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Kennedy 2d
I thought you were sent from heaven,
But you came straight from hell.
clawing, scratching, gnawing me down.
Not even “God” can save us now.
Te hodiste. “**** it.”
Pobrecito. “Poor thing.”
Cooing like a child who steals your heart,
Never to return.
wren Jan 25
you texted me
about how much you missed me
“i hope heaven’s nice and your laugh doesn’t fade”
it was to your mom
but i let you keep texting
even if it’s not for me
i’ll always be the messenger
behind your cracked screen
i hope she’s still smiling
Monika Layke Jan 11
I want to swirl
smoke rings up
your legs,
lick you all over
from the inside out,
and share a deep
and satisfying
nicotine fit.
Watch out for stranger danger in your messager. lol!

Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
the sky is a messenger
a catcher of stories from dreamers
a holder of the stars that inspire even non-believers

can the sky hold by confessions
can it be my listener?

when the sky is empty
my dreams are homeless
for nowhere can hold worlds as large as infinity
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
An ally today, snake tomorrow.
Had to take a small nap.
Wasn't feeling too hot!
Working on the Gala now! ^-^
Lyn ***
Haylin Aug 2018
Millennial is what called in this generation,
Everywhere here and there,
There are always youths who really never care,
And never been worried about their future.

In Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Messenger,
Are contents of follower, liker, reader and including seener,
Loitering and using fake accounts just to gain a wholesome money,
Even though that it is notorious, they still embark their blunt journey.

Most millennial are undisputedly addicted to social media,
Their lives depends on likes they are going to gain,
They don't care if their faces might be inside of multi-media,
And they don't even care if it will give them a pain.

Some truly go beyond their limits just to have a lot of likes,
Perhaps they are fame *****, but they don't care if someone strikes,
Strikes every part of their body including their faces and such,
Yet they don't care if it will hurt them too much.

However, seeking attention in the cyber world isn't a good thing,
Instead they should focus on things that are essentially free like a king,
Because in this generation, too many people are unaware and careless,
And some they didn't even noticed that our environment is already full of fraud either hypocrite and genuine people are less.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jul 2018
Today is a messenger from God
Sent to us in fulfillment of his word.
Treat it like a precious gem.
It's a special day to them
Who values the blessings it brings
Not only the useless material things.
Today is also another day
Just like yesterday.
It began this morning
And will end this evening.
Accidents will happen,
Taking the lives of many men.
Many people will cry,
And many more will try
To be brave and strong
Even when all goes wrong.

Today is another day
To me,it's like any other day.
Happy children will play,
And some people will pray.
For many,it will be their last,
And for young babies, their very first.
Few people will take a bath,
And many happy folks will laugh.
Many good books will be read,
And hungry Stomachs will be fed.
The dead among us will be buried
And many couples will get married.
Others will pray to God above
To send them someone to love.
Yes or no, it's up to God
To honor his divine word.
You see,at the end of the day,
It's He who has the final say.
So remember to give him praise,
For today was sent by his grace.

Today is a messenger from God.
Amalinna Zainal Jul 2017
I write my secret thoughts about you,
On that crumple paper.
Then, I turned that crumple paper into a paper plane.

I made that paper plane.
As a messenger to connect myself to you.

My messenger fly…
But never reach you.

And that’s the reason
My thoughts about you
Stay as a secret.
- Y
(Sat, 3rd June 2017)
Xaha Jul 2017
How do I stop
The little green dot and your name
From appearing at the top of my chat bar
Every time I go to stay connected with the world?
Daring me to click it
Ask how you are
Ask you not to forget me.

There it is –
Staring directly at me.
Raised off the screen -
But I’m didn’t ******* pay for 3D.

Hovering green dot -
Appearing then disappearing and reappearing.
The symbolism ripped from the pages of Gatsby doesn’t escape me.

At least if all we had was a narrow channel between us I could simply swim across.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
My darling, you are leaving
But you will not be alone
We are here with you
The souls of old await you

From love to love
Bring your light with you
Carry it to those we lost too
And send back the same

Carry only love
©LadyofRavenhill 2/25/17
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