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julianna Mar 2
I’m tired of bodies and thinking
I’m tired of hiding, I’m tired of restricting.
Sometimes the weight bears lighter, but today I was undeniably human
So animalistic,
So human.
Gandy Lamb Feb 26
Why do mirrors shine in the dying light
If Ozymandius's gleaming bear spray
Delves into the fading autumn leaves
Then apocryphal demise will ensue.

So I ask thee
Where is thoust
When the sicilian chess moves come
We are pawns in this game of life

I guess you can say
The butterfly died
We need to raise more awareness for climate change!
Jake Dockter Feb 25
As kids
we played in fields
miles and miles of of planned and planted crops
that held within them
hidden wilds  

At night
I lay in bed
terrified of the coyotes howling outside my window
prowling fields and stalking  through tall weeds
sniffing out the mice and ground squirrels
chasing cats and lurking
hunting creatures of the night
fearful creatures of the darkness

One night,
I woke to the howling
I listened bravely,
braver than before when I would hide under the blankets or call for my mom

I peaked out of my curtains into the dark
and there
were two yellow eyes staring back from the dark

I saw the faint gray of fur
saw its mass and presence
but then it blinked
and startled
and instantly faded into the night.

The next day
in the mud
just on the other side of the fence
I found a paw print
just one
a mark
that she had been there
two eyes
one paw

At night,
I heard the echoes and howls that sounded like a million imagined wolves,
giant snarling beasts fighting and hunting
hurling themselves against the fence
fangs and blood and wildness

At night
when I took out the trash
I ran like **** to the can and hurled the bag inside
panting when I got back to the front door, in the light

But that paw
in the mud
was so small

Weeks later
riding the bus to school
I saw a coyote
in the early morning fog
thin and small
rushing across the street and
almost struck by the bus

It ran into the orchard
the bus driver cursed under her breath

It was so fragile
how could that be so frightful?

Is fear this thing?
This monster in the dark but in the day does it run
from shadow to shadow
with its tail between its leg?

Can it be hit by a bus full of children?
Does it lie in the ditch
and slowly bleed to death
after it misjudged the speed and distance and tried to make it
a tuft of hair stuck in the corner of the bumper
leaving nothing but a print in the mud
a small print
the only clue that it walked silently in the night?
Sky Yang Feb 24
i laugh lion's heart
loping street by every stride
claw clattering cobblestone conviction
chest puffed out and head held high

climbing fences and
kissing dark breakers

all that, because i am afraid

so afraid so very afraid so very very afraid and of what, you may ask and i will say everything, EVERYTHING! in a roar akin to a king

but between colorful plumes i am
small, so very small
and so very afraid
Mitch Prax Feb 24
Viking cats live
in such magnificent ways,
and he was no different-
Valhalla awaits him.
Tap Water Feb 22
The vulpine creeps into the room,
On silent, tiny paws.
Her fur a mellow chestnut,
Her eyes a silky fawn.

Her charming looks encapture
All who turn and stare.
And yet they don't realise
She's caught them in her snare

She smiles a caring smile,
Her eyes glow in the light.
And yet nobody sees
This is all an act.

She twists and snaps and snarls
At the stumbling little cat.
"You're worthless!" She shouts.
"I hope you die!" She shouts.

She turns around, grinning
A lopsided, silly smile.
Nobody heard or saw
The beast she really is.
About someone in my class
pable Feb 8
Did you know that elephants can fly?
And fairies never die?
What about, that cows don't cry?
Or even that pigs can fry...

Have you ever seen a snail walk?
A t-rex draw with chalk?
A goose soar like a hawk?
Or a unicorn talk...
about politics?

You haven't heard a penguin laugh?
Or seen a gorilla fold in half?
Found a beanstalk taller than a giraffe?
Not even seen a duck choreograph...
a music video?

Did you see that buffalo fly that kite?
Watched the peacock dive from height?
Met a llama thats actually polite?
You didn't hear the goldfish recite...

Well I must say
you are quite absurd,
for I
have experienced them all.
Chelsea Rae Feb 7
The lion takes the reigns
And I am learning what it's like to take

I do not need a mane to be

I am finding my claws, my strength,
My roar, my teeth.

Watch my lips curl back
And let me show you what it's like
To be queen of the jungle.
cait-cait Feb 6
you could be such a handsome, loving boy,
and live in a
nice house
if you didn’t insist on treating me like this...

you know?

we could be neighbors, the
two of us, the
kind who smile and wave at each other at eight in
the morning before we drive to work.

you at the office, and me...
at the office.

can you even imagine:
laughing at whatever winter wonderland party
they hold
with no worries,
no secrets,
no walls...

but i have given up,
as you have grown cruel,  
still thinking of me in that mean, wretched way,
despite the fact that you probably say you don't really care...

but you're just that animal,
the one
you turned into for him-- what
do they call them again?

written on january 12th, 2019 at 10:38 pm. i havent written anything in a while but i was going through my notes to find a title for something and found this. i love it tbh... dont know why i didnt before even w its flaws...
jcl Jan 28
i would look into your blue eyes looking up at me
kiss your lips still wet with wine
pull you near, against me, feel your body
taste your sweat along your neck
smell your scent, arousing, calming, reassuring
the animal inside of you
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