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Megan Jan 2018
The flash caught your attention.
And I squeezed the phone within my palms and prayed you wouldn't look at me.
Were they Grey? or Gray?
Maybe they were the oceans that drowned the sky or maybe it was only me that plunged into the depths of lust? Or envy?
What's between my legs doesn't define what's between my rib cage or what's between my ears.
And I prayed you wouldn't approach me.
The color of what used to be dismal fall.
It bounced in waves around you--complimenting the Oceans you weighed on me.
And I was lost. Or caught like the seal in the jaws of an orca. I held my own but couldn't escape.
I stumbled over mountains to answer the question I barely heard.
The sweating technology between my thumbs peeked into the light.
I still couldn't pry the words from my own useless lips so I showed you instead.
And there You were.
Little love for all type of poem i guess. Im back too I guess.
Wonder if I'm any better or just about the same. XD
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2017
That lip you bite
That "take me" look in your eyes
That grin on your face
No matter what time or place
Gets my head into a lust ridden space
I go insane
To hear you scream my name
I think I've made this
Simple and plain
You've got a reserved space in my brain
The hormones cant be contained

Suffice it to say, the things you do drive me insane ;)
NeroameeAlucard Jul 2016
Like a lot of people, I love music
Common sense, Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soul child, I need both conscious lyrics and something ignorant and hype to balance it out.
And I've come to the realization
that I've met neo-souls music's living personification

Supple and smooth and conscious at the same time
Melodic and nice to listen to, and she's definitely more than worth the investment of time
With a mind quicker than a .38 at a right wingers waist

Why I never bothered to try to speak to her in high school is a question so hard to answer my brain is gonna end up in space.
Jack Ghaven Jul 2016
I can only play the hand I was dealt
So no I'm not sorry for what I've felt
Life is nothing short of a gamble
And I know I tend to ramble
I'm just making the most of what I've got
Seeing if you're interested or not
Because I find you rather amazing
I'm really not the best with the phrasing

I'm a little old fashioned
With how I express my passion
Though if you would take the time
To converse with me past the rhyme
I'd hope you'd come to see
There's a whole lot more to me
Than some scattered paper and ink
Allow me to show you how I think

It's a little crazy and far-fetched
Enough that I often get shipwrecked
I blur my reality and dreams
Still don't quite know what it means
But with the woman I see
Could you really even blame me?
I can't imagine anything better
Though I fear the day she reads this letter
It's been awhile since I've written something of this length, which I find funny because that's kind of how I began when I started writing poetry.  Nice to get back to some of my roots.
Jack Ghaven Jun 2016
It's so nice to be lost
In something other than my mind
No matter what the cost
I have definitely come to find
That this is me at my best
With a chance to care
A chance to let my soul rest
And I am acutely aware
That this is the highest I get
Consequently the farthest I fall
But I never find it to be a bad bet
Because all good things start small
Though I tend to move quick
It's by no means in a rush
It's just you give my brain a kick
And here I am with a bit of a crush
Writing something happy always feels weird.  No matter how much I love writing this kind of content, it is very difficult for me to have the proper motivation.  I always jokingly call this portion of my work, "About A Girl" poetry, but there's a lot of truth in it.  For some reason women always tend to be my muse for more joyful or thankful content.  I wouldn't have it any other way...
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
Do you hate me?
Because I know I would
Of all the things I see
I never do I what I should
Drunk at the keys
Going absolutely crazy
Writing whatever I please
While the record plays me
Drives my inspirations
I'm sorry but I'm not
All these crazy sensations
Cause me to give everything a second thought
Double takes and instant replays
Slow motion to analyze every motion
But it only leaves me in a daze
Stuck on your love, my drug, my potion
Freestyle off the top I guess
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I wish you would've just set me on fire
It probably would've hurt way less
Better than knowing you're a liar
Then again I'm just a ******* mess
Just an obsessive addict
Looking for the next best fix
You were just another drug I picked
Was it all just for kicks?
That's how it all feels
You caught me up in your eyes
Persuaded a heart you could steal
And now I wish I'd died
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I found the woman I adore
Wandering through head shops and record stores
Glowing eyes behind her sunshades
My depression my melancholy fades
Tattoo parlors and rock shows
Are all I've come to know
My punk, gypsy, hippie queen
More beautiful than anything I've seen
But romance doesn't happen this way
I'm left without the words to say
I choke on my intentions and fears
Past pain echoes that I still hear
All my doubts break me down
Stuck on the girl I never found
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I met my soulmate years ago
A love I never got the chance to know
However I try to push past it
I just can't seem to mask it
All my attempts to numb this pain
Strand me to shoulder my own blame
All these conversations all this history
So well known yet such a mystery
Even as I pen this line
I know she will never be mine
Love is simply complicated
In a sea of souls I'm isolated
Somehow not myself without her
There will always just be something about her
Some feelings never completely fade, these recurring themes fill me with both joy and sorrow.
Jack Ghaven Jan 2016
Is my tongue stimulating?
Because chasing your love is so frustrating
I was only ever after your heart
You only ever pushed us apart
It seems I can never win
No matter where I go or where I've been
I always lost myself in you
There's nothing else I can do
I search my soul and wrack my brain
To find some other cure for this pain
There is no cure no prescription
To feed my love addiction
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