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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
fulfill      painful
unify      placebo
cultivate      shiv
kind         abjure
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2017
You and I
an easiest lie
we shouldn't even try
nothing to justify

we may lie
but cannot deny
we are the one , never to unify
Kenshō Aug 2015
Amidst a thorny bush
~The city in tarnish~
I stumble beyond bounds
~Here and there~
Who are you?

The eye that perceives this I
has crumbled in time.
Sitting with nothing to lose
and nothing to gain,
The maker meets the made.

Bounding illumination~
Unification and wisdom!
What words could do it justice?
Emanuel Dec 2014
Love leads to unity
Of course.
The great attractor to the source.
A tour de force
Oh but of course.

I longed to understand for so long
And now I do.
At least, I know where I'm going to.
Away from separate thoughts of separate action
And toward a place that's combined, less fraction.
Not fragments, one whole;
A piece of a puzzle perhaps
But a picture perfect piece at that.

All around we see the signs
Leading us back to timeless time.
Know your goal and the battle's over
You realize your whole life has been the closure.

Male and female they meet as one
You are reborn as a pheonix from the sun,
Lies and deceit no longer shading.
The knowledge that you are the divine Son is waiting.
bear Jul 2014
U for unknown.
You never want to be named.
U for ulterior.
There is so much to you I don't know about.
U for umbrage.
When you get angry or go insane.
U for unassailable.
You will always be a leader.
U for unruly.
No one knows how to control you.
U for unify
Everyone comes together for you.
U for unique.
because you are incomparable.

— The End —