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Maxx Feb 2019
You are a walk in old growth,
The softest moss enjoyed by many stepping creatures.
As I grow weary I ease myself into your tall grass,
In the place where the wind takes it’s rest.

You speak to me in dream and river tongue
Chanting swallow’s songs and perfect weathered stone
I close my eyes and we exchange silk and furs
I worship the earth spirits that live inside you

As days pass, laughter turns to sugarcane
Tacit moon makes adobe pueblos
Here—my chest never touches the ground

I take shelter in your familiar terracotta
Like water excited in the kettle
Here—the bird of my thoughts sings
Maxx May 2018
you are
flying dream
old growth tree
festooned in gold leaf
and rare gems
your rainforests noises
mirror my busy city mind
rising and ebbing
to shapes cosmic
all we hold
is the love
known amorphous
you speak
in dream
i listen
Maxx Apr 2018
set up a chair
at the end of a tree lined street
not just any tree lined street
the street with the nice houses and cars
the street where the rich have "made it"
sit at the end of that street
with the cherry blossoms or jane magnolias
or whatever
and watch every one of those "successful" types
as they walk down their tree lined street
from their house to their car
as they walk by you, through their tree tunnel
watch carefully their faces
the trajectory of their gaze, tightness of their lips,
the experience woven into their furrowed brows
watch them hurry through the world's dream tunnel
a persons state of mind can be brought to light by a tree
the beauty of bloom, falling petal, hugging branches
it jolts excitement through human sensory
and so, when you read the lined, tired, hurried
faces- the dysphoric vacancy we've all carried
at some point
create space
share love
just for a moment
or don't
the world is beautiful
and you are appreciated
Maxx Apr 2018
sits quietly
in front of hour glass
grains of sand in tempered sand
a cosmic distortion wakes them
from his/her/their trance
a wirey-haired dog
a cat just the same
speaks to them
a question is raised:
what else speaks
so eagerly, when i listen?
question left unanswered
we all shudder
when faced with the
empty half of our tempered sand
Maxx Apr 2018
we don't know sleep
discard bedtime
daylight savings is canceled
this was when
our eyes talked more
than our lips
our lips and tongues
simply gesture
uttering not
"i love you"
Maxx Mar 2018
we grow together
like juanita
like phillip
your plants,
we laugh at the sun
were kept up by the moon
we throw ourselves into crises
we burn oursleves out, until
we are just souls
were still kept up by the moon
we still laugh at the sun
like your plants,
like phillip
like juanita
we grow together
a crush
becomes fondness
what next
i wonder
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