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KA Poetry May 2020
Things I could never say to you,
I wish I had more time.
Though I know that my time have come to an end.
All I do is pray.

Wishing you well.

Falling for nothing,
Not the dreams that I wanted.
But hey, not every miserable feelings will be forever right?
The time won't end,

And so do we.

Sorry for everything.
05/05/2020 | 10.09 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Feb 2019
Kau jauh,
Biarlah semua tetap seperti apa adanya.
09/02/2019 | 21.53 | Indonesia | K.A | Dia : Part I Poetry Series
KA Poetry Dec 2018
Love is such a strong thing,
so does Time.

Love gives you everything,
While Time takes everything.
18/12/2018 | 19.22 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Jun 2018
Tak pernah luput wajahmu yang selalu muncul di benakku.
Berkata " jemput diriku ".
Semakin mendekat, Semakin terasa mimpi.
Hingga kini, diriku memutuskan untuk bermimpi.
05/06/2018 | 20.51 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Apr 2018
She's beautiful just the way she is.
I'm just so lucky that I can be in love with such an amazing woman.
Of all the chaos around the world,
The loneliness of mine beneath stars at night,
Journey that made me who I am,
The sun will swallow the only earth we have,
And I am in love with you.
I wouldn't mind to wait,
That eventually my heart will break,
I don't mind.
As long as I can,

I'll love you till I'm doomed.
20/04/2018 | 23.42 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Apr 2018
When a man loves a woman,
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found
Because he knows she's worth it

Well, this man loves a woman.
I've gave you everything I had.
Even you wouldn't notice,
I'd do it for you.

I'll stay with you
Through the ups and the downs
I'll stay with you
Because I love you too much

Even though too much will never be enough.
16/04/2018 | 23.12 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Apr 2018
I'm always here.
Here, faithfully waiting to be yours.
Yes, it's you.
It has always been you.

I've chose you.
In every dream,
In every story,
In every of my prayers at night.

It was you.
In every rain I always pray to God,
That we can meet in an unexpected way.

You're the best part of my life.
Be yours.
10/04/2018 | 21.48 | Indonesia | K.***
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