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Andy Chunn Jul 20
There once was a frog from Quebec
Who was treated with such disrespect
A gull took him for lunch
But he dished the first punch
And choked the bird by the neck
Never Give Up!
Andy Chunn May 29
In Teapa he now makes his home
After his journey from the states
Trouble caused his heart to roam
And sorrows filled his plate

One friend asked him about the gun
And what he planned to do that night
He said he’d do what must be done
And anger blurred his sight

He shot her down and did not care
The gun still in his hand
His woman said that she had dared
To love another man

Someone asked where he would go
Where he would run or stay
He simply said I do not know
And headed down Mexico way

People staring from a distance
Some just mumble and turn away
And he can tell in just one instance
What they mean and what they say

So when I see him on the street
I shake his hand so he will know
He has a friend and when we meet
I simply say “Hey Joe”
A tribute to Jimi Hendrix and his song pinned by Billy Roberts called "Hey Joe"
Andy Chunn May 3
It’s just a tiny village, a wide place in the road
The pace where life is steady and it’s slow
You find your comfort zone, no matter what the load
Campbellsville is the place I know

Brighter lights can call me, and travel makes me smile
And city life can seem like such a thrill
But nothing feels so easy, just like a country mile
As coming to my home in Campbellsville

When you find you’ve lost your way, and don’t know what to do
When everything is headed straight downhill
Think about the place you love, where everything was true
And come on home again - to Campbellsville

A little town in Tennessee, with history through the years
The Campbell home, the Springs, and the hills
The high school that so many loved, the victories of the Bears
I’m going home again to Campbellsville
Andy Chunn Mar 22
The supreme testing of courage
The greatest divisions of fate
The unyielding sources of power
The ruthless causes of hate

Love, as from heaven to earth
Expressed in a coma-like state
The meaning, the feeling, emotions
All pierce the clouds of this date

And love in its purest whiteness
An ecstasy there with the mate
Must crumble as fiery deserts go
For no one will enter that gate

And no one can live through the dying
And no one can love through the hate
The lands that are trampled by others
You lose them in wisdom of fate.
Andy Chunn Mar 2
I got a dog likes to wander around
You might see him anywhere in town
In my neighbor’s yard or in his trash

Today, I don’t know where he’s been
He just came a-staggerin’ in
I think that my old dog has found a stash.

I got a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
He’s layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
He won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes him act that way.

Friday night and I’m on the town
You can see me all around
Any place where I can get a belt

Made it in a half past three
My old dog just looked at me
I think he knew exactly how I felt.

Like a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
I’m  layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
I won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes me act that way.

Well, Jake just looked me in the eye
And I said “Yea Boy, we can try
To straighten up and get on the right track

Then we won’t feel so rough
Messin’ ‘round with all that stuff
And you and me won’t ever have to act….

Like a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
We’re  layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
We won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes us act that way. know !!
Andy Chunn Jan 25
She came from nowhere, mouse-like quiet
At first we thought it’s just a trick
But soon her powers were dark like night
We saw her strength cut to the quick.

Covidia came from foreign lands
But traveled fast with power and speed
And she was subtle with sneaky hands
She quickly knew our wants and needs.

Some ignored her presence here
And chose to be aloof and brave
They would never express their fear
Freedom was their cry to save.

Others feared with cautious worry
And wanted to precautions take
At first we thought there is no hurry
But soon we rippled in her wake.

Covidia forced a change in life
Restrictions limit what we do
Isolation and the daily strife
Removed the things we thought we knew.

She swept away our social life
She caused our isolation
She propagated grief and strife
A plague upon our nation.

Many chose to ignore her power
And haughty would proclaim beliefs
But on the deathbed they did cower
And beg for peace and just relief.

Respect her and her powers now
She’s ruled us for some time
But slowly we will find out how
To stop her on a dime.

A normal life returns someday
Covidia will be lost
Never forget the price we’ve paid
The death and all the cost.
Andy Chunn Jan 18
I lost my friend just the other day
Just like a brother in so many ways
I know he’s there waiting ‘round for me
And I know one day I’ll see

When life got tough, he’d help me through
It seemed he always knew just what to do
I know no one can ever be
Like my friend waiting there for me

There’s not too many like this friend of mine
Never too busy he’d take the time
When everything was wrong and I saw no light
He was always there to help me make it right

He was my friend, and I miss him so
He was my friend, why did he have to go
When the sun is shining bright, or on a starry, starry night
He’s waiting there for me - he’s my friend.
Written for the loss of a dear friend.
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