Leah Oviedo Aug 29
It's not that you have to be perfect and brand new
You aren't a smart phone
It's not that you have to be loved by everyone
You don't exist on a pedestal
It's not that you need to be shiny and look good
You aren't a diamond ring
It's not that you need to be smooth and spotless
You aren't glass
It's just that you need to love yourself as much as you love those things.
For all of us who spend our precious time trying to be as good as those we idolize. Please, just relax and let go of all ideas of who you should be. Embrace who you are. (unless you are a serial killer, in that case, please stop embracing that side of you).
Leah Oviedo Aug 28
Today, I hope you realize how much you are loved
And it sets off a spark inside of you that burns brighter each minute
A spark that turns into a fiery warmth from the inside out to warm your hands and melt your pain into a wax candle of memories
A fiery warmth that never goes out
Not even when floodwaters rise to your chest
Today, I hope you realize how much you are loved.
I wrote this for my friends who feel so unworthy, suicide feels like an option. I love them and they are so fantastic, but they can't believe it.
Leah Oviedo Jul 27
Dark nights, dark days, a broken heart stuck in bleak flurries of heat and muck
Grief pinches my throat, binds my wrists, pelts me with memories and what if's.
My eyes are glazed with blurry tears, my mind torn apart by deathly fears.
I cry and I cry and I cry
Leah Oviedo Jul 6
I tried forgiveness
Not to let them off the hook
But to taste sweetness again
I learned to create water
To put out that angry fire
When it returns, compassion dances in my dreams
A lightness to comfort my hungry heart
Leah Oviedo Jun 30
Practice accountability so I can
Take control of my story and
Visualize what I need to
Build a discipline of conscious decisions that
Value the resource rich life of
Leaning into what matters most of all
Includes stretching myself in sticky situations to
Create healthy relationships with boundaries that
Support each individual and forming stronger bonds so when I am
Aware of the lack I can be
Grateful for the abundance.
I wasn't ready to be an elder, it was pushed upon me by the heavens. Now, it's time for me to act like an adult and hold myself accountable for all my actions.
Leah Oviedo Jun 27
Unleash your magic and know that deep in your core is a wild one that cannot be tamed

Start a fire

Let yourself boil over, cry, scream, vent, speak up, yell, raise your voice

When you are hoarse and worn out, whisper sweetly into your own ears and let love take over

Be outraged

Feel your fear, anger, sadness, pain, hate, confusion, apathy and frustration

When it has reached levels too high to carry in your own hands, lay your body to rest

Sleep until you can wake feeling only joy, hope, love and peace

Be curious, kind, compassionate, weird, non conforming,

Make your bed, your own shape, your own choices

This is your life, your journey

You belong to no man or woman, no parent, no child

You are born of sunlight and dirt, yin and yang
Live in your own truth because you can.
Leah Oviedo Apr 24
When that feeling arrives bursting through my door without
knocking, when it fills my stomach with dread
Write how it feels: tense, tightening muscles, nausea, intense, shaky, anxious
Write where I feel it: in my stomach, climbing up my lungs, around my heart, up into my throat, tears preparing to run
Write what it brings: sadness, memories, grief, trauma
Allow it to be here, allow it to leave,
Don't allow it to leave more scars
Write until it goes away
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