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SEYI KING Dec 2017
Many had fallen but few have risen
Deep in the hearts of men spears glisten
The battle field
Where you are only as strong as your will
With hate this thick: many had fallen short of reason

Could it be for glory or be it for freedom?
For as many we were, we all scourged for one diadem
Pride blind our eye sight vile in our strife
Your blood my knife your fall my rise
Admist all this mayhem no one knows if it may end

Survival of the fittest? No, triumph for the sleekest
Even the meanest got slain leaving no clues for the weak ends
Alas! We were three one throne one king
None relenting till life flows only through one being
With no soul to reign on the crown becomes null
All in all we had bled for nothing
Seyi king 30-05-10
SEYI KING Jun 2017
I remember I was afraid of the dark
Ma mind curious just a child
Creepy forms around the walls
Could it be tricks of the mind
The more I pry the realer it becomes
Towering high sharp fangs and claws
Black as death no eyes at all
Fear looms over my head
My heartbeat hammering ma chest
I stand rooted to one spot
Too afraid to take a step
Lest they smite me with their claws
Rip my dark skin to shreds
And make a feast out of my blood
Leaving my carcass in the dust
So I ran rather than walk
At least this way they can't catch me ; or so I thought
I'm panting now , oh what a rush
What a relief  I managed to evade thier touch
I'm home now , familiar voices chattering
It's still dark but nothing is creeping in this gathering
I heared my name as they were uttering, something about a lottery
Hmm.. Home and all the possibilities
I've been through hell and they'll never notice it
The lights came shortly after
The mood swings, everyone is happy
I dismissed my fears thereafter
The cool breeze caressing my spirit
I guessed I got lost in the laughter
And let my mind wander
To the ***** of sleep
Suddenly I'm awake and everything is still
Once again it's dark and the heat
Creeps through my skin
I looked around and the silence glared (back) at me
Eyes wide shut in a pit of blackness
Fear took the liberty of the darkness
And aimed straight for my mind
Suddenly , they were everywhere
Menacing looking eyes locking the wind
Just as a tortoise retreats to his shell
I sunk deep and low silently inviting sleep to take over me as I covered up from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet
I heard her soft voice sing to me
Come to me my sweet darling
Your hide is safe with me
I'll keep you in a dream my sweet darling
No one can touch you but me
For anyone who was ever afraid of the dark, #floetry #childhoodmemories #dark
SEYI KING Feb 2017

I am as a slave
To an errand I cannot wave
Where I go,  I cannot say
But where I am, I cannot stay
There is a face behind this string
And even he I cannot see
But once he pulls, I obey
For then I am finally free

First they lay me down for years
Amongst steel that is sharp and thick
But then the day draws near
Bearing foes with stones and sticks
Though I am small, I am fast and sleek
I don't fray my path is strict
At first sight, I am nothing to fear
At first strike, I am a lot to bear

Without a doubt I bring despair
Often leave them deep in grouch
Pain I caused, beyond repair
I felt his rage by how he pouts
We both clinging to his life
See him fight with all his might
As he drips onto my head
I fade away at my journey's end


— The End —