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How pain is seen determines the accomplishments..
How do you see pain?
Limitations or Elevations...
Pain is evolutionary...
Nikkie Jan 2021
I feel your strong masculine energy every time you cross my path. You systematically shut down all my
defenses, and hide the key esoterically inside your heart.
I’ve felt a new elevation ever since I said that special prayer.
I began to notice this brand-new hue; the color
wasn’t clear to me at first. This feeling is different than
I’m used to, one that I didn’t understand when we first met.

One day I saw an attractive light, which leads to a
mountaintop high above me. Step by step, I climbed your mountain, with deep ravines and steeper valleys.
Some peaks have tried to block my travels, but I am
making my way beyond your hills.
I want to be born all over again, with you my King,
taking my rightful place upon your regal thorn.

Our souls will intertwine, to complete our sacred mission
from God. We have no choice but to take our place, a place of love that feels just like home.

This trigger “affect” is what’s taking place. You’re the truest essence of my answered prayers. This is not of my time, not
of your time, but in God’s very own perfect balance of power.
Erik T Blaze Jan 2021
I am
Casting down imaginations
To the pulling down of., strong-holds
Gearing up for the., long term
But from the outside looking in?
May seem bold
or  quite
( Well )
Just referring to the thoughts
that I have
that are really not that far- off
while dreaming of.,  REVELATION
No fabrication on my part
As I try to separate the Light
from the Dark
with high hopes and
Which is.. a sen-sational sensation of flying high
as I'm being
High on
Or something like a planned
Evo-lu-tion that is so
Staying true to my elevation in 2020
leading into 2020 one
Now seeing  Dou-ble
( Although )
Some might try to fix it?
But I would beg to differ
Cause it would take.. Twice.. the listen
Care to listen?
Just to see things
And at the same time?
Shuning the carnal mind's version
of seeing  Dou-ble
May call it.. Twinning
Which is the true definition
of being  Dou-ble
So to combat this?
I would just never
Mind it ( meaning )
There's no rules or
bars of
For no 20 or Eye is missing
from my
Raised suspicions?
Well., Just hoping that you will
tread.. carefully
And stay
As you enter my center of words
and.. penning
As I write the vision
I'll make it plain and simple
No Subliminals
Or either I'll keep it at minimal
While maintaining the
As usual
As I keep on gaining in
Do not follow your heart follow God
Poetic T Apr 2020
For every second step was erroneous,
             I thought I'd reach a new height
of understa……….

Then I'd decline to a lower point
                     of where I was before.

Never gaining enough elevation to
see past the predicament I find myself
           causally stepping forth upon..

Felling like Sisyphus, always trying to
gain a truth only to find out that a step
            could make me fall more than before.

Only wanting to climb this ladder of life,
       but deceit and snakes keep me from

Life is a ladder and some runs are always precarious,
   do we step lightly, or do we tread upon the next to
only find that it was the broken one..
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Life—the disintegration of the flesh
before the fitful elevation of the soul
upon improbable wings?

Life—it is all we know,
the travail one bright season brings ...

Now the fruit hangs,
impendent, pregnant with death,
as the hurricane builds and flings
its white columns and banners of snow

and the rout begins.

Keywords/Tags: Life, flesh, disintegration, atrophy, soul, elevation, wings, winter, bright season, fruit, pregnant, snow, rout, tempest, blizzard
Sonia Ettyang Feb 2019
Sunbeams crack through the tall trees
Birds chirping along the window seals
Wind chimes tunes fills the quiet room
Nag champa wafts in the air

Mat laid flat
Squats and stretches
Eyes closed
Mind in the body
Heavenly flow

Frequency modulated
© Sonia Ettyang
prana is the universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body"
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
N!gg@ been maimed,
mutilated and abused spiritually
My life’s been insinuated a mess somehow…
the world amused cynically
But it’s a rejuvenated message now,
and the Words confuse them similarly
King Maverick©
AncientFlower Nov 2015
Mind elevation, spiritual transformation, divine creation, scientific contemplation, meditation focused, inner-chi explosive, heart and soul ancient, lyrically be amazin, intellect cravin, answers to QUESTions revealed, a vigintillion miles per nano-second thrill, killin ignorance, study is heaven-sent, militant consistant, break out of submission, the matrix, no fake ****, which pill u takin, everything be changin, so which way u steppin, be conscious of ur decision, due time for persision, open up the third eye, stop sufferin and win the fight, cause all it is is recognize,, the one in the way is no one but eye n eye! YOU in the mirror, wake up with no fear! The time ain't near it's NOW! Strap them boots on, and USE YOUR POWER! Practice makes perfect, I know all y'all heard it, regardless of how u word it, all them isms are limits, don't deny u did it, this is ur chance to grow and not repeat it, dont fake the funk, and wake the &@#$ up! And stop to think before u speak...there aint no revolution without revelation...get outta that box of stagnant repetition...WAKE UP!!!
brandon nagley Jul 2015
Wherein a king
And his queen
Turn their dreams
Into reality.....
brandon nagley Jul 2015
Je vais lui envoyer tous les miens amour 'de onciale, en les faisant flotter dans une bouteille sur la rivière, tous les jours ça me fait peur elle va disparaitre, parce que quotidiennement pour son cœur de la mine groweth plus grand, et tout mon coeur devient plus gros, la mienne âme soupire pour elle de plus, je ne l'ai jamais senti ce sentiment, que pour le mien vie passée mi amour '... Alors, quand la bouteille atteint aux rivage, et quand elle picketh il, je prayeth pour obtenir une bouteille de retour, dans laquelle son amour doth remplir jusqu'à .... et si elle ne reçoivent pas l'amour mienne bouteille remplie, je flottais en descendant le fleuve, je seras floateth mineself bas cette rivière, même si je dois essayer de noyer pour la reine mienne .... et si cette bouteille don 't vient à terre, le corps au moins mine, elle saura que, si tous ces poèmes ne montre pas, pour moi tis amour pour elle était réel
(  french dialect)

( English translated)

I'll send her all mine amour' uncial's, by floating them in a bottle down the river, daily it scares me she's gonna dissapear, because daily for her mine heart groweth bigger, and whilst mine heart gets bigger, mine soul longeth for her more, I've never felt this feeling, only for mine past life mi amour'... So when the bottle reacheth the shore, and when she picketh it up, I prayeth to get a bottle back, wherein her love doth fill it up....and if she don't get mine love filled bottle, I floated down the stream, I shalt floateth mineself down that river, even if I have to drown trying for mine queen ....and if that bottle don't cometh to shore, at least mine body will, than she'll know, if all these poems didn't show, for tis mine love for her was real....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry....
If you don't know what a uncial is its this because I used word uncial in poem lol its a letter handwritten note same thing (:

of or written in a majuscule script with rounded unjoined letters that is found in European manuscripts of the 4th–8th centuries and from which modern capital letters are derived.
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