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Pagan Paul Feb 2019
I may make a useless boyfriend,
but I do give good poem!

© Pagan Paul (18/02/19)
avalon Mar 2018
it's not that i love you but i really think i could
Dhaara T Aug 2017
Even lust falls
In the knees
Enters the room
Chara-Ruth Ward Jul 2017
Freedom means the right to do the right thing not the wrong.
the one behind the mirror
is the source of all my vices
gray rain May 2016
Silence in excess
can be just as bad as too much sound.
gray rain Apr 2016
No matter how much
you pray for tomorrow
it will never come.
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
The man who can never be mine


The girl left behind
I don't think that there's anything left to say...
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
You wholeheartedly say
Come what may
Vowing to stay
You left anyway
Let a stanza be enough
To sum it all up
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
I never before flirted so willingly
With flames that burned so icily
My first 12w, forgive me because I can't come up with a title
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