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Diljeev 1d
A fool for love
and for requite,
her golden brown mane
his fingers in tight,
souls were touched
in the night's quiet,
his tears roll a lane
her fingers in respite,
lover's etching their love,
sonnets they live
sonnets they write,
her golden brown mane
his fingers in tight,
then they sleep.
Diljeev Jul 22
It's a room of gold lights
he is drawing lush nectar
the fear is drawing his blood
the admiration is enslaving
the fingertips are tracing
every inch,
through the cloudy nights.
The ears are savouring
each whisper,
they are savouring anatomies
perhaps the creator's
greatest mights,
Perishment is consuming him
he desires yet he doesn't
for what good is fulfilment
if it didn't birth from yearning.
Diljeev May 9
He died
from all his struggle
with requite,
"let a flower bloom-"
he said,
"on the earth
above my new bed,
I shall lie still
knowing no one will come
and water it's thirst,
and if someone does
the water shall trickle
down its leaves
as if into tears I burst,
of joy at last?
or of envy aghast?"
Diljeev Apr 28
A lining of blood
dries up with time,
the pain goes away
yet scars of the crime
right there they stay,
for it was and always will be
a bleeding heart
where the skin of requite
just won't grow
scars of whom
shall always show.
an eternal struggle really
Diljeev Apr 19
To taste her, I salivate,
she's an unfamiliar taste,
she's not known
and yet my lips long
to taste her, I salivate,
she is but myths and dreams
an everlasting nemesis
and yet now I feel
the taste carress
my tongue faintly,
quenched is the wait,
oh to taste her, I salivate.
Diljeev Apr 9
To whom are you a thought and to whom an afterthought that's what it comes down to in the end,
always stay a thought, never an afterthought.
Diljeev Mar 27
Spring breeze
it's descent to loo,
dandelions of union
begin to bloom,
some with
a waking bloom,
some with seeds
hanging for dear light
and reluctance to let go,
Spring breeze
takes the seed by his hands
tugs him into the sky,
sets him free.
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