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She wore a long black dress,
That showed off some of her dark skin,
And a little bit of her *******,
Her hair was pulled up the top of her head,
And she had on thick reading glasses
You would think she was about to take a test,

He wore a light blue shirt and dress pants,
And wore a golden watch with thick leather  straps,
He asked her to sit by the big wide window,
So he could look at her under the golden sun,
When his hand touched her skin,
"Cafe' con leche" she whispered to him,

Before today they only existed in each others dreams,
Exchanged many letters,
Where they talked about many things,
Fears, hopes and secret needs,
They spoke about Wishes,
About lack of kisses they both now seek,

She shivered as he touched her lips,
His cold white hand lit fire to her dark skin,
They wanted more than the wishes and horses,  
They wanted hugs and kisses,
A fine romance
Where they could both feel safe,

Wishes and kisses,
Dreams and Desires,
Beggars wishing to riding horses,
Me and him hoping to stop time,
Cafe' con leche their fingers marry,
Tonight they will live out their dreams!
they left me for dead,
no eye, no tear I could lift to the sky,
shame always befalls me,

no one to blame but me,
I rarely stand tall but keep my balance in check,
I always want my friends to fall in line next,

I've been going through some things on this rocky road,
but thanks for knowing there's never any backbone,
in fact, there's no backbone in this life.
loss lack of support
  Jun 4 Hold it down
I hear the weeping of a motherless child
My conscience is clear, my awareness defiled
Global warming, melting icecaps, disappearing bees
All these different threats of our accelerating entropy
By the recklessness of our desires our species is driven
We ignore matter of fact, and scientific proof given

Green behind the shadow, peace behind the fist
Greed behind the reason for the evidence we dismiss
So allow yourselves to experience this uneasiness of mind,
The dread that holds us fast, cause it's our species on the line...
Traveler Tim
Jun 2013
Hold it down Jun 4
In this life, there is always dualities,
no simplicities,
nothing ever comes for free,
but we should be grateful for every breeze.

I cry blood tears for what the world has become,
our worries are not here,
but the higher cosmic powers,
Ephesians 6,

I'm a lover of all things,
but I always remember to embrace the shadow.
pain love loss cosmic powers
  May 27 Hold it down
I search and long for meaning
I want to just do nothing and fill up
My night with a luxurious rest
Lovers come in pairs
I wonder at the ultimate emptiness by my side
The articles being released lately
About women being solid
On their own.

I wrote in pen on my walls
A sharpie once even
I want to paint and paint it all away

The feeling I get of wanting to reach to you
It gets harder everyday
I know we both probably just want to relax
We're finally getting along
I can't go back
I can't go back to wondering
I can't go back to secretly policing
I can't go back to sharing
I can't go back
No, not to you
Not for you
Not even for me.

I miss you
Is all I want to say
But I'll think it and say it to myself
And trust in the quiet
Though it aches
I know my time it is plentiful
But it winds down.
Hold it down May 27
cos when i get mad i get big mad,
should have never did that get back,
bout to feel the wrath of a menace ,
in my bag, in my feelings,
im a bad lil ***** ya know....

Jhene Aiko
Is pain considered a drug when you keep coming back for it? For more?
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