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Nigdaw 7d
I can feel the purr
in his throat
as my fingers pass
across a trusting exposed neck

He lies, Panther like
across my branch leg limb
where we demonstrate
our approximation of love
between two species

Lost in translation sometimes
a little nip to remind me who's boss

We look into each other's eyes
I blink
He blinks
we have our connection.
Lua Mar 27
They say that the human being is a primal creature
That deep down likes to bite, to scratch, to hunt
Mark their own territory
And like so many other primal animals, feels this intrinsic pleasure in subduing others

People say many things
But in my world, pleasure and pain mix together
Primal creatures show their claws
For others willing to be subjected

I once heard that *** becomes human from the moment it becomes ******
For me however, eroticism doesn't depend on ***
And the primal is the most human and the most civilized of them all
Just like the ones that look at me right now
They see my movement and judge me feline
Sharp claws, curious look, precise movements
And I don't even need to show my fangs into a smile
For them to understand who the predator is
After all, as I already mentioned
Pleasure and pain mix
Aeryn Mar 9
I believe that she's a goddess
in all her female, feline glory
every worry seems to fade
when I stroke her from neck to tail

Pine-tree eyes gazing from underneath the table,
a rarely used mew like the tinkling of chimes,
intricate silkiness intersewn with sable,
and a glinting little bell collar, shining like new dimes

I hardly ever see her,
but she's there when I need her,
as if bleeding saltwater
causes her to feel friendly.

If I ever have to leave this earth,
I want to find the feline hearth,
with all of its eternal worth.

If something,
someone ends me,
That's where she'll send me.
This about my cat, Gwen.
She's elusive, but always seems to be there with a sweet expression when I'm hurting the most. I love her to death.
Jon Thenes Oct 2018
Another day lumbers ...

My Canine is still and pet
my diet is poison-less
my Simian; grounded
my plumage; tame
my imagination is prank-free
and my Feline is out of mischief ;
in a productive slumber

In soothe to say
It's better this way
And so passes
Another safe day
Chris Neilson Jul 2018
My childhood house had mice
so a cat named Queenie was the answer
she had many kittens too
we knew enough about spades
they dug our spuds for protein
but spayed cats not at all
she died before I was born
but her legend was passed to me

Later, Cinders arrived
a black and white lady cat
she could be aloof, many felines are
but she purred and never bit
or scratched pawing children
living a full life as I grew
from blond boy to curly teen

Tibby was the last *****
he was a character no doubt
he was neutered early
perhaps too early
disinterested in girlfriends
he chased the Toms
every morning at 4am
he howled under my bedroom window
once when I opened to door to let him in
he ran past me with a dead pigeon in his mouth
bleary eyed and furious I scolded him
he hadn't killed it, he'd found it
I wasn't falling for his pretence
he was a lover not a hunter
when Tibby passed away
it was the end of an era

I bought my own pet free house
that's the way I like it as an adult
but Cinders and Tibby
still enter my thoughts
as their purring was the soundtrack
to my formative years to my poetic self
The UK is a nation of dog lovers but growing up in a dog free house with cats means I have no affinity with canines. It's felines for me.
Glenn Currier Jun 2018
She looks into my eyes
as if searching for my feelings
for a hint of my disposition today
can’t she tell by the softness of my voice
the sweet things I say
can’t she sense my love  
in these moments together
are we both really alone
and this union a figment?

It is as if she is wondering
in her little mind behind her amber eyes
what it is like being human
as I wonder what is like being feline.
Simon Soane Mar 2018
Not knowing of the rat race
but races to catch rat,
only works when she wants to does
Poppet The Cat.
Content sat on clothes awaiting a iron,
the creased rest
of a little lion.
Scratching the sofa without care
while brilliantly breathing her tabby air;
see I love you,
I love you,
your running whiskers delight;
you're always
a beautiful sight.
Simon Soane Oct 2017
I can speak all day in tongues about Poppet!
Pop! Pop! Popsicle
you're making this time in my life,
the best discoveries towards you, may your joy be rife. When you purr it's nice.
You run to me when my voice does call you noise,
you arrive for our near,
excited for the happy times, I think that's pretty clear.
I never want to own you
as I know you wouldn't like that,
but please stay around
my stupendous tabby cat.
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
Deep within the core of Earth
Night slithers and writhes
Like a snake in the desert
Landscape of your freedom
The star-studded blanket
I dare not call you 'cat'
For there are too few letters
To spell out your spell-bound beauty

Born of the darkness you bring to my eyes
Silent surveyor, so sleek and fragile
A warrior stokes the fire in your heart
O mistress of invisibility
Moonbeam sparkles in your eyes
A flash
You leap like you have wings
I feel you watching me
As I walk down the street
Musical entity
Your familiar spirit comforts me

Ah rough-loving spirit of independence
I do believe you are the ancestor
Of star-gazing,
dream-dwelling children
You fill your own desires
And those of the poet's heart
For she wishes to praise you
In all your glory
Wild and feral at heart
a simple ode to my favorite spirit-animal, The Cat. this one goes out to my sweet, softy baby-girl, Leina, who is my best friend and little sister. I love you!
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