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How do we skip our life to death?
Where no one would ever mourn for us;
Nor to yearn for our mere existence?
I don't plan to wake up after I write this.
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
Fine with how you rolled the dice,
Mr. Gambler---
For I, unknowingly
have stopped gambling around with your game.

One day,
you'll sigh of my name
and I won't even bother
recalling your shady game.
Mr. Gambler is such a bothersome. Feeling called upon?
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
She said,

“See? I knew you’d be back.”

And he said,

“We’re home; finally.”
A conversation between Harmonious Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; integrated into an Alchemical Union.
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
It is liberating indeed,

to be accepted inside and out for who you trully are;

being able to love who you want to love,

to choose whom you want to spend the rest of your life with,

and to live freely under your skin with comfort;

not needing to hide under layers of masks—

for life is not a masquerade.
You’re living your life to the most, if you can live your life to the fullest by being authentic.
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
You’re the soul to my poetry;

for my forever rests with you.
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
Little bunny was so adored,
Little bunny then grew up
as Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit was so loved,
Peter Rabbit now becomes
Her guinea pig.

Alice was her name,
Alice in the Wonderland.
Alice liked Peter,
but treated the rabbit no better than a mere guinea pig;
for her experiment—
in her Wonderland.
Thanks for experimenting on me, *****.
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
With all due respect,
I’d like to request.

This is not something I expect,
I don’t need another quest.

Take her away from me if You must,


don’t take my minstrelsies away.
My external Hard Disk needs a repair. I hope all of the songs I’ve made and stored there won’t be gone.
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