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Justyn Huang Sep 2018
You shout at the void
and wait for the echo
but like a duck's quack
nothing comes back

(why is the duck not quacking)
I cannot hear it though
I know its beak is moving

And we keep shouting
at the day

A duck quacks back
This was my first absurd poem
Poetic T Jun 2018
Our brother has
       claws and teeth.
But never does he look
                at us as a feast.

So cuddly and soft he's our
                    blanket to sleep.
When walking around the lake
                he purrs in delight.

For he is our brother from a
                         distant cousin,
that's what our mother says.
        But to us he's our best-est friend.

He purrs in his sleep, we quack when
                             we have bad dreams.
But together were brothers, no matter
        our looks, we are family always.
Ena Alysopriono Oct 2014
I sat on a rock and stared
This isn't a poem. It's a challenge.
I want you to write a poem inspired by my profile picture (incase you can't tell, it is a duck)
So basically I would like you to create a poem using the first line above and tell me about a duck.
Sorry that is a really weird request. I just want to see what you can come up with :)

— The End —