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This unholy libidinal gratification that we share;

lips of ours, interlocked,
strands of hairs, intertwined,
warm, shortened breaths, exchanged,
subtle moans sang; like songs of siren---

made me lock your head with these thighs,
as I squirm in ecstasy of pleasure,
while grippin' the sheet tightly,
ready to embark on another arousing journey.
*** is sacral; only if we treat it with respect.
I already did my part in coming back home to God.

So can we come back home to each other now?
I'm sick of the thought of being homeless. Never had any home to begin with, anyways.
One cooked in Melbourne,
the other cooked in Jakarta.

One finished her medium-rare steak,
the other has not.

One went to wash the dishes,
the other watched her while smiling sheepishly.

They were 4 hours apart.
Little did they know---
that was going to be their last quality time
spent together

in the name of

"You and I both together.".
Lost in Melbourne, gone in Jakarta?
With such audacity,
she sayeth to the Lord;

"Father, in Thy name all things shalt be done.

With relentless faith, I trust Ye to performeth the impossible.

By all means,

the stage is all Yours to direct."
The Lord shall perform the impossible.
The Empress is about to take Her Throne.

The Queen awaits patiently;

for after The Long Wait,

they both shall reunite

and reign together

in a Communion of Alchemical Union---

of two halves of a soul; from the same soul core.
2020-2022 Prophecy.
Let's see what's on menu from now on forward to 2022.
Autumn of 2017 united them;

and they happened.

She met her true love;

the other one did too.

They found home in each other,

albeit the universe conspired against them in the end.

"She is now a song I can no longer sing."
Home has been lost.
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2019
The Light in me is too bright to fail.

So bright, that its iridescent ray ****** my soul.
Never let anyone dim your light.
Whoever they may be.
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