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PoserPersona May 2018
The fertile weighs less than the barren
Exquisite fruits crumble placid stones
The farmer induces their own famine
Seeds may be perpetually sown

The costs of a cultivated spirit
are greater than its untilled counter,
yet produces a boundless harvest.
How do the fields fare, neighbor?
"He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living hand to mouth" -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
PoserPersona May 2018
Living in the dark, yet afraid of the shadows;
  cast forth from the stars of a mystic scintillant soul

Knowledge illuminates the scholar's glass window;
  scorches the brush of the ignoramus's finite goals

Remember, however, all fields exist as fractals;
   pursue to infinity and perceive the worm's crawl

Brothers and sisters, united in life's shackles;
  the universe's fixed physical laws constrain all

Though collectively, mankind strives for heaven's lenses;
  forever advancing Hegel's romantic world essence
Maxx Feb 2018
my heart, a peach
with each heart break
until it is too ripe
and it must be discarded
at least
i never
sealed it in a can
and kept it hard
love is sweetest when we no longer desire to consume it
Leah Oviedo Feb 2018
We are in control of what we grow
In our heart, mind and life
What do we want to cultivate?
We are all capable, all lovable
Broken or scarred
Trampled or traumatized
We can mend those breaks
Strengthen our life force
Choose to heal
How can we grow from our heart space?
Healing is a journey. If you are feeling depressed, sad, angry or unfocused, please seek help. I believe in all because I have seen evil turn good. I have seen those dying heal. Please seek healing on this journey
Leah Oviedo Jan 2018
Be your own inspiration
Be your own role model
Find your soul mate inside your heart
Find your success in your own dreams
Look deep into your own eyes and fall in love
Guide yourself, hug yourself, believe in yourself
Create your own music
Cultivate your own motivation
Hold your heart in your own hands
Be brave for yourself
Forgive yourself
Let go of an idea that you are not whole
Own your truth
This is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it makes you think about who you are and what you are capable of in this life. Peace and hugs, Leah
KA Poetry Oct 2017
Your presence
Changed my way of life
Becoming my best friend
In love with a friend who've always been there

Unable to reveal everything in my heart
Words that cultivate in my brain
With one believe
We will be together as one someday

One day I said it all with courage
You smile instead of getting shocked
Next day we walk together
Stepping into a new world belongs to both of us.
28/10/2017 | 22.15 | Indonesia
Julie Langlais Feb 2016
Stay in this moment of inspiration, allow your mind to cultivate it!

© Jl 2016
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
rain or shine
in hunger and thirst
no matter how insignificant
our gather horizon
during the autumn
the tree gotta branch full of pure
leaves and resin currently reduce
then a form of the only you takes its amazing column
in chief unshaded
no shadow would hide
root shall yields
lurking at our naked eye
From dawn preview
until mid-noon heat
even at the approach of dusk
shielding the blue one, i started again on the twilight
just like the lady-looking tree,
representing our mother nature...
in my private-collective mind,
members do the one of a kind!

ang kulay bughaw at ang nag-iisang ikaw
Created Nov 9, 2015

to all you guys...
thanks for being here and there!
Bunny Dec 2014
A man once told me earnestly, I was dirt.

And my mind got all unbalanced with distraught.

What’s the worth of dirt?

It was not until lab nine that the comment touched my heart.

“Composting and Soil” hit an emotional spot.

I am dirt. I am the feminine form of Adam, Adamah.

Biblical Hebrew for “Ground” and “earth.”

The chosen medium of the Father’s formation.

Water, Sun and Air

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Entering me daily to heal me, grow me, thrive

the seeds He is planting to reveal His vine.

In a very figurative and literal sense.

Daughter, wife and mother ground

Purposed for *******.

Saturated in Christ, piercing love and bearing children.

Teach the fruit only the Lord develops

Through Christ, soil once unworthy, is valuable

Such as man’s duty is to cultivate the earth

I am dirt, Cultivate me.

— The End —