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Philomena Jul 9
Each day is the same.
Wake up, set the binary coordinates, wait.
Pour over the data but nothing breaks through.
Something about this storms ionic charge dilates signal strength.
I've recounted the rations.
There's time for one more shot.
I see her face.
Sometimes it's as clear as day.
Others, it's lost in the void.
I will find my way back to you.
That was my promise.
Tizzop Nov 2019
three husbands
three wifes

don't try to find 'em as
they will have found you
long before nighttime

somewhen in-between-time
yeah baby i know it's fighttime

but don't try to opppose your
destiny as you've been watched
by satellites / surveillance cams /
your friends and your aunts

they're not against you
yet none of 'em is gonna thank you
for nothin' you feel me?

believe it or don't: by the end of the
year YOU gonna say: thank you

welcome to the
family values overrule jurisdiction
Penmann Jun 2019
A girl once told me
I should come over
to the sunny side of the moon
once in a while.

But the moon is not lit up by suns.
It's lit up by earth mostly.
We make it shine.

I light up moons and satellites.
And Elon Musk. How the f**k can one be so dumb
To send a car in outer space,
instead of words and letters? What a pun.

In space we can feel no pain, it gets better everyday
We can challenge steel horses and vast spaces
We can forget races, catch furthest bases.

I could challenge earth
all at once...

I'd like to crowdfund for fun
her first moon library
be lunar writer no. 1
K Balachandran Nov 2018
A satellite sails,
Through the frothy sea of night,
To the far unknown!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Looking at the
         satellite picture
                    it looks clear.
                       The earth is a blue
                                  drop of water!

                                    Did the sun paint
                 the shades of this blue dew
            dot years.
       Still, the ****** shines
   in same old
unfading colour!
Hollow Steve May 2018
Do I sense them flying all around?
Just a possible outcome
of neurons criss crossing
into paranoia.

How do I transmit these frequencies?
If not I, then why you?
Each proportional stance,
attempting to make an advancement.

Sounds more like daydreaming,
but you hear me in your head,
Poke. Poke. Poke it goes.

Invisibility makes its stance.
The body can wither,
but thought
Are outside and
Non physical

Forgive me..
I lost my train of thought.
aisha Apr 2018
I feel as lonely as the satellite in the night sky
connecting you to her
but never get a connection for itself
I am that single shining light you see in space on a cloudy night
Nick Stiltner Apr 2018
Beep, beep, beep
A satellite circles but sleeps.
One eye always open,
It catches the lights on its sloping.

What is day but the rays?
What is night but fright?
Cold vacuum meets hull,
But the bite of frost has grown dull.

The satellite may be lonely,
But at least it knows why.
The Earth pulls it along,
As if string to kite, saying
“Please watch me, as I sing in delight.”

A bird’s song, the people clap and cheer,
Unknowingly seen by the seer.
A cruel joke, a sighing anecdote,
When all you can do is float.
Mansi Mar 2018
Circular, bright
Scintillating, rotating, revolving
Around the Earth
A cinquain on the only satellite of the Earth.
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