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Keara Marie Jul 10
Of course you lust over me. You are hungry for the man, that I need you to be.

I will SECURE you —
Remove your insecurities
And remember to mention my Name
I am here even before you declare.

I will LIFT you —
Remain grounded, your heart I will take care.
Your fall isn’t a failure
When you see things through My lens.

I willl STRENGTHEN you —
Your weary soul, I breathe life!
Your burdens, I will carry
Your tears, I will wipe.

I will always LOVE you —
Nothing can separate you from Me.
My love is complete and just focus on Me,
I will be sufficient for you!

Believe and receive,
Abide in me, My Child…
And trust Me wholeheartedly —
I Am who you say I Am!
Khoisan Jun 2022
Watching the sunset holding hands
nothing happened a crushing defeat
only the memory understands.
Shevaun Stonem Nov 2020
some days I am more
wolf than woman
and it’s hard to hide my fangs.
I’ll hiss and snarl and spit the blood
of those who trespass against my land.

some days I am more
wolf than woman
and it’s not that hard to understand.
I cannot be tamed or caged or chained,
I am the alpha of the pack.

some days I am more
wolf than woman
and there is no strength I lack,
but hiding and camouflaging
with the sheep
does not make my fur more black.

most days I am more
wolf than woman,
and you’ll find me bathe
underneath the moonlight.
in the slightest of mannerisms
you’ll discover, it’s not that
easy for me to hide.
hunting and guarding and marking
until the weary day turns to night.
in the way, that I tread the land
these claws covered by a pretty coat
and smiling- hah, no that’s the
predator baring her fangs to show you
how it’ll dig into your throat.

more wolf than woman | shevaun stonem
where's my fellow wolf pack?!
Amanda N Skaggs Aug 2020
In this modern world.
An Ancient Soul crying out.
For rememberence.
Reappak May 2020
Leaves crunched, he ripped through the wind
His fur gleaming bright,
Anger, fury, wrath, danced in his eyes
But deep down he blushed
His Cinderella watched him with warm smiles
She was finally in love,
with this wild night creature
VKBoy Feb 2020
What just happened?
Why does the mighty being look so small today?
Why are your usual bright eyes now shedding tears?
So many eyes deem you ferocious
But who among them could see your heart of butter?
You who once lead a pack
Who put your life on the line for every hunt
Who showed the way for the young ones to walk
Who once believed all the pack members to be your own
Is now roaming all alone.
The sun lost his brilliance out of sorrow
And the winds bore your tears
And the clouds brought rain to hide your heartbreak.
O, great wolf, can’t you see?
The world is wailing after your throes
But it is also wishing you to overcome the tribulation
For who else can if even you can’t conquer your heart?
O, mighty wolf, you may be alone
But you still have the heart of an alpha
So please keep moving forward
And prove all ill-wishers wrong.
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