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Ruheen May 27
We said hello in passing
Laughed with each other in groups
One day, there would be five between us
And I couldn't meet your eyes
Then it became three
And then only one
Then our knees were pressed together
Then your hand slipped into mine
And I could feel you laugh
Your voice rang in my ears
And mine in yours
But slowly your fingers lost their grip
Or maybe mine did
Our hands fell
Someone sled in between us
Then it became three
Then it was five
And suddenly we were strangers again
Who laughed with each other in groups
Who only said hello in passing
Friendly, maybe even friends
But not quite the same.
just an observation
Ruheen May 20
Seven days in a week
For which I am free
For only three
Out of five
There's no need
To be alive
So I lie there instead
And shed
My skin
I don't belong
If I can't get in
Four weeks and
I can sleep
In my head, I will be
Eight hours of dream
One day, it will be
Ruheen May 14
Pencil in the lines that curve
And twist around your body
Fill in the creases beneath
Your eyes and your lips
So it looks like you're smiling
Colour in your heart on your chest
Your thoughts above your head
As the night drags on
From morning to dawn
Pull at your lips,
Your fingertips
Make them tingle and breathe in
The kiss
Of the ink that smothers
The page and swells your face
With haste, it plays
With the colours at the edge
of our day
My name, engraved
As it amounts to
I can see
Despite the view
That holds me.
Ruheen May 14
A hollow heart can't be filled
All you can do is colour it in
And hope it doesn't fade
Don't mistake
It for love.
We are as fickle
As we are
Ruheen Apr 14
I don't like flowers
But there's one where you can see through its petals
It doesn't shroud what's right in front of me
Without permission
I see what it's hiding
It understands my desire
To reveal the concealed
And beneath it's milky veins
A clear glass frame
That we call petals
Each a frail skeleton
It'll crumble in my fingers
And vanish entirely
The petals will shatter
As if it was nobody
Ruheen Mar 10
the way we walk
isn't so complicated
we're not going through a field of thorns
or the deep blue ocean
we're not going through storms
or hurricanes in motion
there's no sand to drag us in
no shells to ***** our skin
we're just walking on cement
on a road that never bends
so why would you want to take a detour
into a place where there's no right
and you don't know what's left anymore
you can't see the black or white
and there's no grey
why can't this road
be the one that we take
because I cannot stop out there
without getting lost
Ruheen Feb 22
Turns out we don't need to use that many.
This is random. I felt like posting.
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