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Yusof Asnan Feb 2020
There is always this flower,
Ever so beautiful, Ever so lovely.
A flower that grows just right for my soul;
But a flower in someone else's garden.

I'd water her,
Each time I passed her by.
She grows no thorns to my skin,
Delicate to her very core.

But as she is beautiful,
Often attract other passersby.
They too would try to nurture her;
And often too she would fall for them.

How could I even save a flower;
That was never mine in the first place?

I've been away from writing for so long just simply because I was avoiding most interactions with my soul. but this flower made me want to feel. made me want to write countless thoughts about her.
Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
He never knew how
her whole heart
was his from the

Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
Her eyes speak of
sorrow which no
words could
Her lips pursed
trying to keep
her mind from
thinking just
when she should
say enough.
But she kept
holding on,
Surviving another

Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
Even in my sleep,
My soul searches
for you

Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
The flower in the
wasteland exudes
life itself:
The physical
entity of
determination and
will to live.
Yes she may be
damaged from all
the toxic
And yes there
were times she
accepted her
But she still
Sprouting joy
despite all that.
She's special.
She's the flower
that survived.

Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
You can't begin
to imagine
the feeling
of cultivating
the love
and trust
of the

Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
She's the flower
that has been
plucked out of
its soil and
still bloom

Yusof Asnan Jun 2018
Let's pretend
that I can be
Let's pretend
that we're not
Pretend that we
are not arguing.
Remember only the
good times.
The moments that
we felt complete
with just each
Because it only
matter what you
choose to see.

Yusof Asnan Jun 2018
So throw her a life line,
She may be strong
on her own,
But it doesn't
mean she don't
deserved the

Yusof Asnan Jun 2018
Would you accept the hands that hurt you before if it meant to save your life?

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