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Nikkie Jan 2021
We never have the essential answers, to the questions in our daily lives.
God takes the lead and remains in control.
God touches our hearts beyond wishes untold.
I know you’re hurting so very much; I want to help but I don’t know how.
This storm of yours is barreling toward you; sweeping you up and spinning you within.
You hide behind your strength for others;
but you my friend need someone too!
I can’t imagine, in my wildest dream the intensity
of your pain; the complexity of your damaged will!
To lose so many whom you love so dearly, has got to be
robbing your emotion.
When your insides feel like a drowning sorrow,
When your days and nights regret tomorrow,
When your eyes tear up behind their sockets,
(because you refuse to let your feelings show).
When you just don’t want to be the “old” you,
When you can’t see yourself making it through.
When you just can’t seem to gain any control.
When you feel like giving it all up for good,
When your pain and hurt is misunderstood.
Always remember what I am saying.
Dearest friend in “my whole wide world”,
Our Heavenly father is right by your side.
We have our pain and rock hard endings.
We have our trials and tribulations.
We have our moments of dis-repair.

We have our moments when we just don’t care.
But you serve a God who is all around you.
Holding you close in your raging storm.
You may not see it; you may not feel it.
But God is standing faithfully behind you;
waiting for you to Trust him and fall.
Nikkie Jan 2021
So what will take the place of you?
Shall I drink of your lustful stare,
are shall I hold in my hand the key
to your heart in which you gave to me
on bended knee?
Do I have to wait to see your face?
Or take your photo and sleep next to it.

On your pillow your scent is alive.
I sleep on what you left;

I woke up this morning, a song reminded
me of just how much I’m missing you.
On cold days, I turn up the heat, and
cover myself with your spirit alive.

When I finally get to sleep at night, I dream
you up and you come to me.
Everything you offer is stored in a special
bottle that can only be opened when I
dream about you.

I feel complete when you’re in my presence.
When you leave, a brief disappointment clouds
my everlasting state of mind.
In your heart, I see the most beautiful day that
was ever made; the sun is shining, the temperature
is perfect, and most of all, I see you.
The mot beautiful person (in heart) that I’ve ever
For the rest of my life, my entire being, is required
by nature to keep your spirit alive.
Nikkie Jan 2021
I feel it in the tenderness in your expression,
when you call me baby over the phone.
I feel the  charm of your masculinity.
Something deep inside of you transfers esoterically
inside my soul.
I want you to get deeper into our merger.
I want to be your dream come true.
I want to cradle myself next to you;
a blanket on the floor, a pillow on the bed,
a tent in a back field in the middle of the night.
it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as I lay next
to my man.

I will be happy, I will be whole.
I like it when you call me baby, I am fully aware that
I am yours.
I am dedicated to my African King, and I know that you are
devoted to me.
When you call me baby, I know you mean it.
You arouse a fireside of warmth inside my wet harbor,
and when you call me baby, you make me feel like Black Beauty!
I feel the sensations of your heartbeat, jiving to music that
only we can hear..

You make me melt like heat to ice, when you touch my lips,
and kiss me goodnight.
I feel exclusively special when you call me your Lady!
I can’t help but hold a torch for you.
I like it when you call me baby, it makes me feel rather
profound for you.
When you call me baby over the phone,
I want to add your sentiment as my preferred ringtone.
Nikkie Jan 2021
A watched *** never boils.
But when the heat is too high, the *** boils over.
Then again, when the *** is empty and sitting on
a burner, cold to the touch, it serves little to no
purpose. Why don’t you add something to the ***?
Why is it just sitting there? What are you planning to
do with it? Are you planning on adding your own
special recipe to the ***? Are you adding a unique
sauce to it? Are you going to add water to the *** and
allow it to simmer? Or you going to add a secret ingredient
to the *** that you don’t want anybody to know about?
Is the *** going to yield a hearty meal? Is it going to be food
for my soul? Only you know what you want in this empty
***. I can’t add to, or take away from your *** Because it
doesn’t belong to me. I feel like you want to add a piece of
me to your ***. but a part of you is afraid of how the finished
recipe will turn out. How can you be afraid of an empty ***?
Why aren’t you adding your favorite foods to it?
The *** can’t produce empty contents.
Nikkie Jan 2021
I have made my transition to another place, a place where beauty needs no explination.
God’s great timing is everything;
it may not be what we expect but God is always in control.
Sands will flow through the hourglass, slow and steady, throughout our lives.

Time will end and the sand will stop flowing, but God’s love for us is forever growing.
I have worked all my life for this to happen, to see my Lord face to face.

I’ve been accepted in this majestic place, where pain no longer has a hold on me.
My eyes have adjusted t my new reality, I can see bright skies and butterflies.
Don’t worry about not seeing my face, don’t worry abut not feeling my embrace.

Hold our memories inside your heart, and know that our live will never depart.
Cry for me, just for a while, but not too long, ‘cause I’m don’t just fine.
My bags are unpacked and I am settling in, taking my place next to the Master.

He said that he’d never leave nor forsake me, He kept his promise, I am with him now.
He has taken my hand and opened up the doors; to a Paradise of beauty and love divine.
I know you’ll miss me, I’ll miss you too!
Just know dear hearts, we will be together again someday.
Live your life to the fullest, and remember our love
each and every day.
Just remember your hourglass is still flowing strong.
Do what you can so you can see, my hourglass is full again, this time my sand will never end!
Nikkie Jan 2021
“Don’t you give up on me,” was the comment you made when
you looked in my weary brown eyes. I felt you on a whole other
level, that came to fruition because of your truth. I feel something
for you that I’ve never felt before, it’s foreign to me and I want to
learn your native language. I am grooving to the vibes you send
only to me, and my ultimate desire is learning to move, privately to
your passionate embrace.

Melting like dark brown sugar every time I see your face, I find it
quite amazing how you are able to read me, just by feeling my
inward thoughts and my frazzled emotions. I can feel the softness
in your spirit, it drives your intent to make Me your woman and
sealed my fate to bond our heart.  You are the King of my heart;
mind, body and soul. My special magician and the only man, who
can pull my heart strings and summon me into your lair.

After we talked about our feelings, I closed my eyes and felt what
you felt. Ripples of emotions flooded through me, raining; spring,
summer, fall and winter.  These seasons of change have a rippling
effect, of passionate thoughts and compassionate dreams. I feel
you everywhere inside of me, these vibes we share are pure
electricity. When you told me don’t give up on you, you made me
feel like melted brown sugar. A sweet dark potion that was only for
you, that only you my King, will sample from. We share this intensity
that can be felt across oceans, an intensity that radiates and fills the
gaps, that unlucky fools have thrown away. You make me melt like
honey in tea, that soothes my heart and eases my mind.
Nikkie Jan 2021
So long since I had you, you used to ease into me,
slowly, up my legs you crept. Slashing into my
native origins, you made me moan, you made me wait.
I used to rush you, then again, slow you down. I haven’t
felt you in a very long time. I miss you; I need
you to ease into my loneliness. I need you to thrill me.
I want to feel you again, over and over and over.  

It used to take a long time for me to feel you. Since I
haven’t had you, the wait is nerve racking. The wait is
increasing my desire for you. I don’t want to be insistent
but come to me. In the middle of the night, in the light
of day, when the sun is shining, when the storm is

I want you in me, I want you now. I want you to know
that it’s hard to live without you, it’s not easy having
to do without.

I dream about you sometimes, I miss you ‘cause I can’t
catch you like I used to.  I get a taste of you only when
my memories return. Last but not least, I want to feel
you again. I want and need you.  I want you to smash
my body with an explosion that I will never forget.

I want you to assume the position and hit me with your
best shot.  Knock on my doors, I will let you in without
a doubt.

Come to me, will you please hurry!  I’m waiting for you to
re-enter my world. I can’t wait any longer, I have to
have you. I need you inside my world. Here I am, let’s
get it on. I need you, I want you, and I’m ready….

Dear ******!
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