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Nylee Jul 2020
the world suffers with and without me
all things take shape in the way it was meant to be
my attachment to it could affect only me
it breaks me when I am apart from it
when I am not part of bigger things
and they surround me.

not included in movements
missing out on various moments
loss being heavy on me
and tasting the feeling of envy
I like and dislike this and that
but no one ask me of what I think
every one has thoughts of their own
and things are working out just fine.

a disconnected environment
in a deeply wired mess
nothing works as expected
more or less.
helena alexis Oct 2017
whenever you look at me
the world stops spinning
my soul leaves my body
i am breathless; suffocating
you make me feel like the
only person alive on this earth
he makes me melt

— The End —