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Andy Chunn Jul 26
Her gaze took my breath
With beauty that melts the heart
And kindness within

Thankfulness washed over me
And I was lost in her eyes
Andy Chunn Jul 14
Nobody knows I have it
But I know it’s still there
Your earring in my pocket
Let’s me pretend you care

You left it just the other night
I found it on the floor
Your earring in my pocket
Gives me hope that there is more

It’s just a little thing
It’s not part of the plan
With your earring in my pocket
For a moment I’m your man

I dream we love each other
And that we’ll always be
Together until the end of time
You say you’ll be with me

Nobody knows I have it
No one would understand
With your earring in my pocket
In my heart - I am your man
Co-write with Gail Brown
Andy Chunn Jul 14
My cup runneth over
I’m dancing each day with delight
Calm, carefree in clover
Celebrate a cool summer night

The beauty of each day
Silently sings my soul be still
The wisdom and the way
Freely fashions my cup to fill

Shadows do not scare me
Goodness and mercy will follow
The valley now will be
Where evil is weak and hollow

Monumental mountains,
Sacred seas - I am just a rover
Free forgiveness fountains
Ensure my cup runneth over
Andy Chunn Jul 5
The July sky is drawing nigh
Ensuring blue infinity.
We soar above the clouds so high
To contemplate divinity.
Andy Chunn Jul 2
Butterscotch for me
The best as you will see
So brown and sweet
A masterful treat
With flavor flowing free
Andy Chunn Jun 26
my melted minutes
searing sunshine sultry stares
torrid tropic tease
Andy Chunn Jun 22
The doctors would always take turns
And Hawkeye would have his concerns
The nurse with hot lips
Was swinging her hips
Enticing the lonely Frank Burns
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