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Star BG Mar 2019
We sit with pen bayonet in hand
as warriors of written word.
Beings that are drenched in verse
that rains on battlefield of page.
We speak so eyes of other side awaken
to know it’s time for change.
We echo from hearts that bleed
to anoint with our wisdom.
YES, we are the warriors that move
inside grace to hug an eye
and shift all
to create new beginnings.
inspired by Crazy Diamond Kristy and Hirondelle Many thanks
for you both are gems that sparkle on a HP field
Gary Brocks Sep 2018
There was the tremor of leaves,
a rustle of bayonet grass
parried the multihued calm
of dawn's smeared light.
"This is what we trained for," the captain said.
We hunkered behind stacked bags of sand.

Filigreed shafts of light pierce
the bullet perforated leaf canopy,
bellowed yells punctuate the swirl
and buffet of turbulent air:
“Contact”,  “2 O’Clock”, “Incoming”, “
"Moving”, “Reloading”, “Ammo”.

Fingers twitch, the grit of soil
twisted through their grip;
moon slashed carcasses glint, spent shells,
Earth exhales a vermillion mist,
rising, echoless, in this
a cathedral of leaves.
Don Bouchard Jan 2012
White-furred hill flowers bow
Wet in April snow,
Lavender beneath their
Downy coats.

Tender soldiers of spring
Grasp wind-blown gravel steeps,
Stand to beckon brown grass,
Soft-call the life in sapless trees
To ring with green again
Against Old Bully Winter’s

Quaking aspens,
Earliest to leaf in yellow-green,
Curling grama grasses,
Tough food for buffalo,
Cannot boast first life each Montana spring;
Only zombie-lichens,
Rock-fast mosses
Throw off winter’s death
Before the crocus' rise.

On eastern Montana hills
No street-hemmed dandelions
Colonize in chute-dropped ranks;
No time-tamed tulips
Live on wind-round knolls.

Here, the yucca’s bayonet-sharp ******;
Here, the wild onions’ scent-strong hold;
But these arrive after early chill,
Following the purple crocus on the hill.
Something I have been working on for over 20 years. Still not satisfied, as I cannot get the "life" on the prairies that I know needs to be present..... has nice pictures of the crocus about which I am writing....

— The End —