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Shannon Soeganda Aug 2022
Never in my life would I ever want to come back to a mistake like you—

Never once,

Never was,

Never am,

Never will.

You might have all the forever within grasp,

because you’re a ghost,

and ghosts have forever.

But not everyone is you,

not everyone is privileged with any next lifetime.

Time with you is a time wasted,
wasted with all of your over-glorified ghost—

that the devil himself is scared of you,

even your only shadow leaves you in the dark.

And there you are,
there you always will be;

Cast out alone in the void of darkness for eternity—

bequeathed with eternal guilt;

for you are nothing much,

but a mere shadow;

a ghost of the lingering past

(not) worth reminiscing.
What kind of person is stupid enough to come back to a mistake in a form of a human being?
Shannon Soeganda Aug 2022
Vengeance is not my jurisdiction.

So let me escape your shadow once and for all,

and please,

let me go---for good. Energetically.
Celebrate your triumph while you still can, b.
Shannon Soeganda Jul 2022
Aceptar lo que es,
Agradecer lo que fue,
Confiar en lo que será.
Así será,
Así es.
Shannon Soeganda Jul 2022
Would love to meet you again
After all these years

But for now,
I need you to know—

that I have always loved you,
And I always will,

It’s just that,

I don’t trust my self enough
to see you the next day,

or any day after.
It’s excruciatingly painful to be fine one minute and gone the next.
Shannon Soeganda Jan 2022
One of these days,
I'll get to speak my vow
to whomsoever the great love of my life is.


"I’m so grateful that we cross paths in this very lifetime.
Through the fire and through it all,
never really thought we’d make it this far.

With all the time we have left,
may it be filled with blessings, joy and peace;
not just for ourselves but also for others.

Because I know we are here to be the light for the world,
that our encounter was fated,
that it has always been written in the stars
ever since the dawn of time.

With all the time we have left,
I’d encourage us to create all the memories we’ll carry
to the end of time in the afterlife.

Having our souls united as one in a harmonious union
truly means the whole universe to me
and it’s something I sincerely cherish with my all.

I will always fight for us, for our lives
And I will never give up on us,
For as long as we both shall live.

Thus, I vow—
However long we’re privileged to be each other’s counterparts,
However long we’re privileged to be each other’s wives,
to fill the world
with all the love and the joy you deserve;

‘til the end of time,
to the ends of the world,
‘til death do us part,
‘til death we do art.

As above, so below,
As within, so without.
As the universe, so the soul;
And so it is."

Thus, we tied the knot.
Shannon Soeganda Aug 2021
Neri Oxman once said:

"You have to go away, to come back home.
You'll never truly have a sense of home,
until you leave home."

Such discontentment over the thought of home
can never carry the despair that is just so wary.

Henceforth; I bemoaned of home---
only to wander far away from it.
Only to never come back home.

Because in truth, my "home" had been lost.
My "home" already went away.

New one, old one---
They depict such distinct disparity

But then again... this is as good as it can get.

Yet, bemoan I still.
How discomforting it is, to accept what had been lost, and all the could've should've beens.
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