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Hi Apr 1
Forever and always.
Forever and never.
Forever and losing.
Forever and ending.
Forever and missing.
Forever and lazy lol
Hi guys
crybaby Jan 8
As the midnight snows
my desire to be
another's grows
to be as beautiful
as a rose
seems to be my new pose
I'll sit here waiting
for my love, at last, to show
that true love is not just something that I suppose
Blossom Nov 2019
Sweat trickles down my nose
And onto my gasping lips
Begging for a gulp of air,
Begging for sweet relief
As my legs start to go numb
And my ears ring, head pounds
But I keep going and going...
Until I hear it cry out
“2 miles, Workout Complete”
I learned that the key
To opening the gates
Of stardom

□□□□☆=/  \=☆□□□□

Starts with
******* Bradley Cooper
Figures, at least he's hot!
And so talented too!

Do you think he'd like me?
dabble Oct 2019
you who's the hottest out of four seasons
though I can see you once a year
your vibe is too strong
you remain in my memory the longest
all the moments I've spent with you
still come to me vividly
even if I had already parted ways with you
you still remain in my body
and still... hot

...Jeon Jungkook
Morning Feb 2019
You know, it's funny,
I had that ringing in my ear.
You know, that funny feeling,
A tinglin' in my ear.
So I went a snoopin'
And it's what I've always feared.
He was creepin'
He was sleepin'
With all the volunteers.


With all the volunteers.

"Volunteers! What?"

Yes, with all the volunteers.
He was rollin'
He was dippin'
He was flippin'
He was eatin'-


With all the volunteers.
Something fun.
I can't help but read this with a slight doo-*** vibe.  XD
Cjf Jul 2018
The harder I fall the more I fall away
It's self preservation at its finest
But why do I want to fall from the one who loves me?
We're at a cliff and I'm hanging on with one hand
and he's at the top begging me to not let go
It's temptation it's fear
It's a lifetime of leaving before I'm left
It's a lifetime of leaving blame on everyone else
It's a lifetime of loving so hard my heart can't handle it
But he assures me he can shoulder the weight of my burdens
My past, my present, and future
It's trust he's trying to hand me and that my hand can't reach for because it wants to let go
And go and go and fall and drop
It wants to reach out for him and pull him closer to me and with me.
I want him on top and on bottom and I want him near and away
But my body betrays me and the magnetic force is always trying to turn the opposite direction so we can't click together
I don't know why I am the way I am and I don't want to be me sometimes
Saint Audrey May 2018
I sought out just what I've become

Numb to trepidation, apposed to emotions
I choke on sensations, opening to oceans
Of blood soaked remnants I can't fathom
Begin to comprehend, or otherwise justify
To myself

And It's square on my shoulders

If I like it or not

Sating my lust for life, finding out how
To revel in spite, in spite of myself, honestly
Grating, the thoughts that haunt me through
Sleepless hours and all the mindless rambling I do
To myself

I wanted to change, and I did

I did change

Bought at the current rate
Life condensed to a price
I wanted everyone to pay
Besides me. Never me

I thought it free, until someone came around with
The promise that they'd take it all away

Breaking ground, like the words I said
What I say in my day to day
Breaking ground, foray into something
I'd call a grave mistake

Try to justify it, screaming at the sky
Trying hard to hide what I swear I left behind
Blame it on society. A scapegoat that never falters
Hurdles that I prayed would change, and yet
They never falter
So, I blame it on you, and then you blame it on me

I blame it on myself


I blame myself.

What it always comes down to

And I turned into what I had always planned to turn into
Go figure.
Luna Apr 2016
It's scary
How it feels
Like to be
A leaf
Once you've fallen
At the ground
A light frail leaf
With no chance to fight
The strong tempest

It's scary
How the wind
Will be able
To blow you far
Away where you
Won't be found
Lost and floating,
wanting to rest
(But you can't)
Forgive my scattered thoughts.
03/17/16 - 12:46
Pastell dichter Apr 2016
flowers and sunshine
light green trees
why? because life is one big spinning wheel of happy and sad
the flowers shine in the dark glowing softly against the green grass
i don't know what I'm righting but oh well
words scribbled on old paper drawn with an old crayon
life death nonononono yes? no
I'm fine
I'm fine
I'm fine
just kidding
I'm not  
time to bow and leave the stage with a fake grin plastered on my face
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