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Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Tell me,

what are the things that fascinate you most?

Things that make your eyes sparkle aglow,

that soothe your awry, unrest, stirred soul.

Some are fascinated with their fiery, burning passion of life,

and some others are fascinated with their own death.

I am one of the latter.
Since you're too heavy, it's almost a joke to hang yourself, Shannon. Find another alternative.
Gelz Sep 2019
Just met a man.
Every single thing about him is amazing or was I just under some spell?
Truly enchanting, he is, with the stories he had shared and I still remember the sound of his laugh that is music to my ears.
How endearing I find him. I'm still in awe and I'm running out of words to describe how endlessly fascinating he is.
Radiant smile is what my lips involuntarily form whenever I meet his eyes or hear the vibration of his voice or simply just the thought of him cross my mind.
One day, maybe, one day, he'll leave me, too, or maybe he'll choose me. But I thank the Heavens above that I've known this man whose name is somewhere along this poem.
Brandon Amberger May 2018
We gaze at sunsets.
Fascinated by their beauty,
but we know they fade.
"Tell me about your  w o r r i e s,
I'll tell you  m i n e."

He has no time
Not even time of his own
He  w a l k s  and  w a l k s  by
He was here now he's there
Maybe their time is his
Then where is hers
Always somewhere to be
Spouse its something she could  l e a r n
But she doesn't dream of being on the  r  u  n.
It's fine
She'll take the  s t a i r s
Just get through the day
Everything is  t e m p o r a r y
It's all just a stage
There is a bigger picture
E  y  e  on the  p  r  i  z  e
B  a  b  y

Today, she left her sunglasses at home
Everything is so bright
Look her in the  e y e s
No more fear
It starts to slowly fade away
Let her hair curl on its own
Let it swim in the breeze
She's tired of hiding
She's  d o n e
She's not going back to sleep
If life's a game
She's ready to  p l a y
She promises she'll  w i n
She just will.

Thanking her past self
She reminds herself
When a door  s l i d e s  open
Its all for a reason
Don't ignore it.
"Well you look at that,
I think this is fate."
Time for a real change
E  v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g  has led us
H  e  r  e
In a place where the lights are  so  
B  r  i  g  h  t
A place where everything is clear
Eyes filled with promise
We're all  r e a d y  to play.
Just try and get in our way.

"Why is she fascinated with me,
When I'm fascinated with him."
M Dec 2014
He will

Kiss me hard
Touch me where I am scarred
Throw me out
Scream; shout
Remind me I am worthless
Make me wordless

But he will

Love me softly
Come home promptly
Take me out
Ask what I am all about
Remind me that he needs me
Compare me to a beautiful sea
Find me when I am afraid
Give me aide

And he will

*Always cry himself to sleep

— The End —