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Faith Nov 2018
A girl
PrttyBrd Oct 2018
Millenia a moment
wishes on all the starfish in the ocean
wouldn't make Wilcox happy in love

Indivisible divisions
infinite wisdom where math and science
will never meet God

Did science create a universe or simply define it?
Where beginning meets end in pinpoints of minutia
that by definition and design will never actually meet

Cradle me in your arms for nanoseconds
each holding an eternity
If only time could be held by more than mere memory

Maybe, everything until the now that is never the now
can touch a moment
that can never be broken into its smallest parts
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Bought a painting of Jaden Smith,
now wait before you diss,
give me a second to explain,
there’s a story that goes along with it,

see he had a show in LA,
and of course it was on the 7th,
3rd show of the tour,
and the tour was called Vision,

I hadn’t planned to go,
didn’t even know about the show,
until my brother Alpha told me about it,
and the cards aligned in a row,

see a few days before,
I’d backed my car into a wall,
and I had to take it to East LA,
to get it fixed in other words resolved,

now it just so happened,
that the day I took it to get fixed,
was the same day as Jaden’s show,
now that’s some Cosmicness,

see the show was downtown,
and I usually don’t go east of the 405,
but this time I did to get my car fixed,
and I asked a friend to pick me up because I couldn’t drive,

so she picked me up,
and then my other friend told me of an art show,
at a place called The Brewery,
and man how I love art shows,

so after dropping off the car,
and went to The Brewery,
where I bought some art,
because I like to collect future history,

now the girl that had picked me up,
was having a rough day,
because her brother had died 6 months earlier,
and today was his birthday,

so she had to leave,
and go to the beach,
and I stayed behind,
to let her have some peace,

and as it so happened,
there was another anniversary at a gallery called The Hive,
I told you the cards were in a row,
and of course the stars were aligned,

so I went to the next art gallery,
got a ride there from a beautiful Polish chic,
bought some more art at there as well,
I guess I am what a Collector is,

then it just so happened,
that I was walking distance from Jaden’s show,
so I walked through downtown,
until I arrived at The Novo,

now I didn’t have a ticket,
and the show as sold out,
but I found a side door,
and it opened right up,

I went inside,
and got with the vibes,
man that kid Jaden,
knows how to get the crowd hyped,

during the show,
I kept seeing someone in the front row,
try to hand Jaden a painting,
a painting of himself,

after the show,
I was thrown Jaden’s yellow bandana,
then I exited outside,
and away from the arena,

when I got to the exit,
I saw the kid with the painting,
it had Jaden and Willow’s signature,
and as I said before I collect paintings,

so I bought it right then and there,
blame synchronicities,
so it’s not so much I seek out art,
as art comes to me,

all part of the vision,
of starting the Art Center in New Zealand,
where we can feel safe and socialize,
and remember what it was like when we still had feelings,

and all that I see now,
in this painting I have,
of Jaden Smith,
dressed as Batman,

bought a painting of Jaden Smith,
now wait before you diss,
give me a second to explain,
there’s a story that goes along with it…

∆ LaLux ∆

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Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
I’m looking out on the road the sky is bright the wind is cold.
The wind my element it blows so hard, the sheer force of the world is felt in this air.
I feel the life being ****** out and then in to my body at the same time such a beautiful sensation.
This is the sensation right before you begin the Great Work when you feel the energy of the universe.
The energy just whirling around in circles the path of lapis ruber or another path.

But my journey if not for lapis philosophorum my journey is for blank, my mind is not for anything.
The journey I travel is not for life it is not for death this journey is not for a **** thing in existence.
My journey is for something much more what it is only one on the road will understand.
So when I feel the wind blowing I ask myself is it time for me to move? Is it time to start?
I am going to the center of the sun what will I do now that I’ve taken the first step has it all begun?

It is not possible to turn back not in this particular journey.
In this journey once you take a step, the platform you were walking on before is completely destroyed.
It is swallowed up in the sea of what, the platform is consumed in the place of never-ending nothingness.
Really it is not a place, it is swallowed in the void, so you can’t turn around even if you will it.

Now I as I walk this path I sit here and I see the star, on it are five points.
The five points of the star are all looking at me I just wonder if the look is inverted or upright.
If it is observing me inverted what will I do? If it is watching me uprightly what can I do?
These questions are both the same but which way is the star observing me.
I couldn’t give a **** either way, but at certain points it seems I would give a ****, now why is that?

See I’m on a spiraling path of this something, and it’s becoming clear, it’s not that I’m stepping forward.
In this journey I am not stepping forward I am not stepping backwards I am doing much more.
But I am stepping.
That’s the beauty of this journey where time ceases to exist.
It’s because at the end of this journey I might have explored the universe in its entirety.
I may have went to the edge of this universe of motion and jumped off the edge.
I would have slipped through the corners barely escaping the hound dogs of the barrier.
And after facing the eternal beasts, I would have ended up back inside of the universe.
It’s funny because after this timeless journey, I may have gained so much and time will have certainly passed.

est ruber in terra, populous non est faciem in principia pater sol regnat
in terra humanos est regnant.
deus sol non est in oceanaia luna non est in caelum nocte quam quam non lux.
non lux quam quam sol non est regnat.
hominis the rise of the moon is so great that the light of the sun can be overtake.
But the light of the moon come from the light of the sun there is nothing else that can actually and truly be done.
What to be done is what to be given to all who want to go forward in the way of life.
The path of love and the path of light leads to the same sources it is up to one of us to decide which one will be our tool. Back to what I was talking about the sand was awesome.
The alpha and the omega a rise of the sun and the fall of the moon also rise of the moon and the fall of the sun.
Will you know the meaning of the magus order
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Dust 'cross the ground
in the high noon
calls every boot heel
and tippy toe.

Slap. Clap.
Give it a little stomp.

Plumes in the air
comprised of motes
of hope from little feet
give a high rise.

Slap. Clap.
Give it try.

Some of the fun
in being misfit
is never
for alone time,


Wolves need wolves
when the shepherds
turn to masters, turn
the sheep into chattel.

Sheep are sheep
for innocence
of sin, not err,
purity from malice.
hxrvld May 2018
the sparkles made from crashed ocean enlighten me the beauty of you,
I’ll hold your mask and drown it in the sea,
Pearls of oxygen shine under the blue moon,
I wish to see the true self of you,
Despite we could be the same element,
Yet different particle, different chemical,
Envision you, obsession turns to contentment,
The serenity of my restless soul,
Silk howl of your alpha desire,
I am willing to fulfill everything,
As long you hold my hand
and never let it go.
clever Apr 2018
her hair pulled back
she's photogenic like kodak
she's an alpha female
her power will prevail
she's fight flushed
she plays unrushed
she is femme fatale
she is us.
fhamideas Jan 2018
Hundred times in life,

I swallowed my pride,

Just forsake rid this strife,

and I won’t take any bite.

They change,

We not the same,

Pointing finger & making excuses,

While me – hold the trigger & abandon abuses,

I awakened as a lone wolf,

rely on self acceptance & master the movement,

too far from things to get involve,

less talk & do more self improvement.
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