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Kevin Apr 30
I stand silently by the crystal water
Lost in thought,
Running to find a way

Gently with the back of my hand
I place it on the clear pond
mindlessly sifting through the
stillness of the calm

The reflection of this diamond sky
reminds me of her
                translucent emerald eye’s

Wondering when again-
         they would meet mine
Pyrrha Mar 4
You know how when you break open
some rocks you find crystal?
My heart is like that
break it open and you will find
all my love for you

I'm like a geode
I seem **** and hollow at first
but after you break me apart
you will see all the treasure in me
that was hidden on the surface

Only now it is no longer yours
every touch from then on
turns my crystals to rust
one shard at a time

A geode turned to coal
for the next heartbreak
to reveal my hidden gold
Cassia Feb 21
Her crystal rose and sky-high trees
There she stands in her room of thorns
A twisted rope bred by her envy
Her window closed to drown her mourns

That maiden in the tower bright
Sings aloud her lonesome tune
Her lovers lost from beyond her sight
But still she dances by the moon

In silk white sheets she lays quite dead
Unmoving as the mist keeps crawling
So many thoughts run through her head
His golden eyes to her are calling

She might have moved if not for threads
Which stitched her to that broken man
That lonely girl was as they said
She held the storms back with her hands

But here she smelled the crystal roses
The trees she painted on the walls
By candlelight, the world she knows is
Tears of hurt which strained her calls
Basically Rapunzel. My own version, mixed with other stories of mine.
Flesh golem, walking toward,
you're not searching for me.
You're finding an end
with your kit of means.
It's obvious you've

*** to loose -

it's backed up high
enough it's the light
inside your eyes,
and do I see it?
Yes, I do.

Promising heavy
shades of heaven
within the pleasure
you bring -
thing is, dipping stick

is boring as ****.

What about the places
you forgot to touch?
I breathe *** deeply,
your lungs are shallow,
you're in a rush.

Oh, but you'll have your stories.
Construct the pulleys,
form factor, until you ascend.

Oh, but you'll have your badge.
The sheer facade of your fragile persona,
is simply crystalline.

s Willow Jan 31
The old crystal cript,
dead and bare trees
line the path of bones.
Doorways and windows
glow red
expelling Blue fire.
Dreams run.
Demons escape
and joins
the mortals.
I never knew,
I saw her cry:
I felt her tears;
Pain liquified.

It isn’t real,
It’s all a lie!
A fantasy
Of crystal skies!

It’s all a dream
Of crystal skies!

She never died!
Becca Dec 2018
I dove through a deep sea of myself
to find the crystal
I had been looking for all along
kiran goswami Dec 2018
Her eyes, were
As dark as the shades of night ,
As the universe,
Hiding deep secrets inside them.
They were dark but crystal clear,
I could see my reflection inside them.
Let me ask you a few dangerous questions.
1. when did wisdom magically become a weapon?
2. Can you turn the other cheek?
3. Can you turn lead into gold?
Because I can't.

See some of us reside in an unlivable temple
scraping by on ok, hog tied to the flawed words "I'm fine" and find comfort, knowing the only way to truly find contentment is to find a tribe of people willing to be unicorns and butterflies with you.

See we kid ourselves with the belief "they will save me", But we don't live in a house with a glass ceiling so we can see God or a sky that is easily taking apart.

sometimes I wonder, did I wake up today to another state of sleep ain't that easier to swallow than reality, ain't the best fight with yourself.
There I go again chewing on doubt as if it were gum.
Thinking of my mind as part incredible part trash and mostly dead

See what I meant to say is your mind is not something you can just escape from it is something you survive.
So I will continue to wear the sun like the air wears sage in the winter,
because after all ain't the best scent in a dream.
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