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The wind is a wild and crazy device.
Pushing the air and it doesn't think twice.
Blowing harder and harder with every blow.
It moves leaves, pedals, and many more.
Blowing past the houses and the sky, moving in this world and we don't ask why.
It blows without worry, concern, or care.
Sometimes I wish I were the wind blowing up there.
Maybe wishing I could be lighter than air.
Nothing is faster and lighter, of course, as it hits my head while I walk a forth.
Thanks for any support you guys are giving me <3 I love you all

March 4th


the only date that encourages us to
go on.
I know it's not March 4th today, but I just thought of this.
March fourth(forth).
Lily Thebault Apr 29
one step left
one right
no, two left.
one right again.
it's like that book plot
that's all the scribbles
on a white board
instead of that
clear line that goes up to a point,
has it's ******,
and then falls back down
in surrender to a resolution.
but one more step right
then three left
two more right
left again.
one more step right
three this time
then we're just back at square one.
c Oct 2018
Find your passion
hold it tight
and never stop to rest
until what you hold
inside your hands
is finally at its best
Absent deliberate intervention
     vis a vis suicide,
supposed "natural" longevity
     of generic human primate ride
ding ******* across avast
     broke back mountain minus pride
defies accurate prediction,
     though hypothetical

     projections can override
unknown factors, whereby
     excluding misfortune nationwide
(and/or globally deadly accidents,
     catastrophes, diseases, mudslide,
fatalities from gunshot, et cetera)
     unexpectedly arise dismissing by landslide

mortal adversity can be generally,
     and more accurately spell joyride
ding calibrated to continue,
     thus subsequent existence,
     viz getting inside
scoop of this basic fellow, aye surmise
     to continue for many another hayride
say...two score plus more orbitz,

     whereat linkedin, flickr ring guide
by invisible hand snapchatting
crackling and popping fireside,
twittering whatsapp pining
     during eventide,
watching virtual twilight at dockside,
witnessing artificial intelligence,
     perfectly mimicking

     illusory edenic countrywide
vibrantly melds scenic
     ideal tonic bedside
counting black sheepish crows,
      thence set sleep number
      putting all worries aside
while merrily rowing boat
     with gentle creatures alongside.
Arcassin B Apr 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

we live for this break,
‎as much things as we say,
‎there's no room for mistakes,
‎I'll be one with you.

we fight different devils,
‎we beat different levels,
‎some have hearts like gravel,
‎I'll be one with you.

you're the,only one that knows my
Sayings are so fresh and new,
I'd admire you and all the flaws,
Wish I would have knewn you soon.

Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,

being alone in this world could be the
worst if you know what the feelings are
worth,and so forth,
being alone in this world could be
worst if you know what the feelings are
worth,and so forth.
Star BG Dec 2017
believe you are deserving to move free from
self-judgments, fears, and lack.

go into heart a place where wisdom and love lives
so you may hear its grand song.

don’t care what others say
they are blind and only there to remind you
to realign in your greatness.

live the truth....
You are perfection wrapped in a body.
Jovyyy inspired me from a chat.  THANKS
JayceeJellies Dec 2017
When I try to write poetry these days,
I feel tone deaf with the words I choose in some ways.
"How should I word this,
If I say that will readers catch on,
will he catch on?"
It makes me want to stop.
Arcassin B Dec 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Out of all of the injustice that I haven't got
for people throwing my name in the dirt stomping feet,
instead of coming to my face while I make new
enemies in that time, for me I kinda liked when
these kids misinterp',
In that time I wasn't even in school and more rumors
piled on from all the hate that i received in the recent
Around a bunch of ******* cowards just to channel
all the anger on , I fist fight in the street with no new tears,
they thought I had fear.

One day this random girl that added me on instagram
was so pretty , I just had to introduce myself,
I didn't know what her condition was and  kept I taking losses
after losses in a state of mind I couldn't bail.
fast forward two days later talking to her on the phone
with a voice so southern it was like a heaven hotline,
I noted to her to her in way of saying that you shouldn't be alone
while viewing all these creepy guys,
We fell in love instantly after she told me how she felt
cause she fighting off mental issues,
The same way was I when my anxiety was about 10 on
mental scale menu,
No matter what I went through,
I know that she would come through,
when my world was too blue.

The last time I ever witnessed her loving embrace,
her mental illness put her in a simulation phase,
I told her I loved her , my heart was bolder,
but my heart wasn't ready when she said she was bipolar,
And not like the anger phase more like the forgetful short
term memory loss and abandonment,
I could be hurt more than this anyway , but this hurt me the most
cause when she left I didn't try, to get her back and
tell her that I just wanted to be her husband , all I have from her
is a picture of blue eyes.
I miss you.
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