Daniella Dec 2017

S is for sitting with a stirring soul still speaking aloud to join the summer singin birds
L is for lying livid as I lie to myself about life, love and lust as the light pours in
E is for elongating time to evaluate as well as extinguishing every chance to explain it  
E is for ending time in this elavated entity because my ideas are eating away at me
P is for please be patient for plans put pressure on the mind to stay peaceful in this plain pitch black sight

I feel there is a command for me somewhere

Sleep is so nice why do I deprive myself of it
Em MacKenzie Sep 2017

As always I'm dreading just leaving my bed,
I've got a hundred thoughts threading fog through my head.
Another day to live, twenty-four hours of fight,
I don't have much else to give; I used it all up last night.
Am I the only one to see colour in different shades and hues?
'Cause lately this world seems duller, the Earth has lost it's muse.

My body is aching through every bone and joint,
and my will is breaking, for I no longer see the point.
I grasp fire just to feel pain and stare at the sun to go blind,
It seems I've got a plastic brain and a melting mind.

I'm stressing out in a traffic even though I'm in no real hurry,
but in my head details are graphic of every fear and worry.
Another week to go through, seven days of pointless waste,
you know the feeling too true, you know it's feel and it's taste.
Am I the only one to see colour, instead of just white and black?
'Cause lately this world is duller, there's so much that we lack.

My body is aching from my head down to my toes,
and I'm just faking the knowledge no one else really knows.
I wonder if I'm sane, and if I'm alone and confined,
it seems I've got a plastic brain and a melting mind.

Why does it feel that every person I meet isn't real?
As if they're stuck in a dream, or following a line down stream.
Does anyone else think like this?
That there's something we all miss,
'cause wasn't life a gift of bliss?
Instead we regret and only reminisce.

My body is aching through every limb and pore,
and no matter what you're making, you'll always need more.
Can't be another link in a chain; bound, locked and intertwined,
I suffer from a plastic brain and a melting mind.

Em MacKenzie Aug 2017

In the bottom of her drink,
she found the undeniable truth,
that she was right to feel and think,
that she wasted most of her youth.
Looking back on those late nights,
there was real purity between both eyes,
that shone brighter than all the lights,
and held more beauty than a sunrise.

With mixed drinks and mixed feelings,
it's hard to always stay on course,
every word can set you reeling,
regardless of it's force.
Melting dilutes the flavor,
and it's potential to set you free,
with each sip you try to savor,
the things that can never be.
With mixed drinks and mixed feelings,
no it's not meant for the weaklings.

In the shadows of a smoke filled room,
she prays to whoever listens for one more chance,
it would still be fated to be met with doom,
that's just always due to circumstance.
The glass is not half empty,
and it sure as hell isn't half full,
it's contents spilt on the floor for all to see,
and her grasp neither pushed nor pulled.

With mixed drinks and mixed feelings,
it's hard to always stay on course,
and each sip meant to be healing
is dampened and ruined by remorse.
The straw will get you more drunk,
but it's not half as satisfying,
that ship sailed until it sunk,
so it was never even worth trying.
With mixed drinks and mixed feelings,
it was shown the potential hit it's ceiling.

So down your last glass, and say your last word,
'cause time goes by too fast, your confessions won't be heard.

"Will you remember me?"
she asks me so fondly,
"lately I've been forgetting,
but you're just so damn haunting."

CautiousRain Aug 2017

Slipping, slipping, slipping,
through the cracks,
I nearly forgot that your
kisses felt like that
against me
with your hand brushing past
my neck,
I'm falling back,

my fingers lace with your own
and I forgot what it felt like
to be dying;
down to the earth,
keep me grounded
with the sound of your heart
so serene as I fall
falling back,

into love with you.

I love him and sometimes he's just so dumb, but I am glad to have him back <3
CautiousRain Jul 2017

Levitated silhouettes
suspended by the throats
you’re surely a goner
when your own shadow croaks.

When you look back at your shadow and it just seems to fade away
CautiousRain Jul 2017

Cradle me like a child
locked in a cranium she never wanted
lose control
where’s my pacifier?
Take me to a place
force me to behave.

Krystal Lèleck Nov 2016

You know what bothers me a bit?
Everytime I recall a memory,
Casually, in my train of thought,
It almost always ends with-
“That was a hard time in my life.”
Even in recollections full of kind
That’s almost always
The following thought in my mind.
And damned if I can find a period of time
That hasn’t been, that wasn’t.
But it doesn’t matter what was…
Or does it?
Yes… yes, it does.

Hailey Paige Nov 2016

Satan himself is an angel compared to you.

No one could save her, she was already gone.

She had died inside a long time before.

She was so good at faking, she fooled herself into believing she was happy.

They tried to save the body, not the girl

All the alcohol in the world couldn't numb the pain I feel tonight.

It's not your fault for leaving, it's my fault for trusting you to stay.

Don't call me your angel when you almost made me one.

And nobody could foresee the you, you turned out to be..

Egressx Oct 2016

You thought you could spread your legs
to the first stranger who spoke your name,
but even then you were so ashamed of your skin,
the marks and scars of the body you were born in
that you eloped.
You never came back.

You asked what you had to do to be loved.
To be wanted.
It was all you've wanted.

The first boy whom you confessed to smiled, amused,
and asked, so?

It's the question you've been trying to answer all your life.


Your first kiss was at eighteen, ugly and untouched.
He only wanted your body,
but you've forced yourself to think otherwise.

Oh, love.
It is so sad to live in your own body,
to watch him watch her,
watch her link her arm around you and starts
telling you about her problems

oh, you had them too.
but you were just a listener,
with ears always, always open.
you felt like a mute. your mouth filled with sand.

Do they know how much you love yourself?
You did.
You had to.
You were trying, but no. You were not enough.

At night he is always there, in your bed.
Your brother, i mean. Whispering how much he loves you.
But in the morning he is gone
and you have not seen him ever since.

This does not make sense.
No, no more questions.
Nothing will ever make sense.

Today, you texted a boy who used to love you,
and when he didn't text,
you nodded to yourself.
it's alright. you expected this. be calm. don't panic.

your friends call you the queen of sarcasm, of loudness.
Some asked why you were always so depressed.

Depressed. Empty. Sad. Vulnerable.
It's all you've ever been since the day
you saw the front door close behind your father.
Since the day you left your own country.

But your days no longer revolve around your mother's sadness, or your father's violence.

And you are too old now. No more lighting candles. No more days of fresh hotel sheets and smells of sunscreen.

In December, a boy confessed he liked you.
You didn't want to choose him because you were lonely.
And when you wanted to choose him
because you were lonely, he was not there.

You thought if he comes, you would give him all your love.
All the yellow light you've been hiding in your heart.

You wanted simplicity. Love and his eyes.
Stop, this is getting too long.

Pidge Oct 2016

you know?
living isn't a necessity for being yet
we stumble on and I get that, really, I do
'cause here I am

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