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Amyrah Apr 25
My mess,
somehow became ours.
I m glad you were along.
Lily Nov 2018
Normally, when you're missing someone,
You think you see them everywhere.  
You see their face in everybody's face that passes by,
Hoping against all logic that it's them.
You hear their voice in everybody else's,
Thinking for just a
Heartbreaking second that you hear their laugh.
But not me.  
For me, it's your car.  
Every car I see that's even remotely a gold shade,
I think is yours.  
My heart leaps, and a kind of
Happy panic shoots through my chest,
And sometimes I physically jump.  
Then when I look closer, it's
Not you in the driver's seat, and it doesn't
Have the same dent as yours does on the fender.  
It's not the car where our hands intertwined,
Our lips touched,
Our souls met.  
It's not the car where our favorite songs
Blasted from the speakers and
Our voices joined together in a familiar duet.  
It's not the car where I sobbed into
Your shoulder during a panic attack, and
You kissed my hair and whispered memories of
Sunny days and giggles into my ear.
It's not the car where you told me about
Your hopes and dreams,
Flinging your hands this way and that,
Showing me all of the places you wanted to travel,
All the wonders you wanted to see.  
It's not the car where I finally took the chance
And leaned across the cup holders and
Pressed my lips against yours, and
They fit so perfectly it was like
We were a lock and key.  
It's not the car where I fell in love with you.  
But I think it is.  
Every time.
This has been in my drafts for too long! :)
Anika Nelson Oct 2018
Love the wind
Breathe it in slowly
It's only temporary
strong, weak, here, there, fast, slow, love?, wind.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Yours is the kind of love I once wished
The feeling that favored not just what I can give
but who I am - light and dark.
For years, it didn't change.
Instead, it grew stronger with every spark.
It's ever beautiful, peaceful and mild.
It's what I can call mine.
It's what I can call ours.
We may be apart but ours is the feeling
I'm quite certain as I am sure.
For you embedded my heart with words
that bring warmth like the sun's rays,

Avec vous, toujours
With you, always.
Jordan Ray Aug 2018
City lights, leaking at the seams,
Skyline hopes and Skyline dreams,
Robust carbon hearts dancing in moonbeams,
A caveat of careless silver screens

Late nights with hollow eyes,
A compilation of our greatest highs,
Played out to the group of hungry spies,
Elongated by my constant lies

Is there still magic in the midnight sun,
Or am I refusing to believe it's run,
Out of fire.

Is there still passion in the empty cup,
Or am I refusing to believe it's blown up,
Out of desire.
aria xero Aug 2018
yearning for one more night
carpet under skin
fingers tangled in hair
carvings on backs
sweet sweat with lips pursed
tastes of addiction
this fleeting moment
Our little secret
just one more night
rouged cheeks hot in epilogue
unspoken ardour
unrequited affection
years in the making
never fading
it is Our little secret
wishful for that one night.
Devan Ducasse Jul 2018
While we stand in this dog park
And I look off into the sunset
With you right in front of me

I realize that I am happy with this being my life
I would love for your brother to be our son
For your dog to be ours that we have raised for years

I want to hear your voice echo as you call the dog
And for your voice to be so deep that the minute you talk everyone gets scared
Except for me

They expect for you to be this big old grumpy man
Who used to belong to the Mafia
Not the cuddly cute man you actually are

I’m excited for the day to drive I off into that sunset with you
Go some where and find a house
And call it ours

A house like the ones right in front of me
Tall and wide with 4 rooms and a finished basement
I want us to find our home

I want to call some town ours
I want to know the city like the back of my hand
As we grow old there

I want to create memories with you everywhere
And to recreate old one but this time with our kids
But those memories will always be ours

These memories I have right now are ours
There the memories we have made together
That have helped shaped the way I view you

As a man who’s tall and buff
Owns the place around
And is never scared

These memories are memories I want to never forget
I want to never forget looking at you and the sunset
I want to never forget us
Denny Crow Apr 2018
Your poem, is similar to mine. Our experiences and encounters are put into words and sentences. The connections we share, and the stories we absorb hit like a train. Embedded into my brain are your thoughts. We've both been through alot. So let's just kick back and talk.
Brenda Mukisa Mar 2018
To you my darling
Lets take rushed elevator selfies
before the door opens.
Eat lots of cake and pizza
till we feel pregnant from it.
Make tough soda decisions
because I just can't let go.
Take mirror selfies until our bodies
can not take it any more.
From age and kids and years of happiness
Lets take walks on busy during the day
but lazy at night roads
And get lost finding buildings
Let us be a beautiful kind of happy
I loved you then, years ago
I loved you yesterday
And I love you today
Tomorrow.... and many years from now
You get me ......and I want us
You.... to be my kind of forever

I love you.
This was a message I wrote my best friend at the end of last year..... I just needed to remember it here forever.
Martin Dufresne Mar 2018
I grew up in a poplar
Where love stories are born
Wrapped in ancestral roots
I caressed the moments that life whispered in my ear

Lying on the horizon of time
I imagine the world as I always wanted
But without you, without us
This world will always be incomplete

Tears of blood flow down my cheeks
Life took you away from me
But I keep deep inside me
The memory of us

Maybe someday
When the fog has dissipated
We will meet again
And this day will be ours ...
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