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KA Poetry Feb 13
I'm so lost without you.
14/02/2022 | 00.30 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry May 2020
Things I could never say to you,
I wish I had more time.
Though I know that my time have come to an end.
All I do is pray.

Wishing you well.

Falling for nothing,
Not the dreams that I wanted.
But hey, not every miserable feelings will be forever right?
The time won't end,

And so do we.

Sorry for everything.
05/05/2020 | 10.09 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Feb 2019
Kau jauh,
Biarlah semua tetap seperti apa adanya.
09/02/2019 | 21.53 | Indonesia | K.A | Dia : Part I Poetry Series
KA Poetry Dec 2018
Love is such a strong thing,
so does Time.

Love gives you everything,
While Time takes everything.
18/12/2018 | 19.22 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Jun 2018
Tak pernah luput wajahmu yang selalu muncul di benakku.
Berkata " jemput diriku ".
Semakin mendekat, Semakin terasa mimpi.
Hingga kini, diriku memutuskan untuk bermimpi.
05/06/2018 | 20.51 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Apr 2018
She's beautiful just the way she is.
I'm just so lucky that I can be in love with such an amazing woman.
Of all the chaos around the world,
The loneliness of mine beneath stars at night,
Journey that made me who I am,
The sun will swallow the only earth we have,
And I am in love with you.
I wouldn't mind to wait,
That eventually my heart will break,
I don't mind.
As long as I can,

I'll love you till I'm doomed.
20/04/2018 | 23.42 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Apr 2018
When a man loves a woman,
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found
Because he knows she's worth it

Well, this man loves a woman.
I've gave you everything I had.
Even you wouldn't notice,
I'd do it for you.

I'll stay with you
Through the ups and the downs
I'll stay with you
Because I love you too much

Even though too much will never be enough.
16/04/2018 | 23.12 | Indonesia | K.***
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