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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
She asked,
“When did you start to write?”

Pity was, that time
When I have to read
What I think

That time I realized
What I read
Could be
My own

Edible words
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Now i read what i write
Ishika Aug 2018
Teach your child
to plant a tree
than pluck one
that was never
her own entity
but its own

Teach your child
to make  a painting
of a flower
as a gift
than give a bouquet
that will die soon
or instead
teach her to
give a sapling
that will grow
into a memory
which will hold
much power

Teach your child
to question
than cower
to vain rules
and illogic
that steal her
playful affection
and her artless frolic

Teach your child
to climb trees
before the
ladders to
supreme echelon

Teach her
that when she collapses
she must stand up
with grace and poise
like the shining sun
for after
the night
is done
laying its darkness
it rises again
the sun

Teach your child
the colors of mankind
Yellow or Orange
Red or Brown
Black or White
to accept each one
without the division
of vanity
of power
or a crown

Teach your child
to create
her own meaning
of Love

Teach her to
listen to the story
of every tear
that bears grief
and to
speak aloud
to bespeak
wisdom and virtue
in brief

Teach your child
about the freedom
in and of the mind
before she rebels
to venture outside
with people
who care less
about her kind
but more about
filling the space
on a car seat

Teach your child
to believe
in possibilities
and have faith
in the certainties
of unlocking mysteries

Teach her
to fuel
her curiosities

Teach your child
values that were not
taught to
the crowd
then you will
stand a mother
full and proud.
Yawnoc Jun 2017
Here I am waiting for your approval,
waiting to be validated like a freshly opened candle expecting to be lit for the first time,
Your thoughts are well prepared for the Exodus of my fingertips,
We're you expecting me ?
Because your fruit looked so tasty as I walked by,
that's why I took a piece,
But you still haven't seen my face though,
all you've witnessed
is a sample of this thing that makes my body move before it leaves my body,
KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016
Life  Soul
Drawn Away
By a Feeding Tube
From Another Species
The Difficulty
Ive Learned How
To Do It Too Now
But Will I?
KathleenAMaloney Apr 2016
Black Stohl
Black Robe
God's Life

Thou Art Me

Black Robe
Black Light
Lift the Mantel
Of Givingness
From Raised Shoulders...
Bodies last Stand
Chalice of Grace

Life Eternal
Love Immortal
I catch the wind as it sings,
the air slides off so smoothly as it licks me clean
I am the essence of the prolonged flight
a necessary piece of this biological schema or meme

Viewed from below, the sky caresses my form
fractal in its simple, yet non-single shadow swarm  
Hunting in the perfect performance;
I must scream: THIS IS LIFES’ ****

Suddenly I am separated in somewhat sinful schism
I drift apart from the forlorn form of what was once my prism
I miss that system...It was my home not my iron-clad prison

….but apart after the start....If I am part of the parts...........
….how shall I help my whole being...
….complete it’s functional syllogism with heart?

Falling so slowly,
Mother sky please excuse me
At this junction I must depart
In conclusion
I bid you adieu from my heart of hearts....
============================================until I am
Picked up by a man imbued with spirit, He holds the eagles medicine now firmly in his hand.  Distinct in shape and my weight helps him to understand.....  

….his brother in the sky
the being way up high
the one who is watching
far away but nearby....

I now know my function, though I lost sight for a while
I can help teach him to fly, out of his body and into
the cry of the eagle that soars with him now,
A brother in arms================= a lover of ours,
now with a friend on his brow, helping fulfill a spiritual how.
coming to think of it

the first woman
to whom I ever
had been very close
must have been desperate
to claim a father
for her three-month child
as yet unborn

she came into my bed
   out of the blue
with fierce determination

the mission failed
   I was too cautious
and her rash parting
left me wondering
at her dismay

not until some months later
   when I saw her push the pram
did I become aware I had
emerged fairly unscathed
from ancient battlegrounds
of social order

* *
The box is open;
all its treasures have spilled out,
the sour milk that cures.

Then, a door slams shut,
and we can no longer move
where secrecy reigns.

On the other side,
one can find oneself anew,
wand'ring in the wastes.

Today, when I die,
I shall give my body up,
that I become free.
You'll be initiated,
when you are ready.

Life knows,
and the initiation rites
are waiting.

Where you are holding,
you will be broken.

Where you've lost heart,
you will be shaken.

Where you are careless,
you'll meet your neglect.

What you are averse to,
will be total and stark.

What you are attached to,
will be pried from your grips.

Ignorance will be
wrought with vision,
a burning,
to make you see.

You are loved so much
that you will be engulfed in
the flames
of loves fire,
in order to
ignite your own
hearts flames,
and fulfill loves destiny.
Alchemical change will ensue,
destroying you,
to make way for
new love.

Licked by some Hellish ordeal,
Ambivalence gives way to Engagement,
Rage engenders Clarity,
Anxiety becomes Inspiration,
Apathy roars into Feeling,
Melancholy imbues it's Depth,
Licked by some Heavenly delight.

Phoenixed, you'll fly,
the hero of your own journey,
wielding revelatory fire,
with great Wisdom
and Compassion,
a Gestalt,

The circle closes,
it is a spiral,
to the beginning,
of another

— The End —