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the girl with the ocean eyes
says the hardest goodbyes
a sea of poems, a field of sighs
what can we do, to make things right?
this is one of my favorites :)
the more you know of a mystery,
the deeper you fall.
his train of thoughts
carried his mind
wandering into different places
feeling so divine

a world which turned
hallelujahs been gone
an enemy has returned
stop itβ€” I'm done.
indistinctively I took a hasty step
the ground below my feet rumbled
balancing my way on a thread like lawn
comprehending how it's like to be free

thoughts corrupting my mind
compulsive actions I do like mime
I ask myself countless of times
is there an end to this
once upon a time?
they last as the birds chirp in heavens bound
dangling wires thy reaching to touch
grasping thy reality you profound
massive outtake he has not yet done-
trying a little diff writing style :)
forever is there,
until you find something better.
we've said our goodbyes,
but your eyes won't let me go.
goodnight < 3
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