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Joanna Aug 21
The path I walk is lit, and yet there is a determined commitment to make it fit.

I realize I did not come to this on my own, and no one enters with a heart of stone.

And, for those who fear... life has its ups and downs. But to the overcomer, love moves without a sound.

Giving certainty that there is hope in the darkest night. Through the work of the potter this work takes flight.

And then, with a little bread and a little wine, the miracle of silence is revealed in time.

The path is lit to restore a place to draw near, to something bigger than what is often unclear.
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Hemlata Roy Aug 3
The hope, that I am hoping is so unclear
The mirage that I am seeing is not here.

This is a hope or this is a mirage,  I can not recognise
Hope is nothing as it seems, Is this all are lies?

But hopes are unbreakable!
Hopes are just unbreakable!
Do you afraid of hoping? Very rarely hope comes true so what one goes another comes and it is not necessary that every time you have to be disappointed. This time you won't be disappointed just hope!
Cassia May 19
Here, screams do not carry farther than fog
I can wander for hours and hours
And yet despite my pleas
And my cries
And my sobs
I have not made it out
And you have never walked in
marc rios Mar 18
Vague, a word used for uncertainity
Vague, a word used for unclarity
Vague, a word used for your sincerity

You know why your sincerity?
Because your love for me is uncertain
Even a telescope cant see it clearly
For it possess so much unclarity

You should accept me
Not because i accept you
Accept me
Because you accept me

Love me
Not because i love you
Love me
Because you love me
Loving you is making me crazy.
Some days all I have is a head full of maybe.
Unconditional fits in my mouth like your hand does in mine.
Alone, my hands search through your puzzles trying to find peace of mind.
Maikol Ruiz Feb 17
I am a normal person with normal problems
I wonder about everything, but nothing
I see what everyone can see
I want everything a person could want
I am a normal person with normal problems.

I pretend to be a real person in a broken society
I feel the false happiness of the people around me
I touch corrupted beliefs with my fingers
I worry about everything, but myself
I am a normal person with normal problems.

I understand people trying to be something they’re not
I say things that you will not remember because you don’t care about others
I dream about a perfect, but impossible future
I try to make it better, but it never works
I hope people could understand it before my death
I am a normal person with normal problems.
Annie Nov 2018
my world is
tound the edges.

I’m walking with a
vignette filter
on my eyes,
like glasses I can’t remove.

But I’m sober,
I think.
I’ve been high, yes,
most days;
but not today.
I’ve drunk, yes,
always too much;
always ending in aches and
some sorrow;
but that was last night;
not today.

I already know that tomorrow’s
forecast is cloudy
July .18
sheri Oct 2018
past in a glaze,
   a veil of haze,
   cannot reminisce,
   lost time with
Inspired from the visual novel of The Arcana.
Anya Sep 2018
I’d rather honestly
Spill my feelings
With my words
Rely on
Ambiguous actions
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