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Aug 2016
In a world of hurt
And a world of pain
All the things around
That we let, us drain
All the strife and famine
All the blood and war
On the news we see that
The death toll’s more
People harm each other
Woman, child and man
Destroy the land and oceans
Shorten their lifespan
When the world does crumble
At their feet
And they get ****** in
Suffer great defeat
Then they realise
That war was for naught
But it’s too late now
In the vice, they’re caught
And the cycle runs
People live in hate
The crimes go on
People call it ‘fate’
But should they notice
We’re all the same
It’d make you wonder
Why you maim
People of the past
Fought for *******
But now we ****
‘Cause of discrimination
We call it justice
Fighting for our land
As we hold the others’
Lives in our hand
And before you know it
You realise
The pointlessness
Illusionary disguise
Fighting can’t
Resolve our fears
Solve our problems
Bring back our peers
But once we learn
To get along
We’ll make new friends
Get past the wrong
For a better life
For our kids-to-come
We need to all
Stop acting dumb
Embrace the world
And all creation
Live together
As a solid nation
Help the needy
Defend the weak
Look after women
Not havoc wreak
Live together as one
As a body, united
And rise up high
Like the fire, lighted
When one is hurt
We all feel pain
And work together
Let mercy reign!
Written by
Shades31  21/M
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