed for the 70's. It's poo brown **** carpets and dilapidated yellow wallpaper is behind us, finally. Here we are in brisk mountain air looking over and smiling at one another as we soar down the slopes on our skis. I smile to my right - all the while giggling at our oddly fitted goggles and red, wind whipped noses. I feel completely in control. The other three zip past me and down the slopes. I see them make it to our destination: A nice, contemporary and cozy cottage; but I take my time. I'm moving freely and side to side, wearing a smile as wide as my head. I approach the destination to meet the other three. All too suddenly, rather than coming to a nice stop, I realize that I am approaching a ski jump instead. With out enough time to stop myself, I decide to position my self so that I land in the pond that sits slightly to left of the jump. I hit the jump and soar in the shallowest sky, close my eyes and brace myself for the coldest water my body has no desire of sensing. I become enveloped in liquid warmth just seconds later. It's the most surprising embrace and I almost choose not to leave. But I remerge with my goggles missing and I watch the steam rise from the water in all directions. Asfter I wade to the edge of the pond, I pick up my heavy, saturated body and drag it onto the snow, smiling and unaffected by the cold, wet earth beneath me.
A rotten
bulldog desire
where slips
invite leisure
and surmount
halftime's wage
as victory
while this
lodge initiate
this lingerie
but furthermore
she will
dine in
ether starlight 
how lustfully
that ski
course hitherto.
Big Boulder a winter resort
Took a bat to a truck at a party
It wasn't my truck
I was pretty drunk, it was at a party
Struck the glass and made the truck bleed
The owner wasn't even mad about it
He let me hit it again
He started beating it with me with a ski
Rich people have skis in their garages
Owner said it was his dad's truck
We beat it until it bled out in the street
It felt good to beat something
Feels good he said
To beat instead of get beat

-E (c) 2017
Rj Sep 2014
Nothing in this world compares to the feeling
Of gliding through a Rocky Mountain snowy forest
Powder gliding under the skis, silently
And feeling like you're, for once, at peace

— The End —