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J J Jan 30
Legs astretched like venomous broomsticks
Fangs drooped lazily like a calm nosferatu,
Those eyes gold as sun on styx, treasures
  that spun flame between his every blink--
Sandpaper tongue dragged over black hair
Nibbling his own wrist momentarily, then
Locking sleepy eyes on you, ascending fleece--
Retractable moonbeams flex teasing attack
   then kneads, falling like a lullaby back into
       uncapturable dreams; purring in the spirit of poe.
Abner Ros Dec 2020
At midnight I'd see a cat
Male or female I do not know
Though they're fluffy —
White as snow.

A pleasant approach with an embracing face
As the creatures eyes glow
Warmer than the ol' Moon up above
And shine so splendidly that I often forget
Both the time and place
In which we met.

How can a nameless feline like you
Make me ponder who I am?
han Nov 2020
the sky is clear— i go on about my day
as i pass the crystal roads
i saw a feline; astray
i go up to the cat and ask them
“is there anything worth it, my friend?”
hoping for a response, but to no avail
i leave the feline alone and go on about my day
the moon has risen— i prepare to sleep
suddenly i remember the cat on the street
i walk outside and see fireflies
i hear them echo through my ear
looking for the cat, i cannot see but hear
“meow” it calls me, as i walk towards the direction
only could i have noticed i was lost in the dark alley
but the cat i finally found, he was black and round
and then it tells me “there is always something
worth it, even when it’s blurry”
i just wanted to post this :]]
Randy Johnson Sep 2020
It was very sad when your life came to an end.
You weren't just a cat, you were also my friend.
You became my cat after you were born in 2002.
You were good to me and I was good to you.
You were black, white and gray.
I miss you because you passed away.
You made me feel better whenever I got upset.
You were my big buddy and you were a great pet.
You were very pretty and friendly too.
It was a privilege to have owned you.
Brian Yule Aug 2020
The summer stretched out
A stray cat
Sunning itself
In possibilities
One little whisker
two little whiskers
make a wish
One cat fast asleep on the sofa
One cat looking out the window
Cat dreams of tasty friends
Oh Sammy sweet that hummingbird you shall not eat
Run fast little kitties run and dance for joy in the sunshine
Hide under the bushes
Walk on the mailboxes
The neighborhood is your playground
Badass alleycats you are
Respected you shall be
Royalty you are
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
I am a feline,
With black and shiny fur
Not a bearer of bad luck.
Every time I walk so many turn away ,
God! Why did you make me this way?

History hold examples ,
Of me being good.
Is it because I am not white or brown,
Or any colour you like?
Or maybe I am different,
Something you dislike?

Look through my eyes,
And you will know
How the world I see.
Walk in my shoes,
And when you wear yours again ,
A better person you will be.
The 1st stanza talks about the superstition that a black cat crossing your path is bad. The 2nd stanza deals with racial discrimination. The 3rd stanza connects the first two and asks the people to empathise with them.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Thirty crept upon me slowly
with feline caution and a slowly-twitching tail;
she waited three decades for the winds to shift;
now, claws unsheathed, she lies ready to assail
her defenseless prey.

Keywords/Tags: thirty, age, aging, maturity, time, creep, creeping, ambush, feline, predator
King Arthur Apr 2020
You let the jungle in, dear
The steps leading up to your room
Are covered in dirt and plants
leaves brush past your face
And vines hang from the ceiling
It gets darker the deeper you go
And the growling gets louder as well
If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of a spotted pelt
And if you see a pair of luminescent eyes
All you’ll see is yourself reflected back in them
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