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mo 1d
i had no words to paint that moment in pen and paper
but given a sidestep from the then breath-taker
of an explosive euphoria in the midst of me-n-her
i've sifted my mind for the lyrics
to accompany the music of that night

while the sounds she sang flustered us both
and the dampness of the flower kissed my finger
i couldn't help but clutch life's saving grace: her
and her expressive little quirks-- cute by the way--
which i enjoyed witnessing quite dearly...
the magic of the moment was clearly magnified
by the way her lips melted into mine
along the backdrop of our warm fervent smiles

and finally, after hours of chasing the summit
she found cloud nine at the tip of my finger...
no words could ever capture that golden frame
from its sequence of shots.
i felt happy
and so did she.

the race uphill battered our legs quite a bit
so we rested on the comfort of each other's shy remarks,
our legs sore but our hearts soaring elsewhere...
we hugged and sat here and there
but alas, my watch berated the two of us
and in a dazed one-arm embrace,
we parted ways downhill.

that night was unbelievable-- unparalleled and a first for us both...
these words do little justice
but are better than the apparent silence
of a lacklustre palette
of meaningless cliched tones
that was
the highest weve ever been
mo 7d
im sorry i say i love you too much.
sometimes the moment
winds itself just a little more such
that the feeling needs my mouth
as a conduit for its expression

but perhaps ill spare my words--
to be thrifty in these exchanges
of uttered affection blurs
not the feeling's existence:
the butterflies are still there,
but shall manifest themselves elsehow,
as hugs and kisses strewn
across the skyline of the ever-forgiving night

surely i wont stop saying i love you...
but the instances i do shall
flaunt a heavier shade of red
once i save such statements
for moments unmet
in vibrance, strength and
their capacity to lend our cheeks
a palette of bright rosy hues.
and i shall make
your initial reading of this poem
one of those special moments
by saying i love you
mo Jan 13
i swear we're rarely at ease
with the way we push doors to new experiences
kissing on public property isn't illegal
but the nerve of the act thrills me just as much

parking lots are often not the site
for love birds deprived of merry lip locking
but we paint them red better
than an arsonist with a burning passion
can shade his buildings black

i wish i could watch that night
play itself once more
on a lofty screen just for us
while we do it perhaps again--

the way i took your form
and made it rest against a certain sedan...
the way i kissed you then
while my body leaned on yours...
the way we held that kiss
despite the bustling of the city night...
the way you looked at me
when we paused for a moment's sake...

i could tell you were so ******* high
(and im sure you could tell i was too)
if ever i die itd probably be bcuz of an od from this kind of sht

mo Dec 2022
i just want you to tie me up
while you stand in front
holding me down
with your flustering stare...

you'd tease my weary mind,
bringing us closer
to the summits of cloud nine
but never quite actually there.

but at the same time
on other days,
in just as frequent that occasion,
i just want to hug you
and nothing more--
to litter our days with sweet exchanges of affection
while we toss around wholesome words of endearment--

my sweet lovelet,
my pretty darling,
my caramell...
how i love the way we love
hi :3
mo Dec 2022
is it just me
or is the thought of shared death
a truly romantic affair?

and i don't mean
to die together
of old age...

to fall in each other's arms
following an overdose of *****
while we slip six feet under
listening to the smiths--

"and if a double-decker bus
crashes into us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die"

i wanna die together
with our lips locked in an embrace
while we swing back and forth
across an empty ballroom floor

"and if a ten ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die"

is it just me
or am i ****** up?

(at least then
you'd be the last thing
i see)
let the autopsy read
death by requited love

Dec 18, 2022
mo Dec 2022
you'd lie on my lap
with nothing much to say
and there i'd bend
to meet your wandering gaze...
the rain, however light,
would feign tears on your face
tears i'd pretend
betrayed a sense of elation--
had they been yours
i would've cried just the same.

surely, i say,
that day's a purple aster
in my garden patch of greys,
a haughty little lamppost
along an awry little highway...

that day was
(and i'd say it again,
without thinking about lifting
the spout tipping my pen)
a lovely day, a ten outta ten
that was indeed a lovely day

15 Dec. 2022
mo Nov 2022
ride off into the sunset with me
and if we dont burn
we can say its us ;)
mo Dec 2022
we wouldve waltzed then and there...
the sky and its thousand eyes
would bear witness to that spectacle of a moment:
a trade of footsteps and a synchrony of motion--

we'd wonder why
despite being lost in each other's eyes
we could render such a dynamic embrace
and paint the night a rosy red hue...

i say that perhaps then
the goddess of love
has taken the wheel.
we tried dancing that night
but we got high kissing instead
mo Nov 2022
some say i think of you too much
but so long as overdose on thoughts of you is a ways away,
ill keep taking these memories with a cup of jasmine tea--
id rather count my days with you
than the sheep I see in bed.
thoughts at 4am
mo Nov 2022
because they hit like ****** on a friday night.
when my blanket has had enough of reassuring my anxious mind
it's your lovely phantom that hugs me then:
a figment of my pleasant longing
for your hands and the way they hug mine.

sleep with me.
maybe we'll wake up sat on a for-two caddy  
parked across the hanging end of a moonlit prairie.
we'll toss the keys to our locked embrace
until the sun finds us and throws them back.
i have indeed fallen asleep to thoughts of u

— The End —