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Numb of the pain from the thousand cuts all over her skin down to her bones
Blinded by the blood stained cloth tied around her head, covering her eyes.

He then came, with a beating heart on his palmー
A remedy he thought she needed
He bled to revive the polluted ocean submerging her soul.

But as she scream for oxygen to breathe,
She unconsciously dragged him below until he drowned beneath her tears

It's too late for her to realize,
He devoured the night just to give her daylight.

They say the universe speaks to us
But with all the noise this world has
I never heard it, not even once
Now I'll let the galaxy pour in me
Maybe then my heart will hear what it has to say.

Krizel Grace Nov 17
Unneeded words we kept on uttering
Whilst needed words we left unsung
A world brimming with unsaid kind words
Until when will they spill through our callous mouths?

Krizel Grace Nov 12
From the bottom you'll rise
Colorful glittery wings,
Let them spread and spark
Illuminate the sky so dark
And shine like fireworks does.

Don't mind the onlookers; all they could do is watch.
Krizel Grace Nov 8
She's written with crimson red blood,
Unceasingly flowing
From her invisible cuts.

Dressed with carefully picked enthralling wordsー
Seemingly fitting, seemingly perfect
But as you read between the lines,
You'll be wrapped with her gloomy wilting vines.

She could either be a riddle
And leave you bewildered,
Or she could be an answer
And shed light upon you.

For she's a sad poem
But beautifully written.

Krizel Grace Oct 28
There he was, picking up your broken pieces. He said, 'You're a beautiful mess', so he tried to solve you like a jigsaw puzzle. But along the way he got confused, randomly placing pieces where he thought they would fit.

In the end, he did make you whole. Looked whole, at leastーfor most of the pieces were just forced into spaces they didn't actually belong. Out of frustration, he turned into an impatient child, scattered you into pieces again.

Then there you were, hoping he would attempt to reassemble you. But no, he did not. Instead, he just left. Leaving you exactly like how he found youーbroken.

Until one day you realized, he couldn't fix you. He couldn't make you whole again. He couldn't, because no one couldーno one but yourself.

At last, there you were, picking up your broken pieces. It would take time putting them back together again, but that's fine. You embraced yourself and said, 'Indeed, I'm a beautiful mess'.

"Shattered" Series
Uhm...not really a poem tho
Krizel Grace Oct 27
I found you in your box,
Broken and cold
I tried to fix you
Did everything I could to help you,
But everything wasn't workingー
You just kept on cutting me until I bleed.

I know you didn't mean it
But your 'sorry' and' I love you' could not always serve as band-aids to cover my wounds.

I'm sorry I had to let you go,
But know that I genuinely loved you
I need to heal,
Before the wounds get deep
Because I don't want to remember you
As a scar I want to forget.

'Shattered' series
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