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Man Mar 28
and i fear when seasons
and anything in particular
its rooted far from rational explanation
reason removed, because i know
change is good
and those things that come with it
i know, i know
twelve thousand fold
for how long have i been told
fearing of change
is folly
when life is change
odd and strange
as paintings by dali
mal frost Feb 4
there's a lot of danger in deconstruction
in the illusion of a rational, logical world,
it's almost seductively simple.

but i think it's high time we stopped worrying about
what things are made of
and started accepting what they are

it is
rather than

sometimes, at least. to keep the noise down.
don't fall for the illusion like I did.
Hammad Dec 2020
We often seek love
with mind and logic
not knowing
that in its world
It lets us walk
on water,
It lets us see
the rainbows
in pitch-black darkness,
It takes us
to the moon and back
It fills the void
In our souls,
It lets us plant
the seeds of hope
In barren lands
Don't you see?
Nothing in this is rational
My Dear!
Everything in Love,
and its world is Magical...
It’s the least of my worries
Taxing my car
Or saving up for a house
Or remembering that thing
I was supposed to remember
Or anything really
Or passing that test
Getting into that school
Acing that interview
Getting that job
That pays enough
That allows me to progress

I hadn’t even thought about that.
I hadn’t thought about any of it.

I think
about one thing
I obsess
I compulse
Or do I?
Is what I do when I
Think about that thing
I always think about
A compulsion?
Because if it’s not then
Can it be called
And if it’s not
That means it’s me
And the thing I always think
is true

I know it’s irrational
But what if it’s not?
Maybe it just makes me feel better
To think that it is

See, who has time for rational worries
When you’re so full up with
Irrational one’s?
A poem about my struggles with OCD
Tony Tweedy May 2020
Sometimes I feel the darkness
as it draws itself yet oh so near.
Shrouds of blackest pitch,
Like a shiver of the spine,
caused by a scream I feel but do not hear.

All pervasive gloom
that shrouds my world to never ending black.
Dragging down both soul and sense,
Like a craven remorseless killer
intent on demonic inhuman attack.

I feel it in my body and I sense it
as it encroaches on my mind.
Taking both warmth and light,
Leaving never ending blackness,
devoid of hope of any kind.

At times the will to fight
has been totally taken away.
Rational mind and tired limbs,
Made to give up all reason
to stand and fight for one more day.

I sense an endless wave that drowns me
in utter dark despair.
Kicking through all defence,
Until all will to live yet one more moment,
evaporates into thin air.

The fight is ever daily
and the waves they come and go.
Random depths to which I fall,
How I survive amidst the darkest waves,
I really do not know.

In days gone by the waves have compelled me
to physically react.
More than one failed attempt,
Still I yet remain by fluke,
compounded by the lessons that I lacked.

I know that I have learned
and can push all normal fears aside.
In life we learn from failures,
And it is chance and not hope,
keeps me safe where I now hide.
How can you unlearn such a thing? It is always known... hiding... waiting.
Thomas W Case Apr 2020
Pages turn,
chapters end,
books are finished.
With resolution, and head
held high, I'll
fly away to somewhere
safer, where there's
less pain.
I try to love you,
but you just
push me away.
The heart is a
silly dreamer.
It sees life as it
should be...could be,
and not as it
really is.
The head sees what
the heart doesn't.
Emotions can be as
treacherous as a
rabid dog or a
razor blade.
I wish I were a
redwood or a rosebush,
or even a dandelion
swaying in the
Megitta Ignacia May 2019
Circle the letter of one best answer to each question.

Which one is better?
A. Deeply insecure
B. Extremely over-confident
240519 | 8:02 PM | still at the office accompanying my coworker doing his deadline even though I supposed to go home early.
Stark Dec 2018
a wise eyed cynic
head full of rational thought
ignored by his only friend

as i descend into madness,
will you be my Horatio?
standing through it all
with the utmost clarity?

Oh, to be Horatio
as your closest friends are dragged into the clutches of insanity
shakespearean bffs, pt 1
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