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Quin Rosenheart Sep 2018
I'm doing the best I can
With everything I am
But I am always told
They don't give a ****

I try my hardest to succeed
But there is a part of me
That wants to run away
And say I need to be freed

So I pick up my pieces
And stand up tall
I gather myself once more
So I don't fall
Rebecca Cerrone Apr 2018
Slowly casting its shadow onto me,
I am hit with a heavy dose of doubt.
Taking control in every aspect,
It is dragging me down.
Refusing to let me be me,
Losing my personality.
Feeling like I'm not enough,
This is all becoming to much.
Trying to hold on tight,
Reminding myself we all fall down sometimes.
Seer of All Good May 2016
I will never stop fighting for freedom!
I won't give up on the good!
I won't ever stop standing!
I am as strong as strong can get!
Don't stop the fight!
Don't back down!
Make them back off!
Be the winner to your fight!
Don't give up on yourself!
I won't give on anyone!
I will never give up on you!
Don't give up on yourself!
Keep fighting if not for your loved ones but for yourself!

— The End —