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Wyatt Jul 2018
I see the classist
who fuels the masses.
Community, dreams
buried under taxes.
Who decides what passes
and what won't go?
You cling to morals,
yet you strike so low.
Distant pipe dreams,
we reach for the jaw
that binds us, blinds us
under authoritarian law.

******* under our noses,
but they're still raised.
Scoffed, but scuffed.
Wrought, but tough.
Why do we wallow
in the dirt
yet we still look above?
"Pick a side,
you can't wait in the middle.
Can't overlook,
you're apart of the visual."
We're panicked in the wake of this.
"You're either the talk of the show
or the mistake that makes the art ****."
In hate the people unite,
separated as we ignite.
It's unforgivable.
Classism will be the death of us all, it's unforgivable.
Eliza Noxon Oct 2017
Where I come from
We have intellectual discussions through bad grammar and crass diction
Tossing around speech patterns and vocal quirks like the football our team uses to beat yours

My friends and I refuse to be seperated while we walk
Because our jewish friend warned us to not
Sharing her heritage and culture like we share clothes and advice

I know how to express my love in multiple languages,
Bro, Cariña, Uo Mamae, Habibi,
Because thats how my friends refer to me
Terms of endearment but people assume we're shouting slurs

We know the motions to make
When you look down your noses at us
Because we take care of our own
And know better then to cow to weak chins and glassy eyes

We learn from each other and grow
Share language and culture
Play games and eat food from countries we've never been too
But which we have come to care about and know

You roll your eyes when we compete
then claim we cheated when we win
You mistake your reflected past success as a glimpse into the future
While we keep our eyes to the sky, and continue moving forward

You paint us with knives and guns so often that maybe that's what we've become.
That's what you believe we've become.

Well I don't believe that
No, we don't believe that!
We believe that we are above your broken kaleidoscope view of us

Welcome to hidden genius and determination
Welcome to diversity and true community
Welcome to introspection and collective success

You may not like it
May not wanna look
But we are brave, strong, intelligent, determined, caring, proud
And we are above you
Liam C Calhoun Nov 2016
Her fingers cracked and bleeding,
Lead glued under brow, under hum,
And below the sweet Tian He smog,
So rests my grandmother.
She’s gently handing out hope,
Even more, stale and day old bread,

Hidden ‘neath twitch, ‘twixt grief;
Abandoned were the meals, the bed,
And bath, so that the others may eat.
It’s in the shadows I shuffle, dependent,
With a paper-bag to my left and
Other, my better, to the right,

Whilst we wish the silent skeleton,
Pale and fervent, my grandmother,
Some peace, some bread, two smiles,
And but one star, if only one
For her to wish upon, and one more,
If only to grant her ample and every desire.
Nik May 2016
America, you are corrupt
America, you feed fuel to the fire that diminushes the lower class
America, why are you so obsessed with power?
America, why do you insist on shaming the human body?
Is it because the government is scared of being naked itself?
That if the government let some skin show all its secrets would show with it?
America, why most you antaognize me?

America, why are you so obsessed with war?
America, you don't need to be so obsessed with war.
Your manhood is so offended that you take all the men from their hoods and send them off to fight in your pity wars.
America, land of the brave.
America, land of the men who are so terrified of the color red that all they see is red.
Red, white and blue.
America, are you a communist?

America, why can't I smoke some trees in peace?
America, you cut down trees:
Are we any different?

America, are we any different?
You and your Americans shame everything that isn't white
No wonder it took so long to perfect the color television
America, why do you hate rainbows
You'd have it rain like bombs before you'd let in a new kind of beautiful
America, you are not beautiful
America, you are not beautiful
America, look into the eyes of the American people and take a look at your own reflection
America, you can be beautiful.
America, you truly can be beautiful
America, one day I hope you are beautiful
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