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  Dec 2017 Shades31
David Swinden
Nothing is hidden it's all there to see
Every living breathing fragment of “me”
I can't hide my feelings they show for all
It's who I am from standing to fall

My heart is made of glass and on display
I hope my words will heal “me” someday
It's a dark sided show for all that read
Writing verses as my glass heart bleeds

Poetic darkness as you watch “me” fall apart
It could only be “me” with my glass heart

David Swinden 25/12/2014 ©
Shades31 Nov 2017
As days go by

As poets pass

The friend we make

Who now departs

But as I look back

And reminisce

There's that one friend I made

Who I'll surely miss

Who inspired my writing

Intrigued my mind

To whom the world out there

Was not always kind

Yet wrote on and on

Of love and of pain

Of hope and of sorrow

Which she could not contain

That sparked into words

And roared like a flame

A friend - fellow poet

A star, became

So thank you, my friend

For your inspired works

That set upon this open sky

Explode like fireworks
To ThePoet - Sarah Ahmed. An amazing poet who inspired me to continue writing through her work. I hope you'll continue to provide us with the opportunity to read your poetry and inspire many others to write and continue writing
I'm not saying she's leaving us. This is just what came to mind as I started writing
  Oct 2017 Shades31
Just because
I bear
the pain,
it doesn’t
mean it’s
Shades31 Apr 2017
I'm a bottle of emotion
About to explode
Shades31 Feb 2017
I’m me
I’m me
I’m who you see
Not who you want me to be
Everything that you had seen
Was a façade – how I had been
But now reveal the hidden truth
I’m me
Just me
I’m only me
Shades31 Feb 2017
My first thought was "You're the one"
Round 'nd round, my world you spun
Make me dizzy so I don't see
I try to grab you desperately

Torn in two, but more to you
Yet my love remains firm and true
Lost! Can't see if you love me
Or if it's just imaginary

Today we met at half past three
And I asked if you would marry me
"Maybe we should wait," you said
All emotions, to paper bled

Quarter sheet, inkless pen
Placed inside the void again
Yes or no? Can you say
You're leaving me destroyed this way

A simple system like quinary
Yet you make it out like binary
Complex, unreadable. What do you hide?
And yet, in you I completely confide
Well, I'm not sure the accuracy of most of this. But hey, I'm lost and torn in two...unequal halves. I don't know where I stand or what to do anymore. Oh well. Let's go
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