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The Vault Sep 3
Trying to have something you never could
But still you try
Pushing yourself in the dirt
To just see the sunshine
For one taste of what it feels like to be free
You fight for it
Digging yourself out
Just to bury yourself in
One step forward and two back
You can't fight for forever
Elle Dhani Apr 20
I am the ice
on the breaker,

let me know what's right,
for I not to be left

I tried being shallow,
but I swallowed

**** the butterflies,
I'll name it white lies
it come down
Digging at rocket
Making land vibrated

As the land gets happy
It splits and gets a baby
A baby is a small plant

Weak but it has power
To dig through the hard
Land, rocket even at worst

Then grows up and get flower
It spreads perfumes, pleasant
Hope that might be absent
the rain is the great gift from the gOd
Wake into a dream state, baby.
I'll be your second best escape.
You come running to me, baby.
You keep my soft heart safe.
Wake into a dreamlike state,
knowing you have a lookout in E.V.A.
When I, too, dig too deeply
to take alone, you're out on the rope.
What did I do, then, to deserve
a glimpse of this happiness,
soft like my heart? My mama told me
it was nonexistent, and
I certainly bought it -- but then, you.
What provoked you? What did I do?
Can it be that my existence is the
cause of your attraction?
I need to break free.
What sense does that make?
Can I run from love til
I kiss the coffin in grave?
jasmine Feb 21
I dig,
You dig,
He dig,
She dig,
They dig,

This isn't a beautiful poem
but its very deep.
CL Fjell Feb 20
Once a miner
Was trapped in a well
Up he must dig
So, he dug very well

Dug he did do
For all the long day
And dig he loved to
But he had one say,

"I love to dig,
But something is wrong
Well's too big, or
I've dug far too long.

Once I saw it,
The top of the well
Glittering light,
Yes, that rang a bell.

Yet light has run,
Taken with my sight.
No more smiles here,
I only feel fright.

Ev'ry minute
Feels like forever.
One day I'll leave...
Or will I never?

It's getting hot,
In this deep, dark well.
Soon I will rot,
Am I trapped in Hell?"

Rot he did do
Yet he did not wake
One day he died
But long it did take

Once a miner
Was trapped in a well
For it was greed
That which caused his fell
Johnny walker Jan 21
How strange life can be sometimes you blinded by
what changes you see an ever-changing world to where we
Sadly I don't see all changes as being good there Is a lot of bad In this world but dig deep and there Is well hidden beneath the
Really kind people always ready to help advise just be there In times if needed It seems once people gain power that's when they change
It to there the greed for riches creeps In
and corrupts I suppose that's just way It Is and always will be I just think It's so sad ordinary people
they are the ones who suffer every
So much bad In this world but If you dig deep below the surface there's a lot of good
people who will help be there for the needy
Popleocan Dec 2018
I've always been a better fit,
As someone left inside a pit.
No rising hills of happiness,
With sparks of hope alight with bliss.

For inclines end at edging cliffs.
Beckoning my fall.
Sparks are starts to raging fires.
No skin unburnt at all.

I've always been a better fit,
As someone tossed inside a pit.
Hands on a shovel as i dig.
But never can I fall.
Outside Words Oct 2018
A Capitalist
burns each day shoveling dirt;
paid to dig his grave
© Outside Words
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