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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Some days I feel dead
Carcass walking and talking
Ghost of former self
How strange it feels to be half alive and half.. something not alive...
CautiousRain Aug 2019
The man I loved is dead and gone
and rest before me, a carcass;
his shaky hands and shaky breaths
are almost fully silenced.

I don't recognize that sound of his,
unusual and discordant,
those mumbled songs and deepened voice
have surely lost its purpose.

Say it's you one last time,
suspend all disbeliefs;
with open arms and inviting eyes,
tell me all that you've repented.
this was sitting in my draft files, might as well post it, eh?
Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
My soul is the master,
My body is an obedient servant.
Without a soul,
My body is just a corpse,
A wasted husk.
The beauty of my body lies
when it is in partnership with my soul,
Just as you need to exercise and go to a gym to maintain your body's fitness,
You need to go to a mosque,church or temple to maintain your soul's purity.
Your body is a carcass that is going to decompose in the soil,
Your soul is destined for your hereafter,
Your soul will be accountable for your deeds good or bad,
Your soul will accumulate Allah's rewards and blessings.
That can only be done by fasting,praying and giving alms,
Not to forget pilgrimage,
Which imbibes piety and certainty in you,
Guards you against evil,
Restrains you from shameful and unjustful deeds,
Cleanses and purifies your soul,
So that  it leaves your body with least pain,
And the Angels come with joy to wrap in soft musk scented cloth,
And take you to your creator.
Cleanse your soul.Allah's blessings and rewards are plentiful.Ramadan Kareem.
My eyes were beaming out,
onto the gloomy streets.
Fog was lurking in.
It adhered to my skin.
As the dew latched on,
after only seconds,
I slowly became damp.
Contributing to my silky skin.
Dusting my cheeks,
generating rosiness on my surface.
Glazing over my hair,
gluing each strand to another.
Coating my hands,
nipping at my fingertips
The haze in the back of my head,
It kept getting heavier.
Digging my fingernails into my head.
Tugging on each strand,
between my scalp and jagged fingernail.
Clawing as my nails trailed down my skull.
Blood dripping,
Creating tidal waves.
Fog was sprouting in my essence
The fog began to maneuver on me.
Blanketing over my body,
weighing down my soul,
overloading my carcass.
Gary Brocks Sep 2018
There was the tremor of leaves,
a rustle of bayonet grass
parried the multihued calm
of dawn's smeared light.
"This is what we trained for," the captain said.
We hunkered behind stacked bags of sand.

Filigreed shafts of light pierce
the bullet perforated leaf canopy,
bellowed yells punctuate the swirl
and buffet of turbulent air:
“Contact”,  “2 O’Clock”, “Incoming”, “
"Moving”, “Reloading”, “Ammo”.

Fingers twitch, the grit of soil
twisted through their grip;
moon slashed carcasses glint, spent shells,
Earth exhales a vermillion mist,
rising, echoless, in this
a cathedral of leaves.
Seema Sep 2017
Fire consumes their flesh and cleans their bones
Laying substantially in ashes, gone up in smokes
Fractured skulls, dislocated jaws from many homes
The air is so odoress dense, it makes me choke

Filled in silence, an old crematorium ground
Just burning smell of carcass, melting meat down
Only the caretakers live about and around
Strangely no night birds nor creatures roam to sound

What am I doing here, all by myself this night?
Where is my home, my own who left me offsight?
Why I cannot feel my body? Why am I afraid of light?
Why this mist surrounds me? Why it doesn't feel alright?

I am guessing, I'm dead and being burnt down
What was that, I died off?, that I can not remember now
So what do I do to manifest my leagues around
Laying under ashes, I know, that's my skeletal on the ground.*

An experience on my first visit to an active cremation ground.
SEYI KING Jun 2017
I remember I was afraid of the dark
Ma mind curious just a child
Creepy forms around the walls
Could it be tricks of the mind
The more I pry the realer it becomes
Towering high sharp fangs and claws
Black as death no eyes at all
Fear looms over my head
My heartbeat hammering ma chest
I stand rooted to one spot
Too afraid to take a step
Lest they smite me with their claws
Rip my dark skin to shreds
And make a feast out of my blood
Leaving my carcass in the dust
So I ran rather than walk
At least this way they can't catch me ; or so I thought
I'm panting now , oh what a rush
What a relief  I managed to evade thier touch
I'm home now , familiar voices chattering
It's still dark but nothing is creeping in this gathering
I heared my name as they were uttering, something about a lottery
Hmm.. Home and all the possibilities
I've been through hell and they'll never notice it
The lights came shortly after
The mood swings, everyone is happy
I dismissed my fears thereafter
The cool breeze caressing my spirit
I guessed I got lost in the laughter
And let my mind wander
To the ***** of sleep
Suddenly I'm awake and everything is still
Once again it's dark and the heat
Creeps through my skin
I looked around and the silence glared (back) at me
Eyes wide shut in a pit of blackness
Fear took the liberty of the darkness
And aimed straight for my mind
Suddenly , they were everywhere
Menacing looking eyes locking the wind
Just as a tortoise retreats to his shell
I sunk deep and low silently inviting sleep to take over me as I covered up from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet
I heard her soft voice sing to me
Come to me my sweet darling
Your hide is safe with me
I'll keep you in a dream my sweet darling
No one can touch you but me
For anyone who was ever afraid of the dark, #floetry #childhoodmemories #dark
CastorPolydeuces Feb 2017
A carcass of saffron rotting daringly in the streets
as the masses slow and drag their feet
to see its splendor, its grossly awesome continuance
after a decidedly less so existence.
Just had some words I really wanted to use. Idk.
svdgrl Jan 2017
Husks of chopped evergreen
discarded by the sidewalk
tied to trash,
weeping pine needles
only hope to be compost.
Deflated decoration litter the lawns,
red and green strewn about
lights flickered and burnt out.
Expired eggnog, chicken bones,
crumpled wrapping paper,
empty boxes, metal reindeer,
tinsel and broken candy canes.
Dead christ is still in the holiday,
while we spoke about the night before
we forget we can see him
the morning after.
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