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Shades31 Nov 2017
As days go by

As poets pass

The friend we make

Who now departs

But as I look back

And reminisce

There's that one friend I made

Who I'll surely miss

Who inspired my writing

Intrigued my mind

To whom the world out there

Was not always kind

Yet wrote on and on

Of love and of pain

Of hope and of sorrow

Which she could not contain

That sparked into words

And roared like a flame

A friend - fellow poet

A star, became

So thank you, my friend

For your inspired works

That set upon this open sky

Explode like fireworks
To ThePoet - Sarah Ahmed. An amazing poet who inspired me to continue writing through her work. I hope you'll continue to provide us with the opportunity to read your poetry and inspire many others to write and continue writing
I'm not saying she's leaving us. This is just what came to mind as I started writing
Apr 2017 · 209
Emotional Bottle
Shades31 Apr 2017
I'm a bottle of emotion
About to explode
Feb 2017 · 171
Just me
Shades31 Feb 2017
I’m me
I’m me
I’m who you see
Not who you want me to be
Everything that you had seen
Was a façade – how I had been
But now reveal the hidden truth
I’m me
Just me
I’m only me
Feb 2017 · 511
Two of me for you to see
Shades31 Feb 2017
My first thought was "You're the one"
Round 'nd round, my world you spun
Make me dizzy so I don't see
I try to grab you desperately

Torn in two, but more to you
Yet my love remains firm and true
Lost! Can't see if you love me
Or if it's just imaginary

Today we met at half past three
And I asked if you would marry me
"Maybe we should wait," you said
All emotions, to paper bled

Quarter sheet, inkless pen
Placed inside the void again
Yes or no? Can you say
You're leaving me destroyed this way

A simple system like quinary
Yet you make it out like binary
Complex, unreadable. What do you hide?
And yet, in you I completely confide
Well, I'm not sure the accuracy of most of this. But hey, I'm lost and torn in two...unequal halves. I don't know where I stand or what to do anymore. Oh well. Let's go
Jan 2017 · 147
All alone
Shades31 Jan 2017
Sometimes when I sit alone
I realise how far I've fallen
Sometimes I try to desperately climb out
Other times I crave the darkness

And mockingly, it gives me a light
As if to say, "here, try and climb"
Knowing full well, despite my efforts
There's nothing to grab hold of

And slowly, I realise;
In my pit of hell
It's easier to fall
Than to try and climb out
Escape is not an option. Not alone. I need help...I need her...
Jan 2017 · 540
Princess, who are you?
Shades31 Jan 2017
I don't know what to write about you
You are so mysterious, yet alluring
You invite me in, but show me nothing
Of your soul, or of your mind

And now I look at you and hope
To see something of who you are
'Cause it's picking at me constantly
This lovely person who exists in you

You have so much, yet use none
You prefer to live like a commoner
Yet you're a princess
And while I'm just a servant-boy
I can't help but be enthralled by you

The most beautiful girl in all the land
Not in looks, or anything so mundane
But the beauty that lies within
Of which I have heard of, but never seen

You were my best friend as a child
We spent so much time together
You grew up to follow your family's line
I grew up to follow mine

And yet, despite having known you back then
I feel like you are not the same
You were so playful and so foolish
And now, you're all grown up,
A lovely women who hides herself from the shadows
Of the darkness of men who come
To ask for your hand in marriage,
But only because you're a princess

You remember when we were kids
How we used to hide
Whenever we were called?
How you used to jump on my back,
And I carried you around?
How you jumped on my bed in the mornings
To wake me up before sunrise?
And as teenagers, at sunrise
So we could sit up and watch it together?
And how you'd fall asleep soon after
On my shoulder, on the grass

I have loved you for so long
Not because you're a princess
But because of who you were
And what you showed
But you refuse to show the world
The truth about your soul
Of your mind that thinks such beauty
Of what the world could be
That is why I love you
That is why I care
Know that I will love you,
Even if you're not as beautiful
Even if not as smart
As long as you remain the girl
Who you used to be - so playful,
So kind, and wonderfully so.
Dear Princess, I know that I'm not worthy
Of your love, or even gaze

You don't like me saying "princess"?
Why, friend, is that so?
"I'm not really a princess,
In your head, I am, though.
And though you treat me as one,
And say you'd be a servant in my kingdom,
I am not.
I'm not because princesses don't fall for servant boys
And I … I love you"
Shades31 Jan 2017
Open your eyes, look around
Try to listen for a sound
Find the one who knows you best
Who'd love you much more than the rest

Know you truly, to your core
What your life on earth is for
Why you're still not lying dead
Upon a stone-cold, rocky bed

Who she is, you'll never know
A love within will never grow
Appreciate her, you can't do
But she tries to dearly still love you

You won't love her back, you deny
She seems to all, around you, shy
She always tries to make you smile
But you still let her flow down the Nile

So there she goes, she ends up far
You start looking for the North Star
You cannot find her, so you start to cry
You question yourself, you're asking "Why?"

You miss her, you yearn
And you start to burn
You need her by your side
You claim that you have died

Without her you are nothing
She is what makes you something
You start to hate yourself for it
You scream aloud, hate every bit

Alone you wonder, cold and lost
Through the desert, through the frost
You need to find her, apologise
You start to hate yourself - despise

Eventually you catch her scent
The time which you had, searching, spent
You claim was surely not a waste
But with poison was that aroma laced

You see her there, your smile is huge
You realise you were a scrooge
You start to race towards this girl
You see in her hair, every curl

Your heart is pounding, you face alight
You cannot believe she's in your sight
But as she starts to laugh, you see
Another guy makes her happy

You see now that you're such a dunce
The chance with her came only once
You ******* it up, and she ain't yours
But still you, in her, see no flaws

Your body freezes up, you're cold
You thought your actions had been bold
You realise you are a fool
That you had, to this girl, been cruel

You cannot move, you're rooted down
You see her look your way and frown
Then smiles a smile of great pity
She had once thought that you were witty

You cannot bear the sight, it hurts
You envy all of how this guy flirts
You loathe. You could have been there
With that girl - a beauty, rare...
inspired by Simrik's 'How to start writing poems'
Jan 2017 · 676
I love you
Shades31 Jan 2017
I hate you
Loyal, you stay, though
Of course, you were never one
Very much set on impressing
Everyone around you
Yet, still, the thing is
Of all the people in this world
Ultimately, I got you
1st letter of every line
Jan 2017 · 118
What is this...?
Shades31 Jan 2017
And I am lost
Now without you, as you
Don't look back
Help me to sink
Everything is dark
Realize - shadows around
Next thing you know
All light is gone
Maybe you'll remember
Every good time, and bad
I, however,
Stopped harbouring
You see, the thing is
United, I am with this girl
Still, you come back, but she
Rose to help me, as I fell
And maybe I'll tell you her name one day
Dec 2016 · 575
Shades31 Dec 2016
and flame
his soul
and maim
his mind
as shadows
take over
all luck
like a small
four-leaf clover
by fire,
to ash
A fool
with bounty
turned in
for cash
and left
to die
"You were
Now you wonder
"You trusted
too quickly
Trampled on
"You wanted
but got dragged
back in
to shout
but end up
in sin"
"One day
there was
a pure
little child
who, when
he passed you
always smiled
the day
he stood
in the meadow
A flame
Engulfed him
in shadow
as black
as death
his body
like crystal
It looked
to him
like help
And so
the flames
he dived
For a
short while
he took
he saw
he had been
His body
into a
His soul
into a
this world
no more
it all -
to his
he had
to eventually
to the freedom
of drugs
which made him
He lost
his sense
of feeling -
No longer
could he,
His life
was turned
round 'n
until he
wound up
in the
- emotionally -
in a hole
His very
a topic
of doubt
Lost in a
of shadow
and pain
Where the one
source of light
is the one thing
that drains
the blazing
his body -
in icy
A light
so dark
it dis-
a kid
who now
from centre
Whose body
was now
Whose soul
cannibal -
He lost
the way
a future
and smoke
that cloud
his sight
He ended
upon a
great height
He knew
that he
had lost
the fight
Below him
an ocean
of white
His only option
was to
For there was
no way
to, down
He stood
at his
The oceans
were to
about, him
A soft,
sweet land
up in
the sky
you fall
right through
and die
By water
or by
His fate
and soul
were now
The white
turned to
a sinister
This was
to be
his final
And then
to black
did they
then changed
He knew
that this
would be
a dange'
A scorching,
deep flame
from it
And just
like magma
on earth
And like
the king
But in
this fire
will cling
And no
small ant
will come
him save
No place
for him
to find
safe have'
A leap
of faith
the cliff
His body
from stiff
the flame
the river"
His strong
now slowly
to hold
the land
in the sky
He thought
to himself
"I'm too young
to die"
As slowly
through clouds
his body
the flames -
the pit
of hell
And like
the sea
that he
would drown
and be
to thought
and mem-
He wanted
die eas-
And like
Lot's wife
who turned
on back
of coals
It was
haze - black
That turned
him back
the dust
"This 's what
I get
for over-
His life
will end
in a
swift fall
The fire
all -
The world,
and fame.
it is
just flame
He trusted
and let
them steal
all his
with regret
as slowly
he sinks
It will
be over
soon 's he
It's time
to go
They took
it all
but just
for show
He was then
and from
the world
did they
him sunder
Thanks to ThePoet/Sarah Ahmed for the inspiration to part of this poem (and to many other of my poetry)
Dec 2016 · 123
Shades31 Dec 2016
And yet it seems despite
The obvious presence of light
That surrounds my very being
The dark is what I'm seeing
Dec 2016 · 106
End where I begin
Shades31 Dec 2016
And I never wish to lose you -
Your friendship, love and heart.
I may not rebecome me - true,
But this is where I start
Dec 2016 · 352
Shades31 Dec 2016
A void appeared within my soul
****** the light, like a black hole
Removing joy from my very being
Made me blind - now I am unseeing
A child in a world of shadow and pain
Emotions are swirling - but noticeable disdain
Confused and lost, no light in his mind
The way to goodness is so hard to find

Where do I hide?
If you hide in the light
you're easily noticed
If you hide in the shadows,
you fade to the dark
Where do I go?
Where do I  hide?
Who is there possibly
in whom I can confide?
Dec 2016 · 251
Cry blood
Shades31 Dec 2016
As words now fail me
And as I fall
The light does fade
And shadows call

Who was the kid
Who smiled so bright?
He lost himself
Stricken by blight

And to the darkness
Goes his mind
It's too late now
He can't rewind

Lose yourself
It's time to die
Sorrow fills you
And blood, you cry
Dec 2016 · 133
Shades31 Dec 2016
Lost in a world
of hate and war
rotten and moulded
right down to the core

No right is done
and wrong prevails
The only paths left
are the blood-trails
Shades31 Oct 2016
Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An angel writing in a book of gold:—
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the presence in the room he said,
"What writest thou?"—The vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered, "The names of those who love the Lord."
"And is mine one?" said Abou. "Nay, not so,"
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,
But cheerly still; and said, "I pray thee, then,
Write me as one that loves his fellow men."

The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blest,
And lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest.
Oct 2016 · 608
Shades31 Oct 2016
How do you live
And be misunderstood?
Worse torture there is
From which stems no good

How does it feel
To just be attacked?
Like your very life-force
Is from you hacked

As though everyone
Who’re always with you
Don’t seem to really
See what is true

As if you are there
But hidden as well
And though they look at you
Nobody can tell
Sep 2016 · 566
Love is blinding
Shades31 Sep 2016
Where love does blind us, pain unveils
To all the missed minor details
The things we forced ourselves to see
How we wanted them to be

They say “love is blind”
But truth be told, it isn’t.
Love can see quite clearly
And we cannot see through its eyes

But it acts like a curtain
Between us and the truth
Just like looking at the sun
And then looking away

We don’t really know
What we see, and what we don’t.
*But love is blinding
And pain unveils
Aug 2016 · 554
Shades31 Aug 2016
In a world of hurt
And a world of pain
All the things around
That we let, us drain
All the strife and famine
All the blood and war
On the news we see that
The death toll’s more
People harm each other
Woman, child and man
Destroy the land and oceans
Shorten their lifespan
When the world does crumble
At their feet
And they get ****** in
Suffer great defeat
Then they realise
That war was for naught
But it’s too late now
In the vice, they’re caught
And the cycle runs
People live in hate
The crimes go on
People call it ‘fate’
But should they notice
We’re all the same
It’d make you wonder
Why you maim
People of the past
Fought for *******
But now we ****
‘Cause of discrimination
We call it justice
Fighting for our land
As we hold the others’
Lives in our hand
And before you know it
You realise
The pointlessness
Illusionary disguise
Fighting can’t
Resolve our fears
Solve our problems
Bring back our peers
But once we learn
To get along
We’ll make new friends
Get past the wrong
For a better life
For our kids-to-come
We need to all
Stop acting dumb
Embrace the world
And all creation
Live together
As a solid nation
Help the needy
Defend the weak
Look after women
Not havoc wreak
Live together as one
As a body, united
And rise up high
Like the fire, lighted
When one is hurt
We all feel pain
And work together
Let mercy reign!
Jul 2016 · 173
From light to darkness
Shades31 Jul 2016
Followed from light
Into the shadows
Back from enclosure
Into the meadows
Only to find
That fire awaits
A 'light', indeed
But only to burn
The goodness to ash
Destroyer of lands
Disruptor or lives
Eating and feeding
'til nothing's left behind
To think that the shadows
I faced in the past
Were to be my downfall
Changed very fast
As slowly the realisation set in
That the shadows of flames
Were even more dim
Than the total removal
And absence of light
That took me to evil
That took me from right
And buried me 6 feet under -
Breathing, alive
I was rescued and saved then
But not this time
As the flames surround me
And draw in close
Envelop all things
That around me do grow
And move in slowly
Teasing, but wild
And burn just a little
One hair at a time
Destroying that which was once
Going to be mine
But I grew, knowing that
One day they'd come
A darkness more dark
Than dark itself
Possessed me
And ate me
And left me in pieces
Crumbling to ashes
By darkness
    into the ground
Jun 2016 · 181
I am(10 words)
Shades31 Jun 2016
And the realisation finally set:
I am my *own demon
May 2016 · 2.4k
Burning Bridges
Shades31 May 2016
In life we tend build bridges
But not all are meant to last
Sometimes we burn those bridges
To keep us from what lies beyond

Everyday we meet new people
Have fun and make new friends
We form bonds and links; as such
We end up building bridges

Throughout our lives we go about
Being scared - in fear
But when we overcome the fear
We grow - we build our bridges

As time progresses - we age
We move on to do so much
We gain property and wealth
And at this very stage
Grow a family - get married
And go about our lives
Ease into reality
And we tend to then build bridges

All the time, things happen
Positive and bad
But we must overcome our problems
And learn from our mistakes
Take lessons from our failures
Know we don't cause success
And as we grow and learn
And as we learn and grow
We form more tightened, strengthened bonds
We tend to build up bridges

Memories are formed
And memories are kept
Stored in many forms
To remembered for being great
And as time passes us by
It brings with memory
As we add to vast memory
We reinforce our bridge

But not all stories flow
Like that of a fairy tale
In life we hurt and get hurt
And ******* seems to break
And when the key stones crack
And are shifted out of place
Our bridges looses and fall down
And our lives with them
And after all the pain is felt
We pull ourselves back up
And what remains after the storm -
We burn what was our bridges

People leave, people die
These things occur in life
Once they're gone, we break down
And are burning our bridges

Another reason why
We burn down our bridges
Is Friends who do us harm
And it's safer if we're apart
Instead of succumbing to evil deeds
We rather stay away
Refrain from any contact
And set ablaze those bridges

When trouble hits us hard
We lose our wealth and money
We hurt all those around
Unintentionally burning bridges

No memory can replace
The presences of a loved one
Instead of mourning forever
And hurting others too
We try our best to rid ourselves
Of memories and reminders
And as we force-forget
The things of our past
We end up sick of flames
Yet still burn down our bridges

In life we build and break
Many weak/strong bridges
Of a lifetime's worth of loved
memories and people
But this cannot be helped -
it is but human nature -
We build up what we love
And burn it 'cause we love it
May 2016 · 428
Shades31 May 2016
My life's a steep regression

As a plummet to depression

No longer one, but a multitude -

Little pieces of devalued

Shattered, skewed and tiny

Pieces of what was once shiny

That has now faded - dark

It's time to go embark

The ship of life at sea

Where the waves can go have me

And I can spiral down

Maybe slowly drown

In the heavy weight of mind

Of people who were once kind

Yet backstabbed me to hell

Wounds heal? Time will tell

I want to end the hate

But realise that fate

Has something else in store

As I walk out by the door

En route, I walk and fall

And I break, get up and crawl

To what should be my end

But once I took the bend

All hell broke lose together

Could I really, truly sever

The link I have to life

To rid myself of strife?

It all look, now, so real

Yet, strangely I could feel

A warm, sticky sensation

My life's final cessation

And I see my end is near

I freeze in pain and fear

Of what I would now miss

As I sink into abyss
May 2016 · 330
Don't let me fall
Shades31 May 2016
Around me I see
That the darkness has won
All that is near
Is trouble and fear
I cannot go on
If this is the way
I needed you here
I need you to stay
But you have now gone
No cares about me
You left me in darkness
I cannot get free
I cannot see
I cannot be
Exists no more "we"

Forgotten, I was
Then was dug up my grave
Someone was here
To try and me save.
There came a bright light
To guide me from darkness
To grant me my sight.
I couldn't look her way,
She shone too bright,
But she told me "It's okay.
I'm here for you now.
Cower no longer."
And I asked her "How?
I cannot move on
When I lost all my love.
I know not a person
Who can grant it back"
She took my head in her hands
And forced me to look
I stared at this beauty
And violently shook
Forgot all my troubles
All gone away
Forgot she who left me
To die alone
I know not what it is
About this girl
She makes me numb
She makes me shy
She held me tightly
"I won't let you die"
I don't really know her
But we've met before
I don't understand her
But I know of her core
She isn't the prettiest girl out there
But she loves me
I love her
She understands pain
She's better at coping
Won't let it drain
All of her beautiful soul and mind
She told me
"Should we both die today
I wish and I hope and I dearly pray
That we will together be
In a beautiful place
By your side I'll stay
I love you
Please love me
Don't leave my side
I'll hide you from shadows
You hide me from mine
Together like this
'til the end of time
No evil to get us
No death of the mind
No plague and no worry
Pray God hears our prayers
And that He forgives us
And keeps us safe
No falling to darkness
It can't consume
When the light of the Love
Of the Earth and Sun
No holdings against each other
No evil exists between them
No horrors
No fears
It brightens the Sky"
wrote this one as a sort of continuation of my previous...
Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't x_x
Last few lines are sort of a paraphrase of a poem written by my favourite poet, Mawlana Jallaluddin Rumi
May 2016 · 282
Shadows Consume Me
Shades31 May 2016
Now alone.
All around.
So forlorn.
That's a word?
Forgive me
I know you not
You left me here
Now you're gone
I stand alone
The future
I don't see one
Without you
By my side
But you're gone
And I'm alone
Forget the past?
Won't happen
Look to the stars?
They're burnt out
Long ago
Heaven came
And all around.
A beauty,
That's what you are.
About our past
Our history
But you are gone.
All alone
Stand in the dark.
The shadows
Are all around.
I'm scared.
Look for your light,
It's hidden
I see a spark,
I follow
But when I'm there
I notice
That memories
Are memories
And you are gone
Left me alone
The darkness
Consumes my soul,
My life,
But still I search
And follow
To find your love
In shadows
You knew me best
But still
You could move on
Our love
In my eyes -
But not in yours
It's over?
You sent a note
You're sorry?
Don't kid me now.
What the hell
Is wrong with you?
I breakdown
And I fall down
To darkness
Consume me now
Dear shadows
I welcome thee
Take over
You have me now
I follow
The darkened rule
And this is
How I'll move on
My love
This is farewell
Don't bother
To come back to me
It's over
No more
It's over now
Don't come back
You've haunted me
For so long
The horror of you -
Your memory
Still causes shivers
Down my spine
I shake wildly
Take cover
I hide and cry
I long
But you stay away
I concede
No more denial
Please free me
This hold you have
Over me
It can't go on
Let me live
Let me move on
Distorted lies
You heard my cries
And left me
Alone in the dark
The darkness
Consumes my soul
My life
Is over now
A rope?
A gun to shoot?
A knife?
A bridge to jump from
A car?
A train track, maybe
A plane?
Poisoned quickly
I die
You come to see
But leave
You cry for me
Real tears?
Why cry for me now?
You left me
To die alone
In shadows
Consume me now
It's over.
Consume me now
Dear shadows.
I'm all alone
It's over
wrote this one a while ago on my old profile. Thought I'd share it again
May 2016 · 715
Begin Again
Shades31 May 2016
Last night, you saw me
And when I looked at you
You captured me, captivated
I felt refreshed, born anew

Your eyes held so much wonder
Much guilt and mystery
You seemed to have a bad past
But you're still beautiful to me

I am one of those guys
Who no girl gave attention
Maybe it was attitude,
Sarcasm or detention?

Maybe I was too smart
And they felt insecure
But you are smarter than I
And oh, so much more pure

There's just something about you
That makes me want to alter
I wish to ask you to be mine
But I always seem to falter

You put my nerves on edge
You make my hair stand high
Send shivers up and down my spine
For once I will not lie

I have fallen for a girl
So much more pure than I
And now I wish to begin again
It's hard, but I shall try
My poetry is not necessarily a full reflection of my life. However, there is some truth to it
Apr 2016 · 248
Man(10 words)
Shades31 Apr 2016
Never points out his own fault

Quick to expose yours
Apr 2016 · 182
Shades31 Apr 2016
The thing about Humans
Is that they only
Ever notice
That which is bad
And that which is wrong
And attack you for
What negatives
You end up doing

But who cares
When you do good
And achieve.
***** this
Apr 2016 · 368
Mask for many faces
Shades31 Apr 2016
A clown with many gags
A fool with many faces
Your name in the mud, drags
As he travels many places

Who hides behind the mask
To cover all the scars
Of his long, drip-filling flask
With pain from here to Mars

Why redirect the flow
Of the water that possessed you
To hurt the lives, you know
Of the ones who, by you, stayed true?

When they were by your side
You took it all for granted
But you had to, them all lied
As an evil who, them, haunted
Who needs enemies with friends like these...
This probably is what happens to bullies. They've endured so much pain, they want to take it out on everyone else....on their friends...
Stop redirecting... Face your problems. Don't hide. Don't hurt those who cared for you
Apr 2016 · 318
My love, my light
Shades31 Apr 2016
You are my light
Undeniably beautiful
Shining in darkness
Radiant and colourful
A means for my bliss

I know that I'm enshrouded
       Yet still you help me up
Like when my life was hell
Oh, how you kept me going
Vigorously shook me and
Enclosed my darkened mind
        Losing me to evil one more time
Yet still you came back
Overflowing with goodness
Unceasing flame
        My ease in my difficulty
Apr 2016 · 249
Shades31 Apr 2016
A body so hot, she melted my cold,
Stone heart of ice and pain
And warmed me to glow - gold.
She was nowhere near mundane

A light so bright, I had to squint
As I laid my eyes upon the leaping fire
That danced and touched, but nothing burnt
And wrapped around me, like a pure gold wire

The fire spread so rapidly
That the whole world was set aflame
And it lit the earth majestically
Yet this fire was quite tame

And all who bathed in this infernal
Came out, born anew
This fire may not be eternal
But it feels like it's lived a few

The fire that caresses me
It holds me in its arms
And helps me to the world clearly see
Its sensations one that calms
"Hot" - not as in the way people use it today. please don't get me wrong
To describe a women by saying she is "hot" is just insulting
Apr 2016 · 2.2k
Shades31 Apr 2016
We live in an age
Where people go
From home to
Work or school
And return back.
Knowing who
Works with
Or attends class
With them...
But nobody knows
The people who live
Next to,
In front of,
Or behind them
I mean,
What are neighbours anyway?
God teaches us:
"Love your neighbour
As you love yourself"
And although this may not
Necessarily be
The literal neighbour,
They too fall into
This group
Apr 2016 · 990
Shades31 Apr 2016
So messed up
So confused
Lost in my own head
Actions - not my own
******* over
Multiple times
By what was to be
My success
My life
I never knew
That life could be so difficult
Been declined and denied
Oh, too many times over
Set the world ablaze
Light it on fire
Burn the world
And savour the heat
Keep it in
Until finally it becomes
Too much
Then burst
And burn
And shine
Like a supernova
Apr 2016 · 190
Shades31 Apr 2016
A life of love and misery
A life of good and bad
A life spent in this world, you see
Is not the final round

All we do, all we say
Affects people around
And the lives we touch, everyday
Are the one's who'll remember us

Despite how your life's spent
Despite all the things you do
Death is where all before you went
To live the next life too

And those you leave behind
Will cherish all you did
Remember every act and kind
And every memory

For love does not end when death approaches
Love goes on, forever
It lives on like cockroaches
Through every tear and pain

Death is not the end
Death is reality
Death will not a message send
Before he takes you from me
of course, we believe Heaven awaits those whom God Wishes, and Hell whom God Wishes. So, do good and Please God, for if He Almighty is Pleased with you, where can you go wrong?
Mar 2016 · 309
Darkness can't be lost
Shades31 Mar 2016
Once you make a deal with them,
They make your dreams come true
But once you've made a deal with them
They stick to you like glue

You thought it could be once off
You're sadly mistaken
They will give you no rest
Your life's from you taken

They cannot be outrun
They'll track you where you hide
Now that they've sealed the deal
You're alone on the dark side

To lose one's self completely
Is the key to your escape
What they offer feels good at first
But quite soon, you'll know it's ****

But they can't be forgotten
They'll haunt all you are seeing
You can't flee from the battle
That takes place in your very being

Where light falls, falls a shadow
Strong shadow means light's intense
But without light there's just darkness
Leave you in permanent suspense
Mar 2016 · 406
Little Drop of Rain
Shades31 Mar 2016
A drop of rain falls down to earth
And joins with others, a puddle forms
And it grows and grows until one day
A stream is formed and starts to flow
Then streams join up and make rivers
And rivers flow and flow and flow
And join up with others on their journey
Towards the end goal - the ocean
The final destination
The Unity
The Oneness
The Completeness
The Onlyness
The Sole Identity
'Cause that is all it is
A drop of water
Trying to find its way back home
To the Ocean
The place from where is came
The Ocean - the Unity of all other droplets
Seekers of the way back home
Not staying long, but rushing
Rushing and flowing
Flowing and rushing

Some rivers may be filled with filth
and dirt
and grease
and all kinds of disease

Others may be pure and sweet
Beautiful, clean

But even the ***** water can be purified
And even the cleanest water can be dirtied

Choose your path wisely, little droplet
Home awaits.
Home awaits
I don't know if everyone will get the metaphor.
Of course, different people get different things out of poetry
Everything is open to interpretation :)
Mar 2016 · 334
Hot sun, dew drop
Shades31 Mar 2016
As I gazed up at the clear night sky,
And listened to her lullaby
To calm the kid, before he'll cry.
As soft, she is, as a butterfly.

And the moon is round, and bright, and full
Which makes her look, oh more beautiful
As she paints his dreams so colourful.
Her voice echoes, so wonderful.

And the stars just stare - they do no *****'.
I know this for sure - I did not blink.
But you see, I did not ever think
That I'd get to, of this sweet water drink.

And when she looked at me, I could but smile
As we sat like that for quite a while.
She's been there for me through every trial
And can read me like I'm an open file.

As she lay her son into his bed,
She kissed him gently on his head.
"Sweet dreams, my child", is what she said,
Then she set aside the book she read.

Then she walked to me, embraced me so,
And allowed herself to against me flow
Like the soft, warm sun to melt the snow
Of my frozen heart - she did not let go.

But she held me tight, and I her, too.
"My dear, sweet husband, I love you"
Something for sure, that I definitely I knew
As she fell into me, like a drop of dew...
Mar 2016 · 186
Hardest part
Shades31 Mar 2016
It *****
to love
and be
of whether
it is
or not
Mar 2016 · 243
To r.
Shades31 Mar 2016
Apology to all whom I had hurt
Apology to all whom I offended
It was wrong for me to take sides
My mistake for taking part

My apologies especially
To r.
You were right, I was wrong.
And this is the result

I do not feel worthy of your forgiveness
Nor any of your friends'
But still, I would like to publicly apologies
For anything I said
Especially to you.
r, this is for you.
My apology
I actually wrote this as my submission to re-enter HP after deleting my account. I had no idea it went to drafts.
Again. I'm sorry
Mar 2016 · 914
My Beloved
Shades31 Mar 2016
I never got to meet you
You lived way before my time
To think of you - refreshed, anew
Become colourful from lime

You taught much in your life
That we still use today
Taught man how to treat his wife
To respect her in every way

You spread the Word God sent
For all mankind, it came
The words acted like a tent
Covering all from Flame

You acted in the best of manners
The perfect example to mankind
And still today, we raise the banners
Of Islam's goodness, we must remind
Well, for Christians, I suppose this could apply for Jesus (pbuh) and Christianity as well.
Because I'm Muslim, though, I wrote this from my perspective
Mar 2016 · 165
Everything is but One
Shades31 Mar 2016
I look to the mirror
But nothing reflects
I'm lost in a whole
Yet this 'wholeness'
Is nothing
And this 'nothingness'
Contains everything
Yet this 'everything'
Is but One
And this 'Oneness'
This 'Oneness' is *God
We are nothing in the greater scheme of things. God is everything.
We are all just part of Him. None of us can exist without Him.
God is Great. God is Great
Mar 2016 · 246
Once there was a kid
Shades31 Mar 2016
Once there was a kid
Shadows consumed his being
From light, you see, he hid
Embraced the dark, unseeing

He knew not what it was
That made it so alluring
But he would follow it to Mars
These shadows felt reassuring

On and on his life went
And less he began to see
He was completely to it bent
He felt that's where he should be

The beings that resided there
Knew pain and destruction well
For no one did they truly care
They were literal beings from Hell

But they promised him all his dreams
Promised him the world
But it is not what it seems
And their true nature unfurled

The world was not his dream and goal
Nothing really was, actually
So they tried to turn him black as coal
So that he could like them be

He had in that instance seen his folly
He saw through the lies and tricks
That was the start of melancholy -
A wall built up of sticks

But the wall soon crumbled, fell away
The demons stormed his fort
He tried to keep them all at bay
They were stronger, he was caught

Ensnared in sin and blasphemy
Destroyed from inside out
He suffered so much agony
But from Hell, you cannot shout

He thought to himself, "I'd rather die
Than suffer this torment"
He thought that he could soar and fly
But now he is dement'

He lost all sign of light and good
He only wanted fun
He struggled long, with all he could
But he could not from them run

Until one day, the demons perceived
The kid was theirs, won over
But it was there turn to be deceived
He shone like a supernova

God sent help to see him through
His troubles and his woe
Beings of light - in they flew
To help him deal the final blow

He had prayed daily for God's aid
Never losing hope and faith
That was his link to light and shade
From the evils - from the wraith
dement' is actually demented, but i needed the rhyme xD
Mar 2016 · 186
Shades31 Mar 2016
When love does come
And hate does leave
Then you know...
Then you know it's real

— The End —